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🗨 "Eheehee... just thought of a funny joke, düd. Oye, Bob! Knock knock! Bob, knock knock! ...Bob? Oye, Bob! Eh, nevermind."
- El Goblino trying and failing to talk to Bob.

Bob Skellyfriend[1], or simply Bob, is a minor entity that can be found at Jeff's Shop in the Hotel, sitting next to El Goblino.

Overview Appearance

Bob is a simple human skeleton with a dark gray baseball cap, surrounded by a swarm of flies.

Behavior Behavior

Bob sits next to El Goblino on a table in Jeff's Shop. Bob is never seen moving, nor speaking. Interacting with Bob will prompt the Player to hold the interact button for several seconds, afterwards displaying the text "...Nothing happens."

Trivia Trivia

  • It is unknown whether Bob is actually an entity or just skeletal remains.
    • It seems Bob is actually a skeleton of a dead person, due to the fact that there are a lot of flies surround him. This is similar to what the flies do to the festering meat in The Basement or Ruined Rooms.
  • Along with El Goblino, Bobs hand can be seen in the Screech plushie promotion video.
  • In the 2023 April Fools Event, Bob had a secret jumpscare, but only in SUPER HARD MODE!!!. It had a chance to occur.
    • It was thought that Bob had a secret jumpscare before the update, but this was proven false by Ghostly Wowzers.
    • Bob's secret jumpscare in SUPER HARD MODE!!! Used the same sound effect as Circus Baby's jumpscare in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, but extremely distorted.
    • When dying to Bob in SUPER HARD MODE!!!, “SKELETON BOB” was the alternative name to Bob on the Death Screen.
    • It is based on an original fan-made jumpscare from a video called "DOORS Skeleton Bob Jumpscare + Guiding Lights Message!" uploaded by the user "Jack Doors".
      • The original had a different sound with the lights flickering and the jumpscare was animated, whilst in-game it's a still image.
  • Bob's skull model was remodeled in the 2023 April Fools Event Update to avoid any issues with using a UGC item not made by RediblesQW.[2]
  • Bob's original skull model was the Friendly Skull.
    • Bob's body however, also uses a premade asset, the Mr. Skeleton bundle.
  • El Goblino seems to have a close friendship with Bob, as he tends to mention Bob's name whilst communicating with the Player.
  • According to El Goblino:
    • Bob seems to know a lot about the weird happenings in the Hotel.
    • Bob wants to be friends with Timothy.
    • Both have attempted to attack the Eyes.
    • Bob has a "nasty kick" that he will use on anyone who gets on his bad side.
    • Bob may have recently died due to starvation.
    • Bob might be El Goblino's "friend" because Bob is just a skeleton that cannot do anything.
    • Bob has encountered the Curious Light.
      • This may be because Bob had explored The Backdoor prior to entering the Hotel.
      • There is also a "Bob" nameplate in the Rooms, which references Nicorocks' Bob, not Bob Skellyfriend. [3]
    • Bob got in a bad fight with Rush.
    • Bob might know a lot about Glitch.
  • Some of El Goblino's lines of dialogue imply that Bob was killed by Rush after stepping on a Snare. El Goblino says that Bob once got into a fight with "that smiley-guy" (referencing Rush) and that he stepped on "one of those spiky-plant things in The Greenhouse" (referencing Snare), screamed loudly, and hasn't made a peep since, implying that his fight with Rush took place here, and it lead to his death.
  • Bob has the most muscles out of all of the entities.[4]

History History

April 1, 2023
Bob has a new model. He also has a secret Jumpscare in the April Fool's version of the game.
January 28, 2023

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