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🗨 "You're just getting started."
- One of Many Achievement description

The Death Screen appears after dying in a run or escaping the Hotel. It shows players how to avoid the entity that they died to with a message from Guiding Light or Curious Light, while also telling players their statistics from the round. Guiding Light doesn't give players a message if any modifiers are on.

Overview Overview

There are two parts to the death screen - the top, with statistics of the run, and the bottom, where there are different values that add to the total knobs that a player gets for the run.

Overview finish

The screen that shows the Overview screen, after beating The Electrical Room.

Play again 1 player

Play Again, the part in the Overview screen where the game asks players if they want to play again.


The Overview screen shown after beating The Electrical Room after the Hotel+ update.

The top will tell players the entity they died to (or 'To Be Continued' if they escaped) and the door they reached in the run. There is more space, so it may have additional information later.

The bottom will count up the amount of knobs they get, using the following info:

  • Rooms survived: 1 knob for every room.
  • Floors escaped: 50 knobs for every floor.
  • Leftover gold: 1 knob for every 20 leftover gold.
    • Spent gold: -1 knob for every 20 gold spent at the Jeff Shop.
  • Boosts active: multiplies earned knobs by the boost factor.
  • Playing with friends: multiplies earned knobs by [1 + 0.1 for every friend, resulting in 1.3x for 3 friends] (2.1x [11 friends] if in a Private Server).

There is a button to hide the menu so players can spectate (left), a button to leave the game (right), and a button to play again when all players have won or died - so they can play another game with the same players (center). The button to play again will display a 30 second timer before taking players to a new game, and they can opt in to play again by clicking the button, turning their profile picture into a green check. Anyone who disconnects will have a red unplugged plug.

If a player wins (that is playing the end cutscene at Door 100 at the moment), the 'Died to ___' will display as, 'To Be Continued' instead. Before the Hotel+ update, this was accompanied by a blue star. After the update, however, an arrow is present instead.

In a multiplayer game, if a player dies and revives, other dead players at that time will see a pink revive icon as the reviver's profile picture.

Puzzles Guiding Light

The Guiding Light[1] will call to a player when dying to an entity, providing tips for them and giving the entity's name. The more players dies to a specific entity, the more helpful the tips will be. Players can skip this interaction by clicking through the messages.

Gallery Gallery

Trivia Trivia

  • In the rare event that the game cannot find out what entity killed players, it will list "Unknown" as the reason for their death. This is purely as a fallback for the server to prevent a script from glitching out. This death reason has no meaning to the in-game lore or progression, and the entity "Unknown" does not exist.
    • When this happens, Guiding Light will not appear upon death.
    • in some cases its caused when players fall off the map but glitch fails to teleport players back to the recent room
  • In some rare cases, when hitting the "Return to Lobby" button, a picture of Drip Goku may flash on the screen followed by a vine boom as an Easter egg. This has a (.00013%) chance to happen.
  • The maximum number of buttons to have on the death screen is currently five, consisting of Doors Survived, Escaped Floor (or Floors Escaped before the Hotel+ update), Knobs Collected, Boosts Active, and Playing with Friends.
  • When the Hotel+ update was released, the death screen replaced the YOU DIED message with the death icon Behavior instead. The same is for Curious Light's death screen.
  • Early in the game's release before the game had the Play Again button, there used to be only a Return to Lobby button.
  • The blue star that accompanied the "To Be Continued" message prior to the Hotel+ update might possibly be a reference to Guiding Light, hence the star resembles one of its particles.
  • If Modifiers are enabled, Guiding Light does not appear, and when it would normally cut to Guiding Light, the screen turns a Static-Red and quickly disappears. This could be a possible reference to The Red Light.

Achievement Related achievements

One Of Many

One Of Many
"You're just getting started."
Encounter your first death.

Ten Of Many

Ten Of Many
"You'll get used to it."
Encounter your tenth death.

Hundred Of Many

Hundred Of Many
"That's more like it!"
Encounter your hundredth death.

Buddy System

Buddy System
"Everything's better with friends!"
Play a run with a friend.

Back From The Dead

Back From The Dead
"I have unfinished business."
Revive yourself.

Gallery References

  1. After dying to Seek, the game over screen mentions that "[its] lights shall guide you". Additionally, this Guiding Light is also visible in many parts of the game.
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