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This article is about Jeff. You may be looking for Jeff The Killer.

🗨 "Now I can go to college!"
- Pls Donate achievement description

Jefftholomew Von Tentickle,[2] better known as Jeff, is a friendly entity in DOORS that resides in the Hotel at Door 52.

Overview Appearance

Obscured in darkness, Jeff can only be seen as a pair of large, glowing white eyes, and two tentacles, which are tinted a dark royal blue. His eyes become blue when players purchase an item from the Jeff Shop, or tip Jeff, his expression becomes "cheerful." When players enter Door 52, Jeff greets them by waving one of his tentacles and looking at them gleefully.

Behavior Behavior

Jeff is considered a friendly entity, and will not damage the player. Jeff appears to always stay in his shop, watching players eagerly, as if waiting for them to buy one of his four randomized items. If a player does buy an item, Jeff's eyes will appear more gleeful before he blinks and returns to his normal state. When Rush/ambush comes across Door 52, Jeff disappears into his corridor along with his shop being closed by a grey overhead shutter. Similar to Jeff, El Goblino will also hide behind his table in attempt to hide from rush/ambush.

Door Jeff Shop

Main Article: Jeff Shop

Behavior Entities

El Goblino and Bob can be encountered at a separate table, directly in front of the Jeff Shop.

Usage Items

Items can be purchased at the Jeff Shop with gold. The skeleton key is the only one of four items guaranteed to spawn, most likely due to acessibility of the rooms and the skeleton key room within the infirmary, both taking place slightly after Jeff Shop. The other three items are randomly chosen, and may be a: lighter, a lockpick, vitamins, a flashlight, or a crucifix.

Trivia Trivia

  • Jeff has 2 UGC accessories: the Jeff Backpack and the Big Tip Jar.
  • RediblesQW has claimed that he will immediately donate to any player he sees in Pls Donate, provided said player has a Jeff booth.[3]
  • The Quote under the "Pls Donate" achievement is a reference to Undertale, and its location Tem Shop.
  • It has been stated on a couple occasions that Jeff and his shop will be coming back to the game for the mines and presumeably for future floors aswell.
  • Behind Jeff's Shop is actually a long corridor without a floor.[citation needed]
  • Ghostly_Wowzer, a DOORS developer, has confirmed that Jeff does not have a gender. [4]
  • Jeff is 'best buds' with El Goblino.[5]
  • El Goblino says he had shined a light on Jeff once, and mentioned that it was a "big mistake."
    • If the player attempts this, it will only illuminate Jeff's eyes and two tentacles.
    • This could imply Jeff has a horrifying and deceiving appearance .
  • Jeff is currently the only DOORS entity that can give players a cosmetic in another game without spending Robux.
    • That being the Jeff themed Pls Donate stand.
  • Based on the Jeff Shop sign and tip jar, Jeff appears to write his (S)'s backwards.
  • El Goblino says that Jeff has "killed those who took his items without paying."
    • This may be the reason El Goblino nicknamed him "Jeff the Killer".

Achievement Related Achievements

Pls Donate

Pls Donate
"Now I can go to college!"
Fill Jeff's tip jar.

Supporting Small Businesses

Supporting Small Businesses
"Thank you, come again!"
Purchase an item from Jeff.

History History

March 15, 2024
Jeff Shop will now close if Rush goes through door 52.
April 9, 2023
Item prices increased.
January 28, 2023

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