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This article is about the 2023 April Fools Event. You may be looking for the 2024 April Fools Event.
🗨 "That was a weird dream."
- Survival The Jeff The Killer Achievement description

2023 April Fools Event known as the "SUPER HARD MODE!!! Update", was an "April Fools" update that released on April 1, 2023. The update added "SUPER HARD MODE", which was a new gamemode that significantly increased the Hotel's difficulty.

Negative Removed Content

SUPER HARD MODE was removed from public lobbies on April 9, 2023, and its associated achievement, "Survival The Jeff The Killer", became permanently unobtainable.[1] SUPER HARD MODE remained playable via a dedicated modifier until an update on March 15, 2024, which added a new room generation system that SUPER HARD MODE was not compatible with. As a result, SUPER HARD MODE was fully removed from the game.[2][3] On April 4, 2024, SUPER HARD MODE became playable via the elevator menu, which sent players to an older version of the game. Currently, as of April 7, 2024, SUPER HARD MODE, alongside Retro Mode, is a modifier.

Overview Overview

General Changes

  • A new achievement named "Survival The Jeff the Killer" was awarded to players who have completed SUPER HARD MODE. It can no longer be obtained as of April 9th, 2023.
  • Dying in SUPER HARD MODE does not increase player's death count and also does not grant achievements.
    • This also goes to any modifiers which have "NO PROGRESS" on it.
  • Squad queues in the lobby were replaced by queues of SUPER HARD MODE.
    • The SUPER HARD MODE queues had a different appearance, with rusty elevator doors, darker floor tiles, and red wallpaper inside the elevator.
    • One of the squad queues that was turned into a SUPER HARD MODE queue was also converted to a single-player queue.
  • The following entities were introduced and are exclusive to SUPER HARD MODE:

Changes to Mechanics

  • The Circuit Breaker Puzzle's numbers cycle significantly faster, with all 3 rounds consisting of the same speed. Furthermore, the "?" from the minigame, instead of only appearing at the 3rd round, now appears in every round.
  • The Library code has 10 digits and a lot of shapes, including cat, dog, cube, smiley, eye, star, flash, moon, umbrella, etc. There are 15 books, five of which players does not need. The solution paper is scrambled, and has 11 symbols, 1 of which players does not need, but the roman numerals still indicate the order that the numbers of the code go in. The books still make the Figure move faster, which results in it moving at very high speeds after all 15 books have been collected.
    • The "XI" spot in the paper is guaranteed to have the smiley face.
    • The smiley face cannot be obtained through books and is only seen in the paper. It is also always the symbol that you do not need to escape the Library.

Changes to Items

  • The chance of items such as lighters, crucifixes, skeleton keys, etc are much more common than usual and have high chances of spawning throughout a run.
    • This also goes to "More Stuff" modifier.
    • However, bandages have a lower chance to spawn when a player is injured.
  • The NVCS-3000 is in the pre-run shop, costing 1,000 Knobs. However, trying to purchase it will only result in a sign popping up saying "OUT OF STOCK" with a subtext of "April Fools!" The subtext will frequently change every time a player presses it.
    • The same thing happens even if players doesn't have enough Knobs.
    • The changed subtext from more clicks is as follows:
  • 1 = April Fools!
  • 2 = April Fools...?
  • 5 = Can you read?
  • 8 = You can't get it.
  • 11 = It's unavailable.
  • 14 = Buddy...
  • 17 = That hurts, you know!!
  • 20 = Please stop pressing me!!
  • 23 = :(
  • 27 = >:(
  • 30 = >:O
  • 35 = :3
  • 36 = o_o
  • 37 = <(0_0<)
  • 38 = D:
  • 39 = -_-
  • 40 = ):
  • 41 = >:I
  • 42 = >_<
  • 43 = (ㆆ_ㆆ)
  • 44 = ≧◉Д◉≦
  • 45 = (っ ` Д ´ )
  • 46 = (┳﹏┳)
  • 47 = ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
  • 49 = Alright. I ran out of faces. Can you stop now?
  • 55 = ...I'm not sure what I expected.
  • 60 = Whatever. You have fun. I'm going to bed.
  • 65 = Zzz....
  • 85 = ...
  • 100 = .....
  • 160 = Press me more! :3
  • 161 = .....
  • 400 = Thanks for the extra playtime!
  • 405 = .....
  • 700 = Sorry, there's nothing past this.
  • 701 = .....
  • 900 = I lied.
  • 901 = .....
  • 1000 = You pressed me 1,000 times. Congrats.
  • 1100 = ☻

Changes to Entities

  • The Figure sports a "Noob" outfit in The Library, and a "John Doe" outfit in The Electrical Room.
  • Eyes appears more often, and can even spawn in locations it usually didn't spawn in, such as dark rooms, rooms during Seek's crescendo, Jeff Shop, and more.
  • Dupe has been replaced with a Subspace Tripmine, an entity that deals 190 damage to anyone who opens its fake door, or anyone within in its radius.
    • This entity can almost instantly kill players upon contact, unless if they have 200 total health (including the shields).
  • Ambush has a higher chance of appearing earlier in the run and rebounds more times than usual, each rebound being noticeably further away from the next than normal.
    • This also goes to "Back For Seconds" modifier.
  • Rush has a high chance to have a custom decal and playing various different noises when speeding through rooms, such as an extremely sped up version of its normal sound, a higher pitched and more distorted version of the regular noise, the "Trololo song", what can only be described as "ghostly moaning", and FNAF 2 ambience noises. However, Rush can still spawn and complete its sequence as it normally would in the normal game.
  • Seek drives a green ROBLOX jeep, is faster and its chase has slightly more rooms.
  • Halt does not spawn.
  • Guiding Light does not light up any doors and items.
  • The Guiding Light had new death messages, all of which do not help playera at all, such as just emojis, making fun of players or saying it's going to play a different Roblox game.
  • Jack wears glasses and looks "surprised", paying a homage to the internet meme, "Wojak" (more specifically, the "Soyjak" variant of the meme), which Jack's name references.
  • Jack seems to have a higher chance of appearing upon opening the next door.
  • Bob has a 1 in 100 chance to jumpscare and kill a player upon interaction.
  • Screech appears more frequently and makes a different sound when caught, instead playing a sped-up version of the woman yelling in the meme "Why are you running?".
  • Banana peels are very common, tripping players and dealing 10 damage, similarly to Snare.
    • Unlike Snare, Banana peels are able to do lethal damage, which means that if players are at 10 hp or below, Banana peels are able to kill them.
  • Rush has a rare chance to rebound similar to Blitz, this does not occur in The Greenhouse.[Confirmation needed]
  • Hide appears significantly quicker throughout the entire game. It can also disappear completely using a Holy Hand Grenade in Door 50.
    • This may also apply to the "Rent's Due" modifier.
  • More gold and more items can be found using this modifier.
    • This also goes to "El Goblino On Break" and "More Stuff" modifiers.

Changes to Locations

  • The Infirmary is slightly darker and there's many Mini and Big Shield Potions in the Skeleton Key room.
  • Some rooms in The Greenhouse didn't have closets, making it harder to survive against Rush and variations of the entity.
    • This mode applies to "Nowhere to Hide" modifier.
  • The Reception is inverted, with the elevator and Door 1 being swapped.
    • The elevators in The Reception had normal elevator doors and a normal elevator look, unlike the ones in the Lobby.
    • Prior to April 9th, 2023, The Reception was also inverted in Regular Mode.
  • Dark Rooms are much more common.
    • This also goes to "Power Shortage" or "Bad Electrical Work" modifiers.
  • In The Reception, instead of the Door 1 key, an Evil Key replaces it, jump-scaring and killing players upon interaction. The "real" key was on the side of a bookcase, effectively hidden, unless players was looking for it.
    • This may be a reference to how the room is reversed.
  • The Shakelight and NVCS-3000 are available in Jeff Shop, costing 250 and 1,000 gold respectively.
    • This may be to compensate for the lack of The Rooms in SUPER HARD MODE.
  • Door 100 doesn't have the Rift, likely because of the Shakelight and NVCS-3000 being purchasable from Jeff Shop, as well as other items exclusive to this mode.
    • The Reception will also have no Rift, regardless if players had anything in it or not. The Rift will still be visible in normal runs.
  • The Library's desk contains 7 extra globes.
  • There are 2 secret rooms in SUPER HARD MODE, which are the "Hedge Maze" room and the "Take a Seat" room. They are references to the subgenre of "weirdcore". Both of these rooms have a very low chance to appear.[4][5]
    • The "Hedge Maze" room consists of a hedge maze, with small black "voids" that can be traversed through to reach further into the maze. At the end of a maze, there is another small black void with yellow text in the middle saying "Stay with me". If a player enters that box and stays within, Rush will spawn. However, if a player enters and takes a left turn, they will be greeted with a realistic looking eye that does nothing, and the exit. Eyes can spawn in this room.
    • The "Take a Seat" room consists of old-fashioned flooring and wallpaper, as well as an old chair. There is also text that says "Take a seat" and "Please?" red and yellow respectively, floating near the chair. Interacting with the chair does nothing.
      • In this "Take a Seat" room, there is a secret. In one of the corners there is an interact button. After interacting, holding "0", a purple light emitter sphere will appear, with a blue text saying "I told you to leave me alone...". This sphere also plays a sound, that can only be heard when a player pretty close to it.[6] It is unknown if this existed before The Backdoor update, as no video proof of this was found before the update.

Usage Items

Below are items that are exclusive to SUPER HARD MODE. These cannot be stored in Rifts, as Rifts do not exist in The Electrical Room or in The Reception.

- The sound that the Holy Hand Grenade plays before exploding

The Holy Hand Grenade is an item added during the 2023 April Fools Event and exists as an alternative to the crucifix. The Holy Hand Grenade is only present in "SUPER HARD MODE".

Usage Usage

Once the Holy Hand Grenade is thrown, it will bounce onto the ground and emit angelic singing. After 5 seconds, it will explode, emitting a flash of white light. Any entities in the range of the grenade will be damaged or killed by it and play the Roblox death sound upon their passing. Players will also take 90 damage if they are too close.

Trivia Trivia

  • The item is ultimately a reference to the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    • However, the iteration of it seen in DOORS is similar to the item's appearance in the Worms video game series, with its "Hallelujah" sound effect, as well as, by technicality, older versions of mobile/console Terraria which have this item as a reference to Worms.
  • The item can originate from this video.
  • Holy Hand Grenade can kill entities such as the Figure and Jeff the Killer, both having special sound effects when blown up.
    • However, Seek and non-lethal entities like Timothy and Snare cannot be killed by a Holy Hand Grenade.
  • The item replicates a Globus Cruciger, an object that a royal person holds during a coronation.


  • It's recommended to save the Holy Hand Grenade until The Library. This is so that players can use it to kill the Figure, causing Hide to disappear for the rest of the run.

Pros and Cons


  • Can kill Figure, unlike the Crucifix.
  • Using in Door 50 is very useful due to Hide not being active for the rest of the run, especially in The Greenhouse.
  • Can kill Rush and Ambush.
  • Useful for Door 50 and Door 100.
  • Acts similar like Crucifix.


  • Can't kill non-lethal entities.
  • Can't kill damageless entities.
  • Can't kill Seek.
  • Damages players when near the explosion.
  • Only obtainable in SUPER HARD MODE!!!

🗨 "ur already at 50 shield u cant pop a mini rn"
- The message when the current shield health is at 50

Shield potions are items that players can drink for extra health. The shield doesn't affect any instant-death entities.

Usage Usage

The shield is a secondary health system that allows for an additional life bar to appear when consuming a Shield Potion. Players can have up to 50 shield HP when using Mini Shield Potions, and 100 with regular potions. Shield Potions give a shield effect 0.5 seconds after drinking them.

Trivia Trivia

  • The Mini Shield Potion is a reference to Small Shield Potions from Fortnite. Shield potions in Fortnite provide an extra shield against attacks, acting as a form of a second health bar, similar to the use of Shield Potions in the April Fools update.
  • When drinking a Mini Shield Potion, it will cap out at 50, even if player's current shield is above 25.
    • If a player attempts to use a Mini Shield Potion when their current shield is 50 or more, the item will not be consumed, and a message reading 'ur already at 50 shield u cant pop a mini rn' will appear.
  • The Skeleton Key room in The Infirmary contains 32 Mini Shield Potions and 32 Shield Potions scattered on the floor and shelves.

Pros and Cons


  • Maximum stack of 6.
  • Grants a small shield.
  • The shield can be stacked.
  • May be useful for surviving Greed.
  • Contains 32 Shield Potions in The Infirmary.


  • The shield caps at 50.
  • Can't be stored in the Rift.
  • Only obtainable in SUPER HARD MODE!!!

🗨 "april fools! did i get you"
- Guiding Light

Shield potions are items that players can drink for extra health. The shield doesn't affect any instant-death entities.

Usage Usage

The shield is a secondary health system that allows for an additional life bar to appear when consuming a Shield Potion. Players can have up to 50 shield HP when using Mini Shield Potions, and 100 with regular potions. Shield Potions give a shield effect 0.5 seconds after drinking them.

Trivia Trivia

  • The Shield Potion is a reference to Shield Potions from Fortnite. Shield potions in Fortnite provide an extra shield against attacks, acting as a form of a second health bar, similar to the use of Shield Potions in the April Fools update.
  • The Skeleton Key room in The Infirmary contains 32 Mini Shield Potions and 32 Shield Potions scattered on the floor and shelves.

Pros and Cons


  • Heals a great amount of shields.
  • The shield can be stacked.
  • If a player has full health and full shields, it can protect them completely from Subspace Tripmine ue to it deals 190 damage and leaving players with 10 health.
  • Maximum stack of 3.
  • Contains 32 Shield Potions in The Infirmary.


  • Absorption Health can not save players from instant kill entities, such as Seek or Figure.
  • Can't be stored in the Rift.
  • Only obtainable in SUPER HARD MODE!!!

Behavior New Entities/Hazards

Below are entities and hazards exclusive to the 2023 April Fools Event. A few entities have an entirely different mechanic, making them less predictable than in the regular DOORS.

- Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer is a major threat entity of the Hotel, appearing as the main antagonist of Super Hard Mode. Despite this, it is rare to encounter him. He also appears in the game's icon during the update.

Overview Appearance

Jeff the Killer is a fictional character in the online horror fiction subgenre, known as creepypastas. He is depicted as a pale, noseless man with long black hair and a daunting grin carved into his face. He wields a deadly knife.

Behavior Behavior

Jeff the Killer has a chance to spawn in any room that players enters, where he will then pathfind to other players and deal 75 damage when touch. At random times, Jeff will say "GO TO SLEEP" in a white text popup above his head in the old Roblox chat style.

Trivia Trivia

  • A special sound effect will play once Jeff is killed by the Holy Hand Grenade, which is a person saying, "Argh, my head, my head gone, bruh".
    • This audio comes from a Caleb City Vine depicting trying to download a movie but only finding trash. this video.
  • If Jeff is left alive after the room where he spawns, the game will sometimes begin to lag significantly and often crash the server.
  • Unlike players, Jeff can jump, leading to him reaching spots that players cannot reach, such as getting on top of desks, drawers, and beds.
  • Jeff can slip on banana peels, which will keep him in place for a few seconds before getting up and chasing his target. This is also an advantage to players when he slips on them in the next room because when players hears the banana audio in the next room, they will know that they will come across Jeff the Killer.
  • Jeff can kill player(s) during cutscenes.
  • It is very common for Jeff to spawn at least once after The Courtyard, but it isn't guaranteed.
  • Multiple Jeffs cannot appear in the same room, however, another Jeff can spawn in a different room if one is already present.
  • Jeff can spawn as early as opening Door 1, not including The Reception.
  • Jeff will not be teleported by Glitch or Void when the room unloads, he will simply fall into the abyss and die.
  • Jeff can trigger Subspace Tripmine, however, he cannot die to it.
  • The Figure can detect movement from Jeff if he manages to spawn in The Library or The Electrical Room.
  • Hiding does not work on Jeff, as he will still attack players even while they are hidden.

🗨 "NEVER LET BRO COOK 🔥🔥🔥🗣️🗣️."
- Guiding Light

Subspace Tripmine is a minor lethal entity of the Hotel, appearing as the supporting antagonist of the 2023 April Fools version of the Hotel. It is a replacement for Dupe during the update and has much of the same behavior.

Overview Appearance

When opening a duplicate door, Subspace Tripmine appears as a glowing pink "void" with some sparkles hovering near a pink, somewhat "spiky," cube-like icon.

Behavior Behavior

The Subspace Tripmine has the same mechanics as Dupe, though the main difference is that it will deal significantly more damage. At 190 damage, dealt to whoever triggered it, as well as anyone else near the fake door, players are only able to survive it with full health and almost full shields since the max HP is 200. Other players can trigger it again, though with a cooldown.

Trivia Trivia

  • The Subspace Tripmine is based on a Roblox gear with the same name.
  • Jeff the Killer can trigger the Subspace Tripmine.
  • In dark rooms with Subspace Tripmine, Dupe's low growling can sometimes be heard from very far away at a very high volume.
  • Hiding also doesn't work on Subspace Tripmine, like Jeff.
  • Subspace Tripmine's fake door plate can fall off even if players or Jeff the Killer doesn't trigger it, like Dupe's can, however, the fake door will not glow.
  • It's possible to activate Subspace Tripmine and getting away from its range fast enough with glitches or exploits.[7]

🗨 "MAN IM DEAD 💀💀💀🦕🦕🦕"
- Guiding Light

Greed is a minor lethal entity of, appearing as in the 2023 April Fools version of the Hotel.

Overview Appearance

A purple, foggy entity with very sharp teeth in the middle of it.

Behavior Behavior

Greed's appearance will appear on the screen starting from the third gold pile that a player has collected in a room. It will then grow larger as players continues to collect more gold in a short amount of time. It will eventually fill up the whole screen if players continues to collect gold quickly without waiting a few seconds, dealing 100 damage to players, and killing them if they have no shield. This process is then repeated, and Greed will deal damage again if gold piles are collected quickly.

Trivia Trivia

  • Greed's warning sound effect is the same as the "Waterphone" from Hell's Kitchen.
  • The jump scare sound is a TikTok meme sound used in "goofy ahh" memes called "ignore my yawn." The joke about the sound is that it sounds like the person making the video randomly makes a loud yawn and tells the viewer to ignore it.
  • Greed was a fan-made entity made by a group of people.
  • It is recommended to stop collecting gold for a short while (about 15 seconds) once Greed appears on player's screen, just in case they accidentally loot more and trigger Greed.
  • The fanmade Greed was different from the one from DOORS, that being it will act as a fake item if a player has two, with a purple glow as a cue. Interacting with it does 50 damage.

🗨 "well that just happened"
- Guiding Light

THE EVIL KEY!!! is a minor instakill hazard of Doors, appearing as the first entity in the 2023 April Fools version of the Hotel.

Overview Appearance

The Evil Key has the same appearance as the Room Key players first encounter when playing the game, though with a 002 instead of 001. The evil key can also be found by interacting with the reception bell a couple of times.

Behavior Behavior

The Evil Key will take the place of the normal key in The Reception, which is reversed in SUPER HARD MODE. When a player attempts to interact with it, they will experience an on-screen jumpscare and then be instantly killed.

Players can find the "real" key hanging off the side of a shelf, in the left corner of the Reception (seen from entering).

Trivia Trivia

  • The key might be a reference to Dupe, since it has the wrong number, just like Dupe's doors.
  • The jump scare comes from the movie The Exorcist.

🗨 "You died to who you call banana peel..."
- Guiding Light

The Banana Peel is a minor hazard appearing as in the 2023 April Fools version of the Hotel. It is also the SUPER HARD MODE version of Snare.

Overview Appearance

The banana peel is depicted as a banana peel.

Behavior Behavior

The Banana Peel can appear in any room in the Hotel past room 2; and usually, it appears multiple times in the same room. When a player walks onto a Banana Peel, players will "slip" on it and a sound effect will be heard. When a player trips over a Banana Peel, they are also dealt ten damage.

Trivia Trivia

  • The Banana Peel is based on a Roblox gear with the same name.
  • Banana peels sometimes spawn on top of objects such as the puzzle room table.
  • Banana peels can occasionally spawn sideways or even upside-down, causing players who slip on them to partially phase through the floor, allowing them to see outside of the Hotel.
  • Banana peels can spawn in or directly outside of hiding spots, making players slip upon exiting.
  • Prior to the Modifier's Update., Banana peels did not spawn during the first and second Seek chase.
  • The DOORS developers have named the act of a player continuously slipping on a banana peel being "nanner locked".[8]

BehaviorReskinned Entities

Below are entities that were reskinned for SUPER HARD MODE. These entities are functionally identical, but have a different look.

- Guiding Light

Jeep Seek is the substitute for Seek in this event.

Overview Appearance

Jeep Seek is just Seek but inside a Jeep model. The only difference with Seek is that its limbs are stiff like an R6 Roblox avatar. The Jeep model has a wooden texture. The main part appears to be a simple green color, with the old Roblox icon on the front as a silver color. The wheels are brown. Inside, it has a grey steering wheel and some slightly dark-green seats.

Trivia Trivia

🗨 "You died to who you call Bald Kreek..."
- Guiding Light

The Rush Clones are Rush's counterparts in this event.

Overview Appearance

The Rush Clones have different images, making them look (and sound) different from Rush but function the same.

The Bootleg Rush Plush appears as a plush of Rush, however it has no aura and is more spherical.

Trollface appears as the classic Trollface meme on the internet, it is a white face with many wrinkles and a smiling mouth.

rr.r.ruhhs appears as a low-quality version of Rush. It has no aura and has white teeth and a gray face with no black on it.

Barrage appears as the fanmade entity of Barrage, taken off the DOORS Ideas Wiki. It appears as a yellow oval with many eyes and a dark brown mouth with 6 yellow teeth on the top and bottom.

DEPTH appears as the fanmade entity of Depth, it appears as a blue cyan oval with blue eyes and a large mouth.

rahhh!!! appears as a snail-like creature with a bloody mouth and red eyes. It has 8 white teeth on the top and bottom.

Free Robloxian Outfit appears as a decal of a Roblox Samurai holding 2 katanas and one katana on his back.

Matcher appears as a decal of a melted fleshy face. It is from Endless DOORS.

Bald Kreek appears as a decal of Kreekcraft but with no hair.

EL GOBLINO REAL appears as a El Goblino head but with sharp teeth and a big mouth.

nacho varga appears as a decal of Nacho Varga, a character of Better Call Saul.

banana thump appears as a decal of a banana wearing a red hat with some green thing on it.

.... appears as a white face with a "shadow" near the left that is smiling and has "unsettling teeth".

NIGHTMARE RUSH appears as an asset of Rush's jumpscare but with whiter, bigger eyes and black tears coming out of its eyes.

ru sh appears as rush but looking towards the left with glitchy rainbow effects.

rsu h appears as a low-quality Rush with no black aura.

Scary red face appears as a version of depth with glowing eyes.

scary red face appears as a red face with black eyes and a mouth.

Shiny Teeth appears as a Roblox Shiny Face with a white background.

creak appears to be a glitchy fact decal.

RUSH!!! appears as a low-quality rush but more spherical with no black aura.

steamhappy appears as a yellow face with it stretching out a few sides. As stated in its name, it is a Steam emoji.

Trivia Trivia

  • barrage and DEPTH are directly taken from the DOORS Ideas Wiki.
  • Trollface was previously shown in the game from a Kreekcraft stream.
  • Free Roblixan Outfit is a Roblox decal, it can be viewed here.
  • matcher is from Endless DOORS

Gallery Gallery

🗨 "LOOL bro what are you doing"
- Guiding Light

Soy Jack is Jack's counterpart in this event.

Overview Appearance

Soy Jack's appearance is based on the memes known as [[1]].

Trivia Trivia


- The sound of Noob Figure dying

Noob Figure is one of the Figure's counterparts in this event.

Overview Appearance

Noob Figure is a recolor of the Figure. It has yellow arms and a yellow head, a blue torso and green legs, resembling a Roblox Noob.

Trivia Trivia

  • It would have no difference in gameplay, if the library didn't have so many books, and if it couldn't be killed via a Holy Hand Grenade.
    • The more books collected, the faster Figure is, and there's 15 books across the Library, causing it to go faster than usual.
    • When a Holy Hand Grenade is near Figure, it will explode, playing its dying sound effect.

🗨 "You died... to... um... idk :3"
- Guiding Light

John Doe Figure is one of the Figure's counterparts in this event.

Overview Appearance

John Doe Figure is a recolor of the Figure. It has pale yellow arms and a pale yellow head, a yellow torso and blue legs, resembling John Doe, a Roblox myth.

Trivia Trivia

  • The only differences with John Doe Figure is its animations and the fact it can be killed via a Holy Hand Grenade.
    • When opening the metallic door, Figure appears in a T pose, and it starts spinning for a few seconds. The animation then ends.
    • When getting all the Breaker Switches, Figure T poses its way down the corridor, before being lit on fire. It begins spinning in the air with its limbs going in random directions. It doesn't appear for a few seconds before appearing outside a window, T posing away just before the window breaks.
      • It has no changes with the final Elevator animation.

Trivia Trivia

  • This is the first event in DOORS, the second is the DOORS & Tower Heroes Event, the third is The Backdoor (THE HUNT) and the fourth is the 2024 April Fools Event.
  • The car that Seek is driving uses a modified version of an old model named "Jeep", which was created by Roblox.
  • This is the first ever mode officially added in DOORS.
  • This is the first time that fan entities have been introduced as actual entities.
    • This is ironic, this is due to RediblesQW saying that fan entities were not going to be added into the game.[citation needed]
  • This update is the first time that entity variations have been officially added into the game, not including paintings.
  • This update is the first time a new item was added to the pre-run shop since DOORS' release, which is the NVCS-3000/Scanner selling for 1,000 Knobs. However, it is a prank. (See above).
  • The small and big shield potions reference the Fortnite shield potion, and even function the exact same way.
  • The jumpscare that occurs when interacting with The Evil Key is the possessed Regan MacNeil face from the 1973 supernatural thriller The Exorcist. This face had been used in many old school screamers such as "The Scary Maze Game".
  • Players can open a fake door multiple times, resulting in the Subspace Tripmine being triggered more than once.
  • The Holy Hand Grenade can kill standard game entities. However, Seek, Snare, the banana and Timothy cannot be killed by a Holy Hand Grenade.
  • There is a small chance to get jumpscared and killed by Bob at Jeff Shop.
    • Bob's jumpscare is a reference to the YouTuber "Jack Doors", who used the same skeleton head for his fan-made Bob jumpscare.
    • The sound effect of Bob's jumpscare is taken from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location at the True Ending of the Circus Baby Minigame.
  • Rush's skins have quite a few references to other things.
    • The Matcher variation of Rush is a reference to the same entity in the fangame Endless Doors.
    • The 4 Rush clones with misspelled names reference the "Doors but Bad" joke parodies of DOORS where the game looks like it was made only by drawing entities and using simple Roblox parts and rigs, while the other 2 are based on fanmade variations of Rush.
      • There are 6 variations. "Rsu h" is a drawing that looks like it was made on a digital drawing software.
      • "RUSH!!!" seems to be a painting of Rush. It only has eyes and a mouth.
      • "rr.r.ruhhs" is another digital drawing that was made with markers and white squares as the teeth.
      • "NIGHTMARE RUSH" is based on those fanmade versions of Rush in fan games, like concepts of Rush in "Floor 2."
      • "ru sh" is another fanmade Rush variation that resembles a glitchy version of it.
        • It's roblox decal ID is 12735729378, with the original name being "Enraged Rush".
    • Nacho Varga is a character from the famous TV series Better Call Saul.
    • Rushy is a bootlegged and unofficial plush of Rush on Amazon.
    • Trollface is a well-known meme and has appeared in KreekCraft's livestreams multiple times.
      • In the stream, Trollface would come out of nowhere and would only play audio when it was near Kreek, just like the way it works in the event.
    • Depth is a famous fan-made entity that would replace Ambush on Floor 2.
      • Another entity, Silence, became famous but did not make an appearance in the event. This is because Silence's mechanics weren't like Rush or Ambush's mechanics.
    • Bald Kreek is a reference to YouTuber KreekCraft when he went bald because his main channel achieved 4 million subscribers.
      • Bald Kreek also appeared in Kreek's DOORS stream where the developers trolled him. The entity worked like Trollface, playing the same audio and appearing suddenly.
    • Banana Thump is a reference to the developers' friend Thump.
    • Banana Thump and Shiny Teeth are the quietest of all of the Rush clones, making their arrival if they spawn in the greenhouse almost impossible to detect.
    • The EL GOBLINO REAL variant of Rush is a reference to a popular video showing a fake El Goblino jump scare.
      • The image in question is titled Images/realjumpscare and has been uploaded by LSplash.
        • There are other fake videos where a player dies to Jeff and Bob, in which Jeff kills a player for stealing or changing the song on the radio. The videos about Bob were just like the jump scare of Bob in the event.
          • There are other videos where a player can revive Bob and banish the characters with the crucifix.
    • Barrage is a fanmade entity.
    • Creak is also a fanmade entity that seems to be similar to the blue version of "scary red face."
    • Free Robloxian Outfit is an image of a Roblox avatar resembling a samurai or ninja.
    • "rahhh!!!" is a popular Roblox decal for custom rig faces for scary characters.
      • The eyes came from a famous screamer image seen in Roblox a lot called "Ahenobarbus.'
      • The face came from the popular image called "Scary Face 2.0" that was used for the original version of A-60 from Rooms.
    • There are 2 images of "scary red face." One red one is a fan-made entity called "Unknown" (according to the marketplace), and the blue one is another fan-made entity from a Roblox decal seen here.
    • "..." is an ink-blotted image of an entity smiling.
    • Shiny Teeth is a famous Roblox face that costs 35 Robux.
  • Dupe, Halt, A-60, A-90 and A-120 are the only entities that don't spawn in Super Hard Mode. In Dupe's case, it is due to it being replaced with Subspace Tripmine. For A-60, A-90 and A-120, it is because players cannot enter The Rooms in SUPER HARD MODE.
    • However, there is a chance Shadow and Window can spawn in the event, even though they are the rarest entities.
  • The event contradicts the developer's wishes that the game will not receive seasonal events.
  • Most of the Rush Clones use the Rush Near sound, and when they're close they play unedited Rush sound. Exceptions are Bald Kreek, Trollface, Shiny Teeth. DEPTH uses the unedited Rush sound when both far and close.
  • Most of the Rush Clones sounds are related to Blitz, as both have the same far and near sound. Although, the difference is Blitz has low pitched and other Rush Clones are high pitched.
  • When entering The Rooms in SUPER HARD MODE, it instead takes players to another game: Survive And Kill The Killers in Area 51 !!!. While it's unknown whether this is intentional or not, this is most likely for comedic purposes or as a April Fools troll.
    • This could be the reason why the NVCS-3000 and the Shakelight can spawn naturally to compensate the lack of The Rooms in SUPER HARD MODE!!!.
  • If the crucifix is used on a Rush Clone, the entity will transform into Rush and play Rush's banishing animation.
  • Figure was planned to be replaced by Slenderman, but the developers ran out of time before they could add it.
  • Figure can be killed with a Holy Hand Grenade at Door 50 / The Library.
    • Doing so causes Hide to not kick players out of hiding places for the rest of the run, due to Figure not being able to trigger The Library doors to close. This allows for a far easier experience with Rush and Ambush.
    • It is more difficult at the Door 100 / Electrical Room cutscene, as players is at an angle, so throwing the Grenade will result in taking damage from the explosion, and possibly not killing Figure.
  • The badge name "Survival The Jeff The Killer" most likely references the various low-quality "killer" games. These games would contain various models placed randomly (most commonly the Treehouse model) along with a character from different media that chases down players that get near. The AI in these games are always the same.
  • The event is likely to be removed from private servers when Floor 2 (or another big update) releases.[9][10]
    • However, as of March 15th, 2024, the event has actually been removed from the private servers and the modifier list.
      • Since then, LSPLASH has stated that Super Hard Mode will be playable sometime in the future but it would take you to an older version of the game. This is because Super Hard Mode contains outdated code that is not supported with the new room generation system.[11]
      • As of April 4th, 2024, SUPER HARD MODE is playable again, as it sends you back to an older version of the game.
  • LSPLASH has confirmed that the badge for beating Super Hard Mode will not return and is 2023 exclusive.[12]
  • The description of the badge achieved after beating the game could refer to the entire game being an imaginary event, story, or dream, since the whole game felt like it made no sense whatsoever after beating it.
  • Contrary to what happens in the Library, if a Holy Hand Grenade is used on Figure in The Electrical Room, its "Soundtrack" will continue to play, even after the breaker switch minigame.
  • The icon for the event was the first DOORS icon but with Jeff The Killer's face and "SUPER HARD MODE!!!" on it.
  • Playing with this modifier is the only way to go to an old version of Doors. Some differences in this version are: player's movement, changes in the UI, Eyes have no visual effects, the new room generation system isn't present, changes to the pathfinding, invisible walls in The Library, certain wall clocks aren't present, etc.
  • Since also now that this is a old version of doors, The key numbers dont get scratched out by Dupe (Subspace Tripmine) Meaning players can use this to their advantage to avoid being killed by dupe, However, this will only work in Locked rooms.


  • It is possible for Eyes, Jeff The Killer and the Banana Peels to spawn during the Seek chase.
  • The Candle fails to detect all the April Fools exclusive entities such as the several Rush variants.
  • If a players manages to trip a Banana Peel laying on its side, tripping on it will have a chance to make players fall under the Hotel. This will cause Glitch to appear and teleport players back into the Hotel.
  • Sometimes when using the Holy Hand Grenade it will despawn and not explode at all.
  • Since the mode was reinstated after the Backdoor update, Jeff the Killer will sometimes not move and will stay in place.
  • Also since the reinstatement after the Backdoor update, pathfinding bugs became extremely common for some unknown reason.

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Survival The Jeff The Killer

Survival The Jeff The Killer
"That was a weird dream."
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