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The subject of this article has no proper denomination, and is unofficially titled based on conjecture.
This article is about Guiding Light. You may be looking for one of the other Three Architects.

🗨 "My lights shall guide you."
- The Guiding Light referring to itself.

The Guiding Light is a mysterious blue aura known for its helpful and welcoming nature. It serves as a friendly entity to assist players in navigating the environment. Initially making its appearance in the Hotel, this entity serves a primary function of aiding players. It does this by highlighting and emitting sounds to important objects and explaining the behaviour of entities via death messages.

Overview Appearance

The Guiding Light appears as a simple glowing, blue aura/light with small bright blue sparkles emanating from it.

The symbol commonly associated with the Guiding Light.

It is often associated with a glowing blue moon, which is seen in the "Spacetime" painting and the symbol seen in the middle of the Crucifix's sigil.

Behavior Behaviour

The Guiding Light will highlight objects required to progress (such as Room Keys) after 20 seconds to a 70 seconds passes. In a dark room, it will also highlight the door to the next room. The Guiding Light will also highlight the correct passages in Seek's chase. As well as highlighting, the Guiding Light will also emit quiet sounds in some cases, to further alert players of an item or object's location.

When a player dies, the Guiding Light will give them a death message. The death messages will differ based on the specific entity responsible for killing players, as well as the number of times players has previously died to that same entity. In most cases, the Guiding Light will give a simple explanation as to how the entity works and how players can avoid it in a future run.


  • Some objects that Guiding Light will highlight and emit sounds to include levers, switches in The Electrical Room, Library Books in The Library and Room Keys , lever ( door 71 ).
  • The Guiding Light will highlight Dupe's trick doors with the same glow as the real door.
  • The Guiding Light will highlight the "frame" of each puzzle painting in the Dining Room to show players where to place them.
  • If a player dies in a dark room, any items they had in their inventory will be highlighted by the Guiding Light (This also goes for any player dying in The Rooms and The Backdoor although Guiding Light is not present in these sub-floors. This could possibly be a bug, but it has not been changed for over a year.)
  • Items relating to the Guiding Light in some way (i.e. the Candle or Crucifix) do not function while in The Rooms, stating they "feel lighter than usual" when held.
    • This is seemingly due to Guiding Light not being present in the rooms and instead Curious Light.
      • The Candle will not lose fuel while held in The Rooms because of this.
      • There is a bug where if a player has held the Candle in The Rooms, it refuses to blow the Candle out once traveled back to The Hotel.
  • The Guiding Light will still highlight doors or objects even if players has escaped from the dark room or found the item without its help.
  • Before the update, Rush could extinguish the Guiding Light's highlights, though the particles would still remain.
  • Guiding Light won't say anything if you die to Dread. This is the only entity this happens with in runs without modifiers enabled, likely because Dread is currently just an easter egg entity and has not received its full functionality yet.
  • Guiding Light will not directly give tips on some entities (e.g. Eyes) when a player first died.


  • If any modifiers are active, the Guiding Light will not give any death messages (excluding SUPER HARD MODE!!!).
    • The Guiding Light will not highlight doors and items.
      • This makes Seek's chase sequences harder (in intersecting rooms) and finding keys in dark rooms a lot harder.
      • It will still interact with the following:
    • When a player dies, the Guiding Light delivers unhelpful messages such as spamming emojis, making fun of a player, or telling them it's going to play a different Roblox game.
  • If 'Gone Fishing' is active, the Guiding Light will not light up keys, doors (including those in the Seek chase), books, breaker switches, etc. Some things are still highlighted (like crawlspaces in the Seek Chase)
  • If 'Soundproofing' is active, the Guiding Light will no longer play its shimmering noise, making it harder to find essential objects.


  • A glitch existed in which the Guiding Light would appear at Door 1.[2]
  • There is a glitch where the Guiding Light would display a normal death message in SUPER HARD MODE. However, it is very rare and only displays the addressal.
  • After the Hunt update, a possible bug causes Guiding Light not emit sound ques for Room keys sometimes.

Trivia Trivia

  • The Guiding Light has no officially disclosed name. The origin of the entity's name comes from the name of the death screen's background music ("Guiding Light"). However, the developers have also begun to refer to the entity as the Guiding Light, although Redibles says the conjectured names of the Lights in square brackets (i.e. "[Guiding Light]"), as if replacing the actual names that he would be saying.
  • Another entity similar to Guiding Light known as the Curious Light appears in The Backdoor and The Rooms.
  • Besides only appearing in Dark Rooms, Locked Rooms, The Library, The Electrical Room, the Painting Puzzle Room, Seek's chase sequences, the Death Screen and likely in similar areas in The Mines, the Guiding Light does not appear anywhere else in-game.
  • The Guiding Light is one of the entities that is guaranteed to spawn in every run, due to the puzzle-exclusive items, keys, crawlspaces (Seek's chase) and doors that it highlights, with the others being Figure, Seek, Rush, Jeff, El Goblino, Bob, Window (in the Lobby) and Snare (in The Greenhouse, even if players wasn't trapped).
  • There are multiple variations of the same death message depending on where and how players died (e.g. dying to Seek's hands or Figure's minigame).
  • The YouTuber KreekCraft had a unique death message on a previous stream. During the stream, KreekCraft was being trolled by the developers, such as Screech appearing repeatedly, several instances of Ambush, and A-60 in the Hotel.
  • If players were to have died to Glitch before its role of bringing players back to their group was given to Void, the Guiding Light was unable to determine who they died to, but would still recommend players to stick with their group.
    • This was due to Glitch being non-canon. Void, however, is canon, and the Guiding Light is able to tell who players died to if killed by Void.
  • The texture for the Guiding Light particle was originally called "sanseyelol".
    • This also happens to be the texture for Halt's eyes and Eyes' sparks.
    • It was later renamed to "why are you guys commenting on this", with the description saying "bro...".
    • If a player presses the Read More button, it says "use code SCREECHSUCKS".
  • In the Tower Heroes Event, the Guiding Light was given an evil counterpart conjecturally given the name Mischievous Light. It is unknown if the Mischievous Light itself was meant to be the same entity as the unnamed "Red Light" character.
  • After the Hotel+ Update, the Guiding Light was made much brighter.
    • After the Modifiers update, the Guiding Light's color was made a deeper shade of blue.
  • Wowzers has confirmed that the Guiding Light will never get an Achievement in-game.[3]
  • Before the Hotel+ Update, if a player tried to exploit, Ambush's jumpscare would play and the Guiding Light would say "bruh" repeatedly, as well as mention Ambush killing players infinite times, making them lose 100 Revives. After the Hotel+ Update, the Guiding Light would play Ambush's regular death message.
  • The text encoded on the sigil when the crucifix is used says "OneOfTheThreeArchitectsMarkedByCelestialsAssistsYou". This is presumably referring to the Guiding Light as one of the three architects. The other architects are strongly implied to be Curious Light and the "Red Light".
  • Guiding Light possibly has an ability to interact with objects.
    • During the beginning cutscene of The Library, a lamp falls over distracting Figure. The lamp is illuminated with blue light for a short duration, which suggests that the Guiding Light knocked it over to create a diversion for players.
    • After The Hunt update during and at the end of Seek's chase, one can notice Guiding Light moving along with the doors and the door after finish. This suggests that the Guiding Light is the one closing and holding the door after the chase, as it no longer disappears after it has ended.
  • Ghostly Wowzers has confirmed that both the Guiding Light and the Curious Light will have a major role in future updates.[4]
  • A small tweak was made to the message Guiding Light gives players if they die to Seek at the segment where they have to crouch under obstacles, changing “The lights shall guide you” to “My lights shall guide you”.
  • The Guiding Light has knowledge on other entities in the Hotel and how to survive them. This probably makes the Guiding Light one of the smartest entities in the game.
  • The large statue in The Courtyard could possibly be a depiction of Guiding Light's physical form.
  • One of Curious Light's death messages says that "She said we should call that one Blitz." Some of the community theorizes that this unknown character to be Guiding Light and its gender as female. However, not enough information is yet given to fully justify the theory.
    • Additionally, the Guiding Light messages refer to hostile entities as “it/it’s/its/etc.”, implying that these entities do not have a confirmed gender.

Speech Death Messages

Canon Messages

Entity Addressal Advice
Rush First Death
You died to Rush...
Pay attention to any cues that may hint at its arrival.
Second Death
You died to Rush again...
Pay attention to the lights. They are related to its arrival.
Third Death
It seems you are having trouble with Rush...
The lights will always flicker when it is near.

Whenever this happens, find a hiding spot!

Kicked out by Hide
What a predicament... You died to Rush, because you couldn't hide.
Remember, you only have to hide once Rush is near.
First Greenhouse Death
You died to Rush...
In the Greenhouse, there are no lights that can flicker.

Therefore, you can only rely on sound.

Second Greenhouse Death
You died to Rush...
In these rooms, there are no lights that can flicker.

Listen closely for Rush and stay near hiding spots.

Trapped by Snare
What a predicament... You died to Rush, because you were stuck.
That was Snare who trapped you. You'll need a light source to scan for them.
Hide You died to Hide... Minimize the time you spend hiding.

You may need to hop in and out of a hiding spot repeatedly to avoid Hide.

Eyes First Death
You died to the Eyes...
They don't like to be stared at.
Second Death
You died to the Eyes again...
Second Death
They have a unique audio cue. Once you hear it, be prepared.

Use their blue light to work out their location. Look away from them at all times.

Third Death
They emit a very unique blue light. Use this to your advantage.
Screech First Death
You died to Screech...
It likes to lurk in dark rooms.

If you suspect that it is around look for it and stare it down.

Second Death
You died to Screech again...
It lurks in dark rooms.

It will almost never attack you if you're holding a light source.

However, if you suspect that it is around, look for it and stare it down.

Seek Obstacles
You were caught by Seek...
The obstacles have crawlspaces. Crouch into them! My lights shall guide you.
First Death
You seem to have gotten lost, and died to Seek...
Look both ways before you progress!
Second Death
You died to Seek again...
Remember. Look both ways very quickly!

I know it may seem hard but trust me, you will get the hang of this!

Fake doors never have a sign. Remember this as you check the doors!

Third Death
You seem to have gotten lost again...
You must look both ways very quickly.

If you do not see the real door on neither the left or right, it must be the door ahead.

End Hallway
You almost made it!
Don't waste any time. You'll need it all!
You were almost there!
Stay away from the hands next time.
Fallen Chandeliers
You almost made it!
Stay away from the fallen chandeliers. They will burn you.
Halt First Death
You died to who you call Halt...
You must run away from it!

However, it may appear in front of you at any time...

Second Death
You died to Halt again...
As you run, it may appear in front of you at any time.

When it does, turn around and keep running!

This process will repeat multiple times.

Ambush First Death
You died to who you call Ambush...
It is a tricky one.

Use what you have learned from Rush!

Second Death
You died to Ambush again...
It gets you when you least suspect it!

It has a unique scream. Once you hear it, be prepared!

Third Death
You died to Ambush.
You might need to hop in and out of your hiding spot a couple of times.
First time kicked out by Hide
You died to who you call Ambush, because you couldn't hide.
Ambush and Hide prove to be a tricky duo.

Remember; you don't have to hide when Ambush is away!

Second time kicked out by Hide
You couldn't hide from Ambush again.
I know it may seem difficult, but trust me, you will get the hang of this! You will need to hop in and out of your hiding spot.
Figure First Death
You died to who you call the Figure...
It cannot see, but it will use sounds and vibrations to its advantage.
Second Death
You died to the Figure again...
It may be blind, but its other senses far surpass yours.

If you have to walk near it, do so while crouching!

Third Death
You died to the Figure yet again.
Any sounds can trigger its exceptional senses.

Do not come too close. It can sense your heartbeat.

If it backs you into a corner, hide!

Heartbeat Minigame
You died to the Figure while hiding...
You must control your breathing!
Death after Door 51 is open
You were almost there!
Once the door is open, you must run out of the room!
You died to the Figure. You almost made it to that elevator!
Once the elevator breaker is fixed, run to the elevator!
Void First Death
You died to the Void...
Stick together next time!
Second Death
You died to the Void again...
It attacks if you stay too far back... Stay together next time!
Dupe First Death
You died to Dupe...
Dupe will trick you by hiding behind fake doors.

Make sure to look closely at doors you pass through!

Second Death
You died to Dupe again...
Dupe will trick you by hiding behind fake doors.

Its doors always have the wrong number. Keep track of the room number.

Third Death
You died to Dupe yet again...
Dupe will trick you by hiding behind fake doors.

If you pay attention, you can also hear its breathing.

Its doors always have the wrong number. Keep track of the room number.

Non-Canon Messages

Entity Addressal Advice
Developers What.. the heck.. just happened? I think something's wrong...

Sorry about that, Kreek.

Trollface & Timothy Uhh... Alright.
2023 April Fools Event N/A
well that just happened N/A
k N/A
You died... to... um... idk :3 N/A
MAN IM DEAD 💀💀💀🦕🦕🦕 N/A
😭😭😭 N/A
can you guys get markiplier to play now N/A
hi :3 N/A
hewwo :3 N/A
teehee ^w^ N/A
You died to who you call Bald Kreek... N/A
ItsThump is not a developer N/A
you proud of yourself? N/A
Look behind you. N/A
wow... N/A
LOOL bro what are you doing N/A
try again N/A
great job!! N/A
bro 💀💀 N/A
You have hidden talent 🔥🔥 keep it hidden 🔥🔥 N/A
true N/A
umm... yea N/A
STOP 💯💯🔥🔥 N/A
yup N/A
april fools! did i get you N/A
Not quite but we up 💯💯 N/A
💀 N/A
┻━┻︵ヽ(`▯´)ノ︵ ┻━┻ N/A
o3o N/A
Started from bottom still there 🔥🔥🔥🗣️🗣️ N/A
>3< N/A
nice one N/A
o_o N/A
alright then N/A
good job N/A
erm... N/A
🥺 N/A
>w< N/A
<(0_0)> N/A
hi N/A
;-; N/A
nah... what was bro doing 😭😭😭 N/A
You died to who you call banana peel... N/A
bro... N/A
yea you just suck. sorry N/A
wow... N/A
;w; N/A
what? N/A
;_; N/A
this game sucks. im going to play unofficial N/A
this game sucks. im going to play rooms N/A
this game sucks. im going to play find everything N/A
this game sucks. im going to play sisyphus simulator N/A
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this game sucks. im going to play drop the number N/A
this game sucks. im going to play adopt me and raise an aquamarine hairball simulator N/A
this a new quote! it was written on 8/24/2023, 5:48 AM (i have a good sleep schedule). tell all your friends about it! N/A
i'm suprised you're still playing this mode N/A
Bruh N/A

Removed Messages

Entity Addressal Advice Removal
Glitch That is odd. I cannot figure out who you died to. However, I did notice you lagged back from your friends.

Stay close together!

Removed as Glitch has been repurposed.
Anti-cheat bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh... bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh just letting you know ambush killed you infinite times so all your revives are gone sorry


Removed for unknown reasons.
Figure You died to the Figure. You almost made it to that exit! The small room makes it easier for it to sense your heartbeat.

You must hide from it until it exits the room!

Removed as The Electrical Room was redesigned.

History History

January 28, 2023
Fixed Room 100 death messages being irrelevant.
August 20th, 2022
Guiding lights in the Seek chase are now easier to follow on lower graphics.
August 11th, 2022
Will now guide players who are in dark rooms for too long.
August 10th, 2022

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