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🗨 "Oye, I hope you enjoyed your stay."
El Goblino after you leave.

El Goblino Peque Carmine IV[1], or simply El Goblino, is a docile and talkative entity that can only appear at the Jeff Shop in the Hotel. He currently serves as a character that players can interact with in order to learn various pieces of information, or just to have some fun.

Overview Appearance

El Goblino is a red, stubby, goblin-like creature with a golden ear piercing, ripped brown shorts, and spiked wristbands on each arm. He has three digits on each limb, sharp ears, a beak-like nose, large yellow eyes that poke out of his head, nostrils and a small tail. Two fangs are seen protruding from the left corner of his mouth.

Behavior Behavior

El Goblino is capable of talking to the player through interaction. He will only provide the player with three lines of dialogue before going silent for the rest of the run. All his dialogue options are chosen at random. The options are not in order, simply listed as arrival, chatting, and farewell. El Goblino frequently uses the filler words "man", "düd", and "oye" in his dialogue. He also speaks in a mixture of Spanish and English, using many slang terms popular among Hispanic Americans. This personality is also present during the 2024 April Fool’s Update.

If Rush, Ambush or a Rooms entities (with Rooms For More modifier) comes through the Jeff Shop, El Goblino will hide behind the crate where he usually sits.

Trivia Trivia

  • El Goblino translates to “The Goblin” in Spanish.
  • El Goblino's full name translates to "The Little Goblin Carmine IV".
    • This might mean that El Goblino's real name is Carmine IV.
  • Similar to the Figure, El Goblino came from one of Redibles' scrapped projects.[2]
  • El Goblino is one of the 3 Entities to have dialogue, the others being Guiding Light and Curious Light.
    • Screech is capable of uttering humane-like speech (when warning the player with its "Pssst!"), but does not speak otherwise.
  • El Goblino has an idle animation which can be seen when players stand far away.
  • El Goblino's characteristics, dialogue, and name are a reference to xQc, a popular Twitch streamer.[3]
  • In one of El Goblino's dialogues, he says to stay away from Door 60, saying it has freaky stuff, which hints at The Rooms.
  • El Goblino was secretly teased for the Screech plushie promotion video, where his nose can be seen poking out from the right side of the screen.
  • El Goblino has his own UGC accessories, "El Goblino Head", "El Goblino" and "El Goblino Tail".
    • These items make El Goblino say special lines, but only if you have the head or shoulder pet equipped.
  • Ghostly Wowzers has confirmed that there will be more El Goblino UGC dialogues in the future.[4]
  • El Goblino may occasionally have different dialogue lines, depending on the floor.[5]
  • The line "Doors, doors, doors all around me." is a reference to BSlick's DOORS music video.
  • The line "You want more? Oye, all you need hides behind another door." is a reference to TryHardNinja's DOORS song, dubbed Another Door.
  • Judging by El Goblino's dialogue, he has encountered various entities throughout his life in the Hotel.
    • The "macho-meat-düd" El Goblino mentions might be referring to the Figure.
    • El Goblino relays that Bob had encountered "one of those sparkley-thingies, but it wasn't blue," which could be referring to Curious Light.
    • The "Eye thingies" El Goblino mentions might be referring to the Eyes.
    • "That smiley-guy" might be referring to Rush, since El Goblino also mentions that it broke all the lights, which Rush does when speeding through rooms.
    • "That eyeball guy" is referring to Seek, as in the original version of the dialogue El Goblino referred to it as Seek.
    • El Goblino directly mentions Timothy.
    • El Goblino mentions encountering a "purple and weird" entity that might be referring to Glitch, though this will be updated to avoid inconsistency with what is canon to DOORS.[6]
    • El Goblino mentions that Bob stepped on “one of those spiky-plant-things” in the Greenhouse, which might be referring to Snare.
    • El Goblino says he was chased by "those screechy-düds", referring to Screech chasing him in the Tower Heroes Event.
  • During the 2023 April Fools Event, one Rush's clones is a version of El Goblino with sharp teeth called "EL GOBLINO REAL".**Unlike Bob, it is only a Rush outside of the shop and El Goblino doesn't have a secret jumpscare when interacting.
    • Similar to Bob, it was also based on a fanmade jumpscare made by the YouTube user "Jack Doors" where the player chats with El Goblino then it gets sharp teeth in the shop and the jumpscare appears.
  • El Goblino references the Tower Heroes event on some of his dialogue. For example:
    • He says that he was dreaming about fighting with the "macho meat dude", which is what El Goblino calls Figure.
    • He also says that he was "chased by those screechy duds" and he was saved. In the Tower Heroes Event event on story mode, he was being chased by 2 Screeches and was saved.
    • He also referenced the event by talking about "a cross thingy" turning red on the "macho meat dud". In the ending of the story mode in Tower Heroes, El Goblino uses a crucifix on Figure, then turns red to signify that the crucifixion process is failing.
    • He also references Soda Pop, saying that he tasted the best sodas, which Soda Pop’s characteristics is liking sodas.
    • He also mentions that Bob has a special passcode called “BOBRULZ”, which is the code for getting the Bob Skin for Fracture in the Tower Heroes Event.
  • El Goblino's friend, the skeleton, is named Bob.
  • The nickname "Jeff the Killer" that El Goblino gives to Jeff is a reference to the creepypasta of the same name.
  • According to El Goblino, he is responsible for most of the ambient sounds around the Hotel.
  • El Goblino's design is somewhat similar to Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's with both being red with yellow eyes, white teeth, some of which are missing, wearing brown pants.
    • Interesting, that one of the Hotel's ambient sounds sound similar to Foxy running.
  • El Goblino will never have his own tip jar because "they have their pockets full".[7]
  • El Goblino is mostly being referred to as "he", but Ghostly_Wowsers refers to him as "they".
  • El Goblino's eyes will glow in the dark if Rush passes through Jeff Shop.
    • If Door 52 is a Blood Room, El Goblino's eyes turn red.
  • El Goblino has a relationship with another unknown entity.[8]
    • The "mi amor" mentioned by El Goblino is neither of the existing entities and does not appear in DOORS.[9] Whether or not this is referring to the present day or the game's future is unknown.
  • According to his dialogue, he is the one who rolled the carpet in the Shop and warns the player not to trip.
  • Redibles says that he guesses El Goblino is in his late 20's or early 30's in human years.[10]

Speech Dialogue

Speech Dialogue

  • "Hello! Hello, hello! A visitor! Eheeheehee!" [Singleplayer]
  • "Hello! Hello, Hello! Visitors! Eheeheehee!" [Multiplayer]
  • "¡Hola! They call me El Goblino.
  • "Oye!"
  • "Oye, you! C'mere! Yeah, you!"
  • "¡Hola amigo!"
  • "Look, Bob! A visitor!" [Singleplayer]
  • "Look, Bob! Visitors!" [Multiplayer]
  • "¡Hola!"
  • Hello friend![Singleplayer]
  • "¡Oye! Watch where you swing that thing, hombre! Uff!" [Crucifix held]

  • "Sometimes I wonder if we were put here for a reason, düd."
  • "Don't try to steal from Jeff, man... he will make you pay. Should call him [the Killer], or something."
  • "Eheeheehee, I'm terrifying man. Showed those Eye thingies what for. It was me and Bob, we dropped down... they weren't ready."
  • "Oye, if you hear me scrambling about there somewhere, don't be alarmed, düd. A guy's gotta eat." (Referencing to the odd sounds you hear throughout your journey through the Hotel)"
  • "I s- I- I seen a weird creature, düd. Looked like that eyeball guy, but like... purple and weird. Ask Bob, he'll tell you!" (Referencing to Glitch's purple and glitchy humanoid figure)
  • "Jeff charges so much for his stuff, düd. Eheehee... I- I mean, who's got dat kinda plata, y'know?"
  • "Bob wants to make friends with that Timothy guy... it's a- it's- it's a bug, man!"
  • "Find any goods out there? Eheehee... I plan to take a look myself."
  • "Oye, stay far away from room 60, düd. Freaky stuff!" (Referencing to the entrance to The Rooms.
  • "I shined a light at Jeff, once. To see what he looks like, y'know? Oye hombre... nunca más."
  • "Oye! Stay a while, if you like. We are the only creatures here who won't try to eat you, hombre."
  • "Bob needs to eat something, man. Recently he's been looking like a bag of bones. Real quiet, too."
  • "Oye, that macho-meat-düd came in here a while ago, alm- uh- almost destroyed the place! Uff, man! Calm down!" (Referencing to Figure and their aggressive antics)
  • "Say, hombre... do you believe in... y'know... a higher power?" (Maybe referencing the developers in a way?)
  • "Oye... who do you think built this place? The Hotel, I mean."
  • "So... how'd you get here, düd? What? What do you mean you don't know?"
  • "My earring? Was given to me by mi amor, düd. I will see her again someday."
  • "Sometimes I like to knock on the walls, scare the pants off the humans. So funny, düd." (Also referencing to the sounds in the Hotel)
  • "Oye, hombre... if you die, GO AGANE! Always go agane."
  • "¿Qué? What do you want?"
  • "Bob told me he saw one of those sparkley-thingies, but it wasn't blue. No manches, düd! Not possible!'" (Possibly referencing to Curious Light)
  • "Eheeheehee! You look funny, hombre!"
  • "Jeff makes a banger sandwich, düd. You should try it some time."
  • "People- people call me small. Nah, man. When I spawned in, I was much smaller. Wait, ehh..."
  • "Bob says there's some weird stuff going on around the Hotel. You seen anything weird?"
  • "Bob has a nasty kick, man. Don't get on his bad side, comprende?"
  • "Sometimes I hate Jeff, düd... I gotta scrounge for so many coins just to eat dinner, man."
  • "Doors, doors, doors all around me."
  • "Monsters are everywhere trying to get us... this is so trash, düd."
  • "Eheehee... do I smell gold in your pockets? You w- you- you wouldn't mind loaning me some, would you, düd?"
  • "Me and Bob are trying to settle something here... who do you think could lift the most?"
  • "I like Jeff's other place much better. Dis is alright, though. Eheehee.
  • "Bob here asked me to introduce you two. Bob, human. Human, Bob."
  • "Man... I think Bob is upset with me. He's giving me the silent treatment."
  • "Bob looks a little different today, düd. Maybe a new haircut?"
  • "Eheehee... just thought of a funny joke, düd. Oye, Bob! Knock knock! Bob, knock knock! ...Bob? Oye, Bob! Eh, nevermind."
  • "That smiley-guy came through here once, y'know. Broke all the lights, I had- I- I had to fix 'em. He got in a real bad fight with Bob, too."(Referencing to Rush's actions and eerie smile)
  • "Oye, human. Bob says you smell! Eheeheehee..."
  • "Eheeheehee! Yeah düd, me and Bob go way back. We met back in... eh... uh... why can't I remember?"
  • "I been thinking of starting a business just like Jeff, düd. I could dig out some tunnels, call it 'Goblino's Shortcuts'! Working on the name."
  • "Oye... why do all you humans come through here anyway? What- what's so important about room 100, düd?
  • "Me and Bob were in the greenhouse this one time, he stepped on one of those spiky-plant-things, düd. Scared him so bad... haven't heard a peep out of him since. Speechless!" (Referencing to Snare in the Greenhouse)
  • "I wonder how Jeff gets all his stock, düd. Can you imagine him scavenging through the hallways? Eheehee! ¡Es gracioso, hombre!"
  • "Phew! Something stinks, hombre! The smell gets way worse closer to room 100. What do you think it is, düd?" (Possibly referencing to the piles of flesh of possible past deceased explorers)
  • "I miss her, man..."
  • "I have this recurring dream... of tasting the b- th- the best soda in the whole world! Muy delicioso!"
  • "Bob here told me his special passcode is 'BOBRULZ'. Wonder what dat means, düd?" (Referencing to an actual code that players can use for Knobs)
  • "Had a dream last night, was being chased by those screechy-düds, uff... but I was saved! So it's okay."
  • "I wonder what's behind Jeff in that little hallway there, düd."
  • "Jeff was real smart to set up shop here, düd. Customers flow in like agua!"
  • "I set some traps and used one of those cross-thingies on that meat-düd once, but it turned bright rojo, red! Bob don't believe me, thinks I hit my head. Eheehee, like, I know what I saw, hombre!" (Referencing to the crucifix not being able to banish Figure due to their strength and importance in the story)
  • "Oye, hombre... I had the weirdest dream. I was m- muy pequeño, and I was fighting dat macho-meat-düd! Weird, right? Eheehee!"
  • "Oye, hombre... i- is that a little me I see on your shoulder? Nevermind, I think I'm seeing things..." (El Goblino UGC Equipped)
  • "Eheehee... Y- You look just like me, düd! ¡Muy guapo!" (El Goblino Head UGC Equipped)

  • "I think we talked enough, eh? See you later."
  • "Oye, see you next time düd. Eheeheehee!"
  • "I think we talked enough, eh? ¡Hasta luego!"
  • "¡Adios! See you later, düd."
  • "Oye, I hope you enjoyed your stay."
  • "¡Hasta luego!"
  • "You want more? Oye, all you need hides behind another door."
  • "I'm done talking for now. Take care, düd."
  • "Enough chit-chat, hombre. You got places to be."
  • "I think I'm about to head out. See you later, hombre."

This dialogue is only played if Rush or Ambush comes through Jeff Shop.

  • "Uff. Sorry for not helping you out there, hombre. A man's gotta protect his own!"
  • "You alright, hombre?"
  • "Whew. What, y- you thought those guys only ate humans? Eheehee!"
  • "You alright, Bob? Bob? Speak to me, buddy!"
  • "Düd! That was so scary! ¡Muy malo!"


  • There is a bug that causes El Goblino to say his "hiding" phrase after his farewell quote. This quote will still appear after he hides from Rush or Ambush, even if the players already made him say it.
  • When an entity is approaching, El Goblino simply teleports to his hiding position rather than having an animation.

History History

March 15, 2024
El Goblino can now hide behind a crate when Rush or Ambush spawns. He also has more dialogue when hiding.
July 21, 2023
More dialogue added. Most of them are referencing the Tower Heroes event.
April 1, 2023
More dialogue added.
January 28, 2023

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