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🗨 "A new and unique horror game involving... doors."
- The former description of the game.

DOORS 👁 is a multiplayer ROBLOX horror game inspired by Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion and nicorocks5555's Rooms developed by Lightning_Splash and co-developed by RediblesQW. It is centralized around traveling through rooms with various entities encountered along the way. The game was first released to Roblox on August 10th of 2022.[1]

Overview Overview

In DOORS, one can play solo or with a team of 2-4 players (up to 12 with personal elevators, however it's not recommended) exploring various rooms in a haunted hotel. The objective of the game is to reach the end of the current floor by surviving through various rooms without dying to the entities that inhabit them. Players can also find items during their run that can be used to aid the user and their group, with different items rotating throughout each new door.

Behavior Entities

Main Article: List of Entities

DOORS has various entities that the player(s) can encounter throughout the game. Each entity has a unique method of attacking the player. Whilst not every entity will kill them, each has their own uniquely terrifying jumpscare.

Usage Items

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Throughout DOORS, players will encounter various items within containers that are littered throughout the various rooms and hallways that can be used at their disposal. The most common of these items include the lighter, the flashlight, the lockpick and the vitamins. Players can also choose to buy said items in Shops in the Elevator at the start of the run, or in the Jeff Shop in the middle of the run.

Puzzles Development Status

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Development of The Mines appears to be going well, according to the latest teaser. LSPLASH has said that it's likely to release this year (2024) around summer.[2]

Puzzles Update Logs

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Trivia Trivia

  • DOORS has lore, being revealed very slowly.[3][4]
    • The Hotel+ update was said to reveal more information.[5]
  • DOORS is the latest and most popular project published under the LSPLASH Roblox group, second being Ragdoll Universe.
  • The first sneak peek of the game was posted on July 15th, 2021.[6]
  • DOORS is the 3rd fastest ROBLOX game to reach 1 billion visits (3 months and 2 days).
  • DOORS will not have VR support because it would delay development.[7][8]
  • DOORS has 6 official pieces of merchandise, which are the Screech, Seek, El Goblino Plushies and the Seek, Figure and El Goblino Yootooz Figurines.
  • It's unlikely that DOORS will have seasonal events.[9]
    • However, Redibles has expressed interest in doing a Christmas event that will likely include entities wearing Santa hats and changing the rain to snow.[10]
    • LSPLASH has stated that adding holiday themed updates is not a good idea, as it wouldn't really fit into the lore, but has expressed a possibility. This is ironic, since there have so far been two April Fools updates.[11]
  • It is unlikely that there will be a difficulty selection, likely due to the upcoming floors increasing in difficulty.[12][13]
    • However, the game was updated with a 2023 April Fools Event, with a 'SUPER HARD MODE' temporarily added as a joke.
  • There will be optional challenges in the future.[14][15]
    • These optional challenges may have been the Modifiers that were added.
  • DOORS will supposedly never include blood.[16]
    • Despite this, Figure has an unseen decal on its teeth called "Blood". It seems the only reason that it's not visible in-game is due to the image being content deleted, as it has a transparency setting that would still make it visible otherwise.
    • The "blood room" events that Jack can cause still exist, although it's unknown if the red effect created by this event is meant to actually be blood, as the "blood room" name is unofficial.
  • Entities shown on the Icons include Seek (Original), Dupe (Hotel+ Icon, Modifiers, Regular), Jeff the Killer (2023 April Fools Event), The Lookman (The Backdoor update, Lobby update), and a Drakobloxxer (2024 April Fools Event).
  • Ghostly Wowzers didn't expect DOORS to get too popular.[17]
  • Ghostly Wowzers has expressed interest into a cat or cat-themed entity being added into the game.[18]
  • Dynamic face support won't be added because it messes with the systems in DOORS. [19]
  • DOORS originally wasn't going to have a 1 year anniversary update to prioritize working on more updates. [20]
    • However, the modifiers update was released, celebrating the 1 year anniversary of DOORS.
  • In DOORS, the players have a custom walking animation. This animation does not apply to the Lobby.
  • DOORS doesn't have many visual cues because LSPLASH wants to focus on audio cues.[21]
  • DOORS has had 2 holiday themed updates, being the 2023 April Fools Event and the 2024 April Fools Event.
  • When a friend invites you to DOORS, DOORS is referred to as “get ready to slumberrrr!” in the invite notification.

Gallery Gallery

Gallery References

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