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This article is about a mechanic of the game. You may be looking for Hide, the entity.

🗨 "Listen closely for Rush and stay near hiding spots."
- Guiding Light

Hiding is a basic mechanic which allows players to utilize specific pieces of furniture to survive from certain entities.

Overview Overview

When the player is near a hiding spot like a wardrobe or a bed, the hiding (Hiding) icon will appear. By pressing E on PC, the "hiding button" on Mobile or Xbox Button X on Xbox, it will play a short animation of the player entering the wardrobe or crawling underneath the bed.

On the first floor, in the main path of the game, there are two types of hiding spots, with two different versions of each. Wardrobes are simple wooden cupboards with two doors. Toolsheds act exactly like wardrobes, except that they have a rougher appearance. Beds have a wooden rectangular structure with four posts to keep them up, along with red blankets and one or two white pillows on top of them. Infirmary beds act just like regular beds, just lacking color, with wood replaced with metal posts, and they always have two pillows, but after The Hunt update the players cannot hide in them anymore.

In "The Rooms" subfloor of DOORS, lockers replace wardrobes as hiding spots. Note that in The Mines, lockers will also be the hiding spots, although they will likely have a different appearance and animation.

Pressing any of the WASD keys on PC, or one of the movement controls on Mobile and Xbox, will cause the player to exit their hiding spot.

See the example below to know which entities can be avoided hiding and which cannot. (Note: harmless entities not included)

HidingCan Survive While Hiding
The following entities are not capable of killing/jumpscaring players that are hiding:
HidingCannot Survive While Hiding
The following entities are capable of killing/jumpscaring players that are hiding:


  • If the player hides for too long, Hide will get aggravated, pushing the player out of the hiding spot and dealing 40 damage. The player will have to wait 10 seconds before hiding again.
  • The only spots considered hiding spots by the game are wardrobes, beds and lockers.
    • However, it is possible to hide from Rush or Ambush without hiding by staying out of their line of sight. Doing this awards the player with the In Plain Sight achievement.
  • Once the player is inside a closet or underneath a bed, the game will consider the player hidden.
  • The game will consider the player hidden after entering a hiding spot, even if the animation has not finished playing.
    • This will keep the player safe from A-60, A-120, Rush, Ambush, Screech and Figure.
    • As of the Hotel+ update, hiding after Screech appears will despawn it.
  • It is not possible for Jack to appear under a bed.
  • The player was unable to hide in a closet during Seek's chase, this is due to a bug forcing the player to constantly move forwards, therefore the player will always exit any closets.
    • As of the Hotel+ Update, the player needs to hold W to run, so the player is able to hide in a closet during a Seek Chase, if there are any at all.
      • Seek is still able to kill hiding players.
        • This can also be a reference to the phrase "You can run, but you can't hide" mentioned in Seek's achievement, since the player can run to survive Seek but they can't hide from it.
  • Only one player can hide in each hiding spot. Multiple players cannot hide together.
  • Closets can not be entered from behind. Doing so will grant the player with a block symbol in their screen that flashes slowly in red and white.
    • However, they can be entered from the sides.
  • In one of the rooms within the Rooms subfloor, there is a locker colored white to mimic the style of a fridge.
    • There are also a type of uninteractable locker within a room type called "Broken Lockers" which the player cannot hide in.
  • Players may hide in lockers for as long as they wish, as Hide is not present in The Rooms and The Backdoor.
  • The player used to be able to hide under the beds in the infirmary room before the hunt update, this feature was removed for unknown reasons.


  • There used to be a glitch where hiding under a bed would result in the player's camera clipping through the floor. This has since been fixed.
  • There is a bug, when leaving under the bed, the camera will not have animation.
  • There is a bug where the player character's camera will move similar to walking animation, before exiting the closet.
  • If a player hides while holding a Puzzle Painting, the player's point of view will tilt awkwardly.
  • There is a bug where if the player hides under a bed behind a big sized window but on top of the bed, the animation has a chance to glitch out and make the player stuck outside.
  • There is a bug with beds, where if the player hides near the corner, exits, and during the exit animation does a "freeze tab glitch", it's possible to go through the floor, causing the player's death or Glitch to appear and teleport them. This bug is not consistent and it is hard to replicate.
  • If the player hides (or unhides) right before being teleported by Void, the closet/bed will despawn during the animation, this will cause the teleport to fail, and the player will fall into the void. Glitch will normally teleport the player to the last opened room in these cases.

Trivia Trivia

  • Lockers will be used in future released updates, specifically The Mines.[1]
  • It is possible to complete a round of DOORS without interacting with any hiding spots by being out of range or sight when Rush or Ambush attacks and keeping a distance when Figure appears.
  • There is a chance that Jack will appear to block players from hiding in a wardrobe.
  • The animation of hiding in a closet is similar to the animation of hiding in a closet and locker from CASE: Animatronics.
  • Players were able to crawl into vents to hide in plain sight before Vent Rooms' removal.
  • Hide is not present in closets while Figure is active in The Library or The Electrical Room, so players may hide for as long as they wish.
    • However, once the exit door of The Library is opened and closed, Hide is active once more.
      • Due to the exit door not closing if a Holy Hand Grenade is used on Figure in the library, Hide will not appear for the rest of the game.
  • Redibles has claimed to have ideas for uses for hiding under beds.[2]
    • After the Hotel+ update, Rush and Ambush can now spawn in rooms that have beds, giving beds a use. However, if Ambush were to appear, it's recommended to hide in a closet as the bed animation takes longer than the closet animation.
      • It should be noted however, that the player is immune to the entities during the animations. However, the player is not immune to Rush nor Ambush during the exiting animation of the closet, despite being immune to other entities, such as Eyes.
  • There was initially going to be a Jack-esque mechanic for beds, although it was scrapped due to LSPLASH not following through, although it may come back at a later time.[3]
  • The lockers from The Rooms do not have an animation, this is possibly to mimic the way the player hides in lockers in the original Rooms created by nicorocks5555.
    • In Rooms by nicorocks5555, however, to hide, the player need to sit on a 'Seat' part that is inside lockers, which will give players invulnerability to entities when sat on.
  • The hiding in closet animation opens the door to the next room if the closet is close to it.
    • The same goes with lockers in The Rooms with teleportation of player's character in the locker.
  • With The Hunt update, camera rotation inside hiding spots has increased.


Achievement Related Achievements

Out Of My Way

Out Of My Way
"I'm walkin' here!"
Successfully survive Rush.


"Coming back for seconds!"
Survive Ambush.


Steal a hiding spot from someone right before they die.

Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice
"And stay out!"
Get kicked out of a hiding spot by Hide.

Meet Jack

Meet Jack
"Ooga booga!"
Encounter Jack.

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight
"Quick! Hide behind that conveinently shaped lamp!"
Hide from an entity by staying out of sight.

Gallery References

  1. he was forced to place another locker asset - RediblesQW, X
  2. Q: "Is hiding under beds going to gain a use?" A: "i have been brainstorming ways to give it a use and i have a couple of ideas, we'll see" -Redibles
  3. [1] Q: "Will there be a Jack for Vents or Beds????" A: "there originally was going to be a jack-equivalent for hiding under the beds but wasn't added due to splash not going through with it (though it might come back at a later time)" -Wowzers
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