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🗨 "Enjoy your stay!"
- Welcome Achievement description

The Hotel is the first floor in DOORS and where the majority of gameplay occurs.

Overview Overview

The Hotel appears as a cozy, vintage-styled hotel comprised of various rooms and sections. Almost all interior spaces are made of wood, along with other amenities such as couches, beds, bookshelves, and fireplaces. A heavy storm perpetually rains on outside, shrouding the hotel in an ambience that is particularly noticeable in rooms with windows.

At the start of each run, players may purchase items at the Pre-Run Shop with Knobs while in the elevator. If every player closes the Pre-Run Shop, they can finish the elevator ride early.

Players will have to make their way through various randomly generated rooms each separated by numbered doors in the corridor. The players’ goal is to reach Door 100 in order to reach an elevator and successfully escape.

During the 2024 April Fools Event, the player and entities have were given voices.

Please note: This page does not include Modifiers.

The following information contains spoilers. To proceed, click the [Open] tag.

DOOR 100: Upon re-activating and walking into the elevator, the player will enter a cutscene.

Figure will begin to chase down the player, only for the elevator's doors to shut on it as the lift slowly descends. As the elevator goes down, the player(s) relax, seemingly relieved that they have escaped. Suddenly, Figure jumps down on top of the elevator. It proceeds to rip one of the cables off the elevator and in doing so, falls backwards into an unknown mineshaft, causing the elevator to fall down the elevator shaft, and eventually crashing. The scene immediately cuts to the text "To be Continued", implying that the player's journey has not yet ended, and that more entities will await them on a different floor.

Behavior Entities

Main article: List of Entities

Entities are unnatural beings that inhabit The Hotel. Most of them pose as roadblocks and threats to hinder the players’ progress and usually attempt to kill or damage them in whatever ways they can.

See their respective pages for more information.

  • RuSh

    Rush, about to kill a player.

    Rush - Flickers the lights before rushing through several rooms up to an unopened correctly labelled door and opens it, breaking all the lights in the process and knocking down the incorrect labels from the Dupe doors (if there are any). It will also turn the rooms it has gone through into dark rooms. It can be banished with the crucifix, however it may appear again later.

    Ambush, bounding into a room.

  • Ambush - A more elusive entity, which has a rare chance to replace Rush without flickering the lights. Compared to Rush however, it is quicker and rebounds through the rooms 2-6 times to catch players off-guard. Like Rush, it can be banished with the crucifix, but it may rarely appear later.
  • ScreevhBiteAttempt

    Screech, ending a run

    Screech - Can spawn in dark rooms and reveals its presence with a “Psst!”. The player must look around in order to spot the entity and counteract the attack, otherwise it will deal 40 damage to them. Screech can be banished with the crucifix, which causes it to not appear for five minutes.
  • Getduped

    Dupe, attacking a player.

    Dupe - Poses as a door with a number label, but the number is always out of order and wrong. The player must not enter the wrong door, or Dupe will attack them, dealing 40 damage. It can be crucified; however, it may appear later on.
  • SeekChaseStart

    Seek, dashing towards the player.

    Seek - Appears twice to chase down players. It announces its presence with black eyes and eye paintings appearing on the walls in earlier rooms. The lights will also flicker in these rooms, even if and when there are no other entities. Once entering a long corridor with no eyes like the previous rooms, Seek will spawn when one player reaches the end of the hallway. With that, every player will be teleported to the end of the room. Then, a cutscene will play where the entity will emerge from a black slime/goo and start sprinting (or driving) after all of the players present in the run. The chase scene includes intersections and long corridors. When the sequence reaches its end, Seek will run towards the player before having the door shut on its face. Seek will bang the door three times so it can catch the players but won't succeed. It can be crucified; however, it will break out after a few seconds and continue chasing the player, possibly due to it being an important entity.
  • Jack hididng in a closet

    Jack, jumpscaring a player in a closet.

    Jack - Rarely appears behind doors () and in closets () to jump-scare players. It cannot be crucified and cannot deal damage.
  • FigureChase

    The Figure, walking towards a player that recently made a noise.

    Figure - The main entity of The Hotel, and possibly Doors as a whole. It is completely blind, and thus relies on sounds and vibrations to locate players on rooms 50; the Library, and 100; the Electrical Room. The Figure can be crucified; however, it will break out after a few seconds, likely due to its high strength and/or it being the main antagonist.
  • Goofy ahh pacman ghost in room

    Halt, sneaking up on a player from behind.

    Halt - Indicated by a prolonged flicker, it chases down players in a dark bluish hallway, and tries to ambush them by appearing from behind. It can be banished with the crucifix, however it may very rarely appear later on.
  • Eyeslol

    Eyes, forcing a player to stare at it.

    Eyes - Appear randomly upon entering a room, and are signified by a distinct sound effect and bright blue glow. The entities deal rapid damage if stared at. The Eyes can be banished by the crucifix, but they may appear again later.
  • Snare pic

    Snare, being successfully detected by a player.

    Snare - Appears in The Greenhouse, stopping any player in their tracks if they step on it. Players must avoid them. It cannot be crucified.
  • Hide's jumpscare.

    Hide, taking over the player's vision entirely.

    Hide - An unseen entity which becomes aggravated if a player hides for too long, after which it will push them out, damaging them. Players will have to go to a different room so that they can hide again. It cannot be crucified.
  • Glitch Out Of Bounds

    Glitch, attempting to teleport a player out of bounds.

    Glitch - Acts as a failsafe. It will appear when the next room has failed to load, and it also functions as Void in The Rooms. Cannot be crucified.
  • Void, lighting comparison2

    Void, warning a player that was left behind.

    Void - Attacks players that are lagging too far back from their team. It will teleport them back to their team but deals a random amount of damage in the process. Holding a crucifix during Void's attack will cause the player to not take any damage, but the crucifix will be consumed by Void in the process.
  • Dreadisdisturbing

    Dread, before jumpscaring players.

    Dread - Attacks players when the in- game clock reaches midnight, although Door 13 has to be opened, but Door 14 doesn’t. After the hour has passed, The player's screen will begin to darken, and exhibit a monotone tint. It will slowly chase players while remaining scarcely visible. It can be banished with the crucifix.
  • Timothy in a drawer with gold

    Timothy in a recently opened drawer.

    Timothy - A spider that lurks in containers. When players open a container, it has a chance to spawn and jump on their face and take away a small bit of health. Cannot be crucified.
  • WindowClearAppearence

    Window, stalking a player from the outside.

    Window - A harmless entity that has a small and random chance to appear behind windows, disappearing after the next lighting strike. It cannot be crucified.
  • Shadow

    Shadow, jumpscaring a player.

    Shadow - A very rare harmless ghostly entity () that appears briefly when the lights flicker randomly after opening a new door. Cannot be crucified.
  • Guiding Light Dark Room

    The Guiding Light, lighting up a door.

    Guiding Light - A helpful entity that guides players throughout their journey. If players get eliminated (killed), it will provide tips on how to survive the entity that killed them. Guiding Light also highlights important items and objects (such as keys and doors) after a delay. It is likely the entity behind the effects of the crucifix, and therefore cannot be crucified with it.
  • Jeff Smiling

    Jeff, smiling at a player who bought an item.

    Jeff - A friendly entity that resides in it's respective shop selling items. It can't be crucified.
  • El goblino2

    El Goblino, looking at a player.

    El Goblino - A friendly entity that the player can chat to in the Jeff Shop. After the player talks to him three times, he will go silent. El Goblino cannot be crucified.
  • New bob

    Bob, sitting.

    Bob - A friendly entity that the player can interact with but causes nothing to happen (with one rare exception). It appears in Jeff Shop. It cannot be crucified.

Puzzles Puzzles

Door Dining Room

Main Article: The Dining Room


The Dining Room is a randomly generated location where players will have to swap paintings around to match each painting's canvas shape outlined with a blue border on the walls, generated by the Guiding Light. Said canvas shapes are horizontally and vertically rectangular, square and oval, once all painting canvases are matching, the fireplace will descend with a click, revealing the door to the next room.

Door Library

Main Article: The Library

A wide-view of the Library.

A wide-view of the Library.

The Library is a pre-generated location that players will have to escape whilst avoiding Figure. The Library always spawns at room 50. In this room, players must find books located on bookshelves. The books are generated protruding out of the shelves and with brighter color than other fake books, making them easier to spot. It will also emit a constant ringing sound when near one. At the left side of the Library, there is a large desk with drawers. On the desk, there is a piece of paper revealing the code.

The entrance to the Library is shown to be 2 big doors, quite different from the usual, but there is also a small chance that room 50 is displayed with a normal door. When entered, the players will experience a scripted sequence with Figure's first appearance in the run, where it'll spawn on the left side of the library.

The player's objective in the Library is acquiring the solution paper and 5-8 books that will aid them in escaping the room, having the passcode and shapes including the number, to unlock the door out of the library. Remaining players that take too long to get to the door will almost inevitably be killed by Figure as it will know exactly where they are.

Library Puzzle Notes

  • The player must be wary of climbing on short objects, as they might attract Figure.
  • Books emit a sparkling sound, making it easier for players to find them.
  • Some books contain symbols that do not match the code in the solution paper and are useless.
  • The Figure gets faster, and its detection radius increases with each book collected.
    • As of the Hotel+ Update, the Figure cannot sense a player's heartbeat in the Library. The Figure can still do so in the Electrical Room.
  • It is possible to guess the code. However, it is extremely inefficient to do so unless it is only the last digit being guessed.

Door Circuit Breaker Puzzle


The Circuit Breaker Puzzle.

The Circuit Breaker is a pre-generated puzzle, having to be solved before going down the elevator to Floor 2. It will always spawn in Room 100, The Electrical Room.

The circuit breaker has 10 switches that the player can interact with, but they're missing in each place. The player will need to find the 10 switches scattered around the Electrical Room. After finding all of them, the player needs to find a key (Or use a Lockpick) to unlock a corridor with the circuit breaker. They must put the switches inside the box. After that, a cutscene is displayed where the Figure will step on a wire, which catches on fire, causing Figure to jump out of the window. After that, the switches will show which of them need to be turned on or off. The bar fills by 10% for each switch correctly set, depending on what the monitor has shown. Once the bar is filled completely, the switches will reset, and the monitor will display another set of switches. This will repeat until the player has done 3 complete bars, resulting in the breaker turning on, giving power to the elevator. Then, the Figure will break through the door behind the player, making the player run as fast as possible to get to the elevator.

Circuit Breaker Puzzle Notes

  • Completing this puzzle in under a minute will grant the player the Expert Technician Achievement.
    • An easy strategy to get this achievement involves flicking all the switches on and turning the empty squares off at the start of the 3rd bar.
  • If the player makes an error, the switches will remain on. The player should turn them off while the bar is decreasing to avoid confusion.
  • There is no time limit on the puzzle, the Figure will only break down the door once it has been completed.
  • After the 2nd complete bar a "???" symbol will pop up, replacing one of the numbers in the puzzle. The player can guess it, or wait, as the number being hidden is changed each time.

Behavior Room Mechanics

Guaranteed Rooms

Locked Rooms

Locked Rooms are rooms that require a key in order to progress to the next room. The key can spawn anywhere in the room although it will usually spawn on furniture or inside drawers. The key can rarely also spawn in an extra room, inside of a drawer. Locked Rooms can spawn as the following:

  • The Reception - One of the two fixed locked rooms. Always spawns on Door 0, and the key is on the shelf, but in the 2023 April Fools Event, this key kills the player, and the real key is hidden behind a bookshelf.
  • An L-Shaped Room, with a sub-room either as a small office or a standard hotel room. This is often said as the easiest key room other than The Reception. It is the only locked room that can spawn as a ruined room, and the only room in the hotel other than The Electrical Room and The Rooms entrance to have a broken wall, as one of the walls will be damaged by a shelf, allowing free access to the sub-room without using the door. This type of room can spawn early as Door 1.
    Screenshot 2022-11-11 11.32

    An example of a L-Shaped Hotel room with the room key on the chair.

  • A corridor with a window suite on the side. It contains a large compartment with an almost guaranteed item. This room also has many crates. This type of room can spawn early as Door 10.
  • A plus junction, with four small hotel rooms, but many drawers. Dupe doors can spawn. This type of room can spawn early as Door 5.
  • A long corridor with eight small hotel rooms. It also has many drawers. Luggage carts may be in the way. This type of room can spawn early as Door 10.
  • A T-Shaped junction with a blocked middle, with several rooms, some are empty, while others are hotel rooms. Either a Blocked Door, a Door with a Chest/Drawer or a Dupe door can spawn. These rooms can spawn early as Door 18.
  • The Electrical Room - One of the two fixed rooms, with the Electrical Room Key spawning on some shelves. The key opens the High Voltage Door, leading to the Circuit Puzzle. Prior to Hotel+, it spawned in the Mining Elevator. Always spawns on Door 100.

Players can also use a Lockpick instead if they do not wish to find the key, which is helpful in locked Dark Rooms, which is an event that can also occur.

Lever Rooms

These rooms have a chain link door blocking the exit door. The player must find the lever to open the door. Basements are Lever-Activated Door Rooms.

Small Basements

Small Basements are a smaller variant of The Basement, which instead of entrances branching to both sides, it only branches to one. In these rooms, there is a barrier similar to a chain-link fence blocking the exit. On the two walls perpendicular to this barrier, there is a barricaded or broken door and a working door. Players must enter the working door, which leads to the Small Basement. There are barrels in the Small Basement, arched stone roofs, cobwebs, and other features that differ from the usual style of the Hotel. Most relevant to progression is the lever found in it, which can spawn in several locations. The Small Basement also has a vent at the very end of the room, which may or may not lead to the lever. Once the lever has been pulled, a door in the barrier will open, allowing players to progress to the next room. The Small Basement can also work as a hiding spot from Rush and Ambush. Small Basements can spawn as early as Door 5.

The Basement

See The Basement or Special Locations below for information.

Dark Rooms

Dark Rooms are minor events in which any room can generate with the lights completely off. It can be hard to see without a light source (although difficult either way), so using one is highly recommended, as it helps players see significantly clearer and also heavily lowers the chance of Screech (an entity that can only appear in Dark Rooms) of spawning. It can be told if the next room is a Dark Room from the ambience which plays when the door is opened. If the player spends too long inside a Dark Room, the Guiding Light will highlight the correct door to escape, and also a key if they are unfortunate enough to get a locked Dark Room. The Guiding Light will also highlight all the doors in a Dark Room, and always highlights the key regardless if the room is a Dark Room or not. Dark Rooms are more likely to generate the further the player is into the game. Rush and Ambush cannot spawn in most Dark Rooms, except for the Large Basement and the Greenhouse (which Ambush cannot spawn in) which are rooms that are always dark. Dark Rooms can spawn early as Door 9 (Or Door 2 if Electrical Work or Lights Out Modifier is activated). It is also guaranteed to get at least 9 dark rooms in a single run, due to The Greenhouse and The Basement. The buzzing sound of lamps can be heard in the Dark Rooms.

Blood Rooms

Blood Rooms are rooms that can only generate if Jack spawns behind a door. When Jack spawns, he will jumpscare the player and disappear, and they will be left with a room that is completely red. The lights and floor will be covered with a bloody texture, similar to what is seen in Seek's chase. Outside, the rain will be a blood red color, and if there are Seek's eyes in the room, the scleras will turn red as well. Overtime, this room will slowly fade away back to normal, but the rain will stay as it is until they proceed to the next room. Blood Rooms have the lowest chance of spawning out of all Room Mechanics (tied with Shadow), that being a 1 in 2000 chance. These rooms can occur as early as Door 1 and as late as Door 100.

Ruined Rooms


An example of a Ruined Room, which resembles a hallway with broken windows, scratch marks on the wall, and messy furniture.

These Rooms can be described as disheveled; walls crumbled and broken, cabinets and other objects smashed and wrecked, broken pillars, disorganised shelves, destroyed doors, scratches on the walls, fallen chandeliers and large piles of flesh. The player may need to duck under areas to progress. These types of rooms can only spawn after The Library and were added in the Hotel+ Update. It is unknown who or what destroyed these rooms and for what purpose, but it's implied that Figure went through these rooms in a speedy attempt to reach The Electrical Room before the player to prevent them from escaping. They can spawn as early as Door 53.

Door Special Locations

These are locations in the Hotel that are different and unique to most rooms (such as plain hallways, guest rooms and storage rooms). All are guaranteed locations, with the exception of The Dining Room.

In order of appearance during a player's run in the Hotel.


Main Article: Elevator


The Hotel Elevators


The Mining Elevator

The Hotel Elevator is a device used to access the first floor Reception from the Lobby. It is a small, run of the mill elevator, with a metal gate, as well as two sliders. Up to four players can be inside an elevator at one time, although this is expanded to 12 in private servers. The Mining Elevator is located in Room 100. It can be operated once the circuit puzzle has been completed. It resembles a typical mining/freight elevator, and inside are lamps, crates, and the Electrical Room Key. As of the Hotel+ update, the Electrical Room Key may not spawn in the elevator.


The Reception

The Reception

Main Article: The Reception

The Reception (also known as Room 0) is the first room the player enters when they spawn in the elevator. It consists of a desk with an interactive bell (that breaks if rung too many times) and a few other objects scattered around the room, such as chairs and containers. The Reception will always spawn with Room Key 1, which is situated behind the desk, hung on the wall. No entities can spawn in this room other than Glitch, Void, and Timothy. This is also where the item stored in the Rift will appear to be collected if the player has done so in a previous run.

The Dining Room

Main Article: The Dining Room


The Dining Room

The Dining Room, also referred as the Paintings Puzzle Room, is a small room that has a long, dining table in the middle, with a large fireplace at the back. In this room, the player must have to solve a puzzle which involves moving and placing various paintings in the right spot. When placing all the paintings in their right frames, the fireplace will open, revealing the doorway to the next room. In the room, there are cupboards and containers, along with a few windows. There is a chance for it to be devoid of all furniture.

The Grand Hallway


The Grand Hallway

Main Article: The Grand Hallway

The Grand Hallway is the room where the player starts Seek's chase sequence. It consists of a very long hallway which can either have windows on each side or just plain walls. Shelves can spawn in this room as well as cupboards and containers. The player will encounter this room at least four times in one game. The Grand Hallway is rare to encounter outside of Seek's chase sequence, rarer to appear in said entity's crescendo. If the Grand Hallway is entered in a dark room, they can easily walk through, but still encounter Screech without a light source. After going through 4 rooms with Seek's crescendos, the player will encounter a Grand Hallway. Once a player has walked at least a few studs away from the progressing door, Seek will rise out of the ground at the start of the hallway and start chasing the players. At the end of every Seek Chase, another Grand Hallway will appear. This time, once the door leading to the Grand Hallway mentioned earlier is opened, large hands made of Seek's slime will burst out of the windows and three chandeliers will fall down, creating fires.


The Library

The Library

Main Article: The Library

The Library is a large room filled with bookshelves with various colored books, along with an office area and a staircase that overlooks the Library. The player will come across this room at Door 50, where they will have to avoid Figure. A grand door which is golden and white will let the player know that the Library is the next room, along with Figure making noises on the other side to make its presence known. To escape the Library and Figure, the player must collect Library books and decipher the code in order to open the lock and escape. No other entities can spawn in this room besides Figure, Guiding Light, Jack, Window, and Timothy (but you can theoretically encounter Shadow when you open the door).

Jeff Shop


Jeff's Shop

Main Article: Jeff Shop

The Jeff Shop is a room in the Hotel, that always occurs at Door 52, acting as a mid-game shop in case you needs anything, this shop can prove useful on many terms. It features the entity Jeff including a desk with four items that can be bought, with a variety of seven items, and a tip jar used to tip Jeff for "college funds" as described in the pls donate achievement you get when you fill his tip jar up. It also features a lot of crates, a partially rolled up carpet, El Goblino and Bob. It first appeared in the Hotel+ update. One of the entities in which resides specifically in this room, Jeff, is confirmed to joining the player sometime in the mines. We can expect more of "Jeff shop" in the future.

The Basement

Main Article: The Basement


The Basement

The Basement is a room that occurs on Door 61. The Basement also contains barrels, pipes, tables and Containers, which spawn around the room, busted lights, as well a cobwebs, flies, mould on the stone walls and an arched ceiling. It always spawns as a Dark Room and has a lever-activated door. The lever found in The Basement also unlocks the lever-activated door in The Rooms Entrance, which contains the entrance to The Rooms. Rush or Ambush may also spawn here. Despite being a Dark Room, Screech has a slightly lower chance of spawning there, likely due to players needing more time to find the lever to exit the room.

The Infirmary

Main Article: The Infirmary


The Infirmary

The Infirmary is a moderately-large room in the Hotel, taking the appearance of a hospital area with many beds, tables, and other amenities. This room contains the Green Herb, (also known as the Herb of Viridis), which is a plant that is hidden behind a door that can only be unlocked with the Skeleton Key. Interacting with it heals the player and grants passive health regeneration. There are also many cabinets and containers where the player can find loot, most likely gold, especially Gold50 - Gold100.

The Courtyard

Main Article: The Courtyard

Extended Courtyard

The Courtyard

The Courtyard is an outdoor space in the Hotel which features paths lined with lamps and hedges, with a roofed walkway through the middle. There is also a statue on one side of the pathway representing an angelic character, with the other side absent of a statue. It often occurs at Room 89. The player can enter The Courtyard by going through a black metal gate. The Courtyard currently offers nothing, other than some nice scenery. Many players use this level as a place to take a break. It is not required for the player to complete a puzzle or find a key in order to progress. The Courtyard is also currently the only place where the player is allowed to step outside of the Hotel. The statue located in here is theorized to be the "Guardian of the Hotel" or the guiding light.

The Greenhouse

Main Article: The Greenhouse


The Greenhouse

The ambience that plays in the Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse is a set of unique rooms that occurs between doors 90-99. It is a challenging addition to the hotel with different wardrobes and many other assets such as plants and gardens, which was added in the Hotel+ Update in January of 2023. It will always take place directly after The Courtyard, acting almost as a transition between the Hotel and The Electrical Room. It is teeming with dangers: Rush, Screech, Eyes, and Hide are all capable of being encountered here. Snare is the only unique entity that resides specifically in this part of the hotel, frequently appearing and can hinder the player from hiding from the aforementioned entities. Adding even more to the spooky and frightening atmosphere of the Greenhouse, every room in the Greenhouse has a 100% chance to be pitch black. The candle that can be found around the Hotel comes into great use here as Guilding Light uses it to alert you of any entities.

The Electrical Room

Main Article: The Electrical Room

The Electrical Room Screenshot

The Electrical Room

The Electrical Room are a series of rooms in which the player can enter at Door 100. These rooms include the Elevator (where the player can escape the floor), a staircase room which will present the player the Rift when walking downstairs, corridors, small rooms, and a small room in which a small electrical wire box is situated. The electrical box is a puzzle in which the player needs to solve before escaping. It requires 10 levers, which are scattered around the corridors and small rooms. These series of rooms all have shelves, electrical equipment and crates. The player must be careful of Figure when navigating these rooms.

Secondary Locations

Secondary Locations are rooms that are unique to most common rooms but are less noticeable and important.

General Rooms

  • The Office: A room with its passageway blocked by furniture. On the side, there is an entrance to an Office area. It has a container and a Rolltop Desk, where items can be found. There is a hole in the window of the area that can be crouched through to pass by the blocking furniture, allowing the player to progress to the next room.
  • Window Suite: A normal hallway with a big room on the side, leading to a large hotel suite with a large window. It always contains a Rolltop Desk with a large change to contain an item, valuing this room very useful. A Room Key needs to be aquired to exit.
  • Suite: A small room with beds and wardrobes, seemingly split into 2 sections. In the Hotel+ update Crucifixes were given a chance of spawning on the wall, between two beds.
  • Hidden Corridor: This room does not have the door directly in front, but the player needs to take a hidden, narrow corridor to get to the next room. It also has many closets.
  • Door Corridor: This room is a winding hallway with several doors on the side. However, the doors do not function.
  • Small Basements: Rooms with two doors on each side one available, one broken, and a gate upon entering. In order to progress the player needs to switch the lever spawned randomly within the basement. This is one of the only special rooms with a vent in it, the lever has a chance to spawn on the other side. This room seems to be the smaller counterpart of The Basement.
  • Lounge: A room with many bookshelves, chairs, and paintings. It usually spawns between Doors 70-88, but may appear anytime. Crucifixes have a rare chance of spawning above the door.
  • Room of Closets: This room is one of the few rooms with seemingly ripped off wallpaper, and barren except for the unusual amount of closets, spawning 12 every time the player enters. This is ironic as the maximum amount of people who can play the game is 12 in a server, boding well for players challenging themselves with such game mode.

Entity-related Rooms

  • Seek's Chase Rooms:
    • Chase Corridor: A normal room with fallen furniture that the player must duck under.
    • Intersection Corridor: A room with 3 doors, each one on the left, right and ahead. Only one of these is the correct door, as the others are barricaded, broken or lacking a doorknob.
      • There are two types of this room: one is a plus-shaped corridor, which is the intersection corridor, and one is an octagonal-shaped corridor.
    • Chase Hallway: A Grand Hallway with fallen chandeliers and Seek's hands coming from the windows.
  • Halt's Hallway/Corridor: A long, narrow hallway where Halt resides in. It has two identical sections.

Entrance Rooms

  • Library Entrance: The room before the Library, which has a Large Office Desk and is always accessed by the right side of the room. At the front, there is a door leading to the Library. It is always at Door 49.
  • The Rooms Entrance: This room is always on Door 60 since The Hunt 2024 update. It is in bad condition, much like a Ruined Room. It always is followed by The Basement. The room contains a normal exit, but behind some furniture, there is a hole in the wall. Passing through that hole, there is a long, narrow walkway into a small room. It contains a mysterious painting, some furniture and a lever-activated door. To open it, the player must pull the lever in The Basement Behind the lever-activated door is the entrance to The Rooms. It requires two lockpicks and a skeleton key to open.
  • Electrical Room Entrance: A special room in the Greenhouse that always occurs on Room 99. It has several streetlamps lighting the room. These streetlamps won't flicker though if Rush is coming, so do not immediately go to Door 100.
    • Before the Hotel+ Update:, it was a large room with drawers, several closets and a bed. The player must run here after Figure arrives in The Electrical Room.

Door Lobby

Main Article: Lobby

The Lobby is the location where players spawn when joining DOORS. It's a non-canon area of the Hotel.

It's also a hub for DOORS players to communicate and strategize for an upcoming run. The Lobby contains twelve elevators, with six on each side of the room, which offer 1-4 player-sized lobbies that players can enter to start a run. There are several extra areas around the Lobby, with most of them just being minor places to explore. The most obvious one is the outdoors, showing the exterior of the Hotel, a sign that simply displays "HOTEL", a stone staircase, the water surrounding the area, and the entrance to The Backdoor. Another alcove appears to the right of the entrance, with three boarded up doors and two closets. On the opposite side is a small hallway with a door at the end, and a leaderboard in the middle of the right wall. At the opposite end is a small downstairs area, with The Backdoor-styled items such as a broken and boarded up door, three closets, two tables, plenty of boxes and a locked gate. Meanwhile, at the other side of the downstairs alcove is a blocked off passageway, with Seek's eyes seen inside.

Entities (Non-Lethal)


  • None

Door The Rooms

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A hidden location similar to Roblox Rooms by nicorocks5555, the original inspiration for DOORS. It contains fewer entities than the Hotel, but they are capable of dealing heavy damage and there are several more rooms players have to traverse in order to complete it. Coins and batteries will be scattered throughout the Rooms.


  • A-60: Functions similar to Rush, speeding through rooms at a high speed. It is quite audible when it spawns in, giving away its presence to alert players. To survive it, players must hide in lockers, or they will face instant death.
  • A-90: Will randomly appear on the screen. Players must cease all movement and interactions or else it will attack, taking away 90 health. If in conjunction with A-60 or A-120, it will slow down or stop them respectively.
  • A-120: May appear rooms ahead of players, indicated by its soft and glitchy metal clanging. It has a delay when spawning in and is slower than A-60, giving players a chance to backtrack and hide in lockers.
  • Curious Light: The sub-floor counterpart of the Guiding Light. It has a yellow colour instead of a blue one, and its hints to surviving the entities are less direct and more questioning than its blue sibling.
  • Glitch: The only entity from The Hotel to reappear in the Rooms. It acts if a person is left behind as rooms get despawned.


  • Shakelight: A special variant of the Flashlight that can be purchased at the start of The Rooms for 10 coins. It has a shorter battery life, and a bit dimmer than a normal flashlight, but can be recharged by shaking it, hence the name. It gives off a limey-cyan color.
  • NVCS-3000: An invaluable tool that functions as a night vision camera and a key item detector (only detects progression items such as levers). The NVCS-3000 is only available at the completion of the Rooms. However, it does not give off light, making it unable to reduce chances of Screech spawning.

Door The Backdoor

Main Article: The Backdoor

The Backdoor is a sub-floor that can be accessed from a side door in the exterior of the Lobby once the "Detour" Achievement has been obtained.

The Backdoor was initially released on March 15, 2024 for the 2024 Roblox event, The Hunt: First Edition, where it awarded players with the "THE HUNT - First Edition" achievement and a badge for the event, while the trailer was uploaded to YouTube the day prior. After the event concluded on March 30, 2024, the sub-floor remained in the game, although its entrance was changed.


  • Blitz acts similar to Rush, but it can rebound, changing to its pink form.
  • Lookman looks like old Eyes design and has old name for this entity.
  • Haste spawns when time runs out.
  • Curious Light has the same behavior that it has in The Rooms.
  • Glitch has the same behavior that it has in The Rooms.


  • Room Key (The Backdoor): Throughout The Backdoor, players will find doors with a lock attached to them. To unlock these doors, players must hunt for the Room Key, find it, and use it on the door.
  • Vial of Starlight: When used, the Vial of Starlight makes the player glow, heals 25 health and provides a temporary speed boost.
  • Bottle of Starlight: The Bottle of Starlight, the larger counterpart of the Vial of Starlight, when used, heals players by 50 health points, gives them a temporary speed boost, and creates a small circle of light around them.

Trivia Trivia

  • Players used to get soft locked when trying to crouch under certain obstacles because of their packages messing up their player height scales.
  • The last 48 doors are noticeably harder than the first 52, this is for the following reasons.
    • An obvious reason is because this stretch contains The Greenhouse and The Electrical Room, which are considered by the community to be the most difficult rooms in the game. Many advanced players die here.
    • Often Ambush and Halt spawn here.
    • Dark rooms are more common, even if one doesn't include Door 61 and the last 11 rooms of the game.
    • Seek's second chase is arguably harder than the first.
      • It also is guaranteed to spawn, unlike the first, which has a small percentage of not spawning.
    • Hide kicks the player out faster than before door 50, which can be annoying against Rush and Ambush.
    • According to Roblox, the farther the player gets from a spawn point, the buggier the game will be. Although Glitch is harmless, it can make the player lose their focus for a second, especially if they are in the greenhouse, which can be fatal sometimes.
    • There are many major and dangerous threats that not even the Crucifix can stop, like Snare, which can unequip the player's crucifix while they're holding it, making them vulnerable to Rush.
    • Dupe scrambles the door number faster and spawns more, which can be fatal sometimes.
  • Rooms with side rooms (other than mini side rooms with chests) will always require a room key.
  • Dark Rooms never spawn at The Library Entrance. They also do not spawn immediately after both Seek Chases are completed.
    • Dark Rooms also used to not spawn at Door 99 before the Hotel+ Update.
    • However, Ambush can make the Library Entrance a dark room.
  • Putting the camera close to the door near the scoreboard in the lobby plays a high-pitched version of an ambience from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
  • In the lobby, Window will not disappear and also instead of being a bright vector, it is just a 2D bitmap.
  • Do note that all the players will be teleported to the end of the hallway during the first and second encounter of Seek's Grand Hallway, and to the Library after Figure's cutscene.
  • The rooms with vents prior to the Hotel+ Update have been scrapped due to multiple bugs, however the vents have been repurposed,[1]specifically to rooms with gates.[2] Despite this, the Screech-in-a-vent glitch can still occur.
  • There is a room generation glitch where the door 101 spawns.
  • Should the graphics quality be at maximum, extra ambient sounds will be present.[3]
  • As of the Hotel+ update, Dupe can be encountered and the previous doors the player has entered, the number on it will now be smudged.
  • Some of the paintings scattered throughout the Hotel are references to other things. It's often about modern humor, other video games or knockoffs of real life paintings.
  • The design of the Hotel bears similarities to the hotel from At Dead of Night, a ghost horror game which mainly takes place in a hotel.
  • The walls in the basements may be a reference to Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.
  • Strangely enough, the Hotel features both modern and grandfather clocks, suggesting that the events of DOORS take place in the modern day.
  • On one of the achievements, El Goblino is using a laptop that may imply possible internet connection in the Hotel.
  • The Hotel begins at night 11:00 PM.
    • When the player(s) escape the Rooms, the time will reset.
  • Sometimes lights will start randomly breaking in rooms, sometimes making the room completely dark, even if Rush does not appear.
  • Sometimes the player will randomly hear the "Psst" sound, even when Screech isn't present.
    • This "Psst" sound usually more quiet.
  • El Goblino stated that he is the one who is making some of the ambient sounds throughout the Hotel.
  • One of the ambient sounds is similar to Foxy running from Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • The brown lumps around the Hotel are a meat-like substance, suggesting that other people went to the Hotel and were killed there.[4]
  • Since the Backdoor update, in the Hotel there are these guaranteed rooms during a run, according to the developers:
    • 2 "lever rooms" (normal basements).
    • 1 "picture puzzle" (dining room).
    • Every kind of locked room once (8 sideroom key room, + shaped key room, T-shaped key room, sideroom with big window and guaranteed item key room, L-shaped key room and ruined L-shaped key room).
    • 1 "big lever room" (the basement) (always in room 61 now).

Achievement Related Achievements

Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom
"This is just the beginning."
Escape the Hotel.

Expert Technician

Expert Technician
"I'm the one for the job."
Complete the Circuit Breaker puzzle in under a minute without any errors.


"Careful not to make a sound!"
Escape from the library in the Hotel

Herb Of Viridis

Herb Of Viridis
"My heart beats stronger..."
Find and use a green herb.

Gallery Gallery

Note: This section is separated in two parts: Location-Related and Entity-Related.

<gallery> RuSh.png|Rush about to kill a player. AmbushComintoYourFace.png|Ambush rushing into a room. ScreevhBiteAttempt.jpg|Screech, attacking a player with low health. Getduped.jpg|Dupe tricking a player into it's room. SeekChaseStart.jpg|Seek sprinting towards a player. FigureChase.jpg|Figure, walking towards a player. Goofy ahh pacman ghost in room.png|Halt sneaking up on a player. Eyes hallwaynodm.jpg|Eyes watching a player. Snare_pic.jpg|Snare being located with a Lighter. Hide's jumpscare..png|Hide taking over a player's vision. Glitch Out Of Bounds.png|Glitch, attempting to teleport a player out of bounds. Void, lighting comparison2.png|Void warning a left behind player. Timothy in a drawer.webp|Timothy, about to jumpscare a player while looting. WindowClearAppearence.jpg|Window, watching from outside.

Shadow.jpg|Shadow in a room.



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