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This article is about Containers. You may be looking for Interactables.

Containers, or more commonly known as drawers, are in-game objects that hold entities, various items and gold which could be looted. They are found in almost any room inside the Hotel.

Overview Overview

There are different versions of containers in-game, each with a different shape and size. Players can open the drawers on containers by interacting with them when near one. Various items can spawn on or within each drawer.

Interact Types of containers

There are currently 10 different types of containers in-game:

Container Drawers Loot
Singular Drawer Desk
1 Drawer Any Item
One Drawer
1 Drawer Any Item
3 Drawers Any Item
Office Desk
3 Drawers Any Item
Writer's Desk
Writer's Desk/Rolltop Desk
5 Drawers
1 Compartment
Any Item
Nearly Guaranteed Item
Large Office Desk
8 Drawers Any Item
Solution Paper
Locked Chest
4 Items Any Item
Almost Guaranteed Hotbar Item
4 Items Any Item
Офисный стол (Задверье)
Office Desk (The Backdoor)
2 Drawers Vial of Starlight
Письменный стол (Задверье)
Writer's Desk (The Backdoor)
2 Drawers Vial of Starlight
Rift Door100
1 Item Item deposited in previous playthrough

Curious Light's Rift

1 Item Item deposited in it after attempting to place the Bottle of Starlight in a regular rift.
LootLocker 6 Shelves Any Item (Presumably)

Containers contain items needed for survival; the players must interact with them in order to find an item. The containers are actually empty, the items inside them will spawn during the first interaction.

Interact Items

Each drawer has a chance to contain a random item and/or entity that are listed below:

Damage Entities


  • There used to be a bug where The Large Office Desk may occasionally cause the player to shake while they walk into it.[1]
  • Timothy can spawn located outside the container making it appear floating in the air.

Trivia Trivia

  • Containers may contain decorations such as pencils, papers, letters, or erasers that players cannot interact with.
  • The sections in the containers are a little transparent.
  • There are less than ten rooms on Floor 1 that do not spawn with any containers.
  • Interactable objects can spawn on top of some containers, such as typewriters and globes.
    • However, those don't have any important mechanic in-game as they just make sounds or animation (spinning).
  • Chests can spawn in rooms with multiple doors, where the door would lead to a small empty room with the chest on the ground.
    • There is a chance that the chest will be locked, or that the room will have more than one. Locked chests can be opened with lockpicks or skeleton keys.
      • It is almost guaranteed that locked chests will contain an item.
    • Chests will never contain the room key.
  • The containers during Seek's chase can be interacted with.
  • The Large Office Drawer is the only drawer that appears twice during a run, one in the room before The Library (Door 49), and another one in the Library itself.
  • There is a very rare chance the rolltop desk will not spawn an item in the rolltop compartment.
  • It's possible for Timothy to appear in a drawer with an item.
  • Timothy can spawn in chests/locked chests.
  • The Locked Chest design may have been inspired by the Minecraft chest.
  • Containers cannot spawn in The Greenhouse nor The Electrical Room.
  • Players can hide in plain sight using the hitbox of gold or items when they're still in the container.[2]
  • The Large Office Desk has a guaranteed chance of spawning 50 gold as of the Hotel+ update.
  • You used to be able to open chests with a Room Key, however that was patched in a later update.
  • Specific containers in specific rooms can have different chances of getting gold or items.
    • For example, the containers inside the Skeleton door are extremely likely to give large amounts of gold.
    • Another example is every container in Halt's hallway, all of them are less likely to give gold and items.

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