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🗨 "Are you enjoying your stay?"
- Welcome Back Achievement description.

The Lobby is the location where players spawn when joining DOORS. It also is a hub for DOORS players to communicate and strategize for an upcoming run.

Overview Overview

The soundtrack that plays outside the lobby.

The soundtrack that plays inside the Lobby.

The Lobby contains twelve elevators, with six on each side of the room, which offer 1-4 player-sized lobbies that players can enter to start a run. Players can also view achievements they've received from completing them mid-run, which can be showcased next to their death count, or in its seperate tab, located under the Lobby Shop. In the chat box, the game will also send messages that offer insights to players, as well as dev messages. In-game settings can also be tweaked here.

Opening up the shop grants players the ability to purchase knobs and revives, along with boosts that last for three runs (Premium users' boosts will last for 5 runs). Purchases are added up to the leaderboard, and the top 20 donators will be listed on a board near the left side of the Lobby.

Players can make their own custom elevators for the Hotel and the Backdoor in the Lobby. They can choose up to 12 players in their game, as well as a friends only option. This also applies for Modifiers, in which you will need to require the 'Rock Bottom' achievement to allow use to the elevator. In Private Servers, you can have up to 12 people in a single elevator. Note: To make a custom elevator for The Backdoor, you will need to require the 'Detour' achievement.  

There are several extra areas around the Lobby, with most of them just being minor places to explore. The most obvious one is the outdoors, showing the exterior of the Hotel, a sign that simply displays "HOTEL", a stone staircase, the water surrounding the area, and the entrance to The Backdoor that can only be entered if players have the 'Detour' achievement. Another alcove appears to the right of the entrance, with three boarded up doors and two closets. On the opposite side is a small hallway with a door at the end, and the leaderboard in the middle of the right wall. At the opposite end is a small downstairs area, with Backdoor-styled items such as a broken and boarded up door, three closets, two tables, plenty of boxes and a locked gate. Meanwhile, at the other side of the downstairs alcove is a blocked off passageway, with Seek's eyes seen inside.

Depending on the update, more merchandise gets placed in the game.

Behavior Entities

Trivia Bugs

  • Sometimes entering the elevator will still show player's model outside of the elevator.
    • A much rarer occurrence will cause players model to remain in the elevator even after exiting.
  • When player enters the modifier elevator, the outside lobby music can be heard on brief moment.
  • Using the Roblox emote "Hero Landing" it's possible to go through many walls.
  • If a player touches the entrance door while it's closing, there is a chance that a player can fling.

Trivia Trivia

  • The soundtrack used for the Lobby is Dawn of the Doors.
  • Although appearing in the Hotel, the Lobby rooms are non-canon to the storyline.[citation needed]
  • Players can sit on the various chairs and sofas around the Lobby, which is not possible during a run.
  • As soon as you enter the Lobby when joining the game, text will appear on a player's screen stating a warning for flashing lights, loud noises and jumpscares. It also recommends audio, and states that the game is still in Alpha.
  • Multiple entities can be seen throughout this floor, all of them being harmless.
    • Window can be seen peeking through a window outside the area.
    • Timothy can be seen on a spider web in the doorway to the secondary hallway to the left of where a player first spawns.
    • Seek's eyes are seen in an alcove at the top right corner of the main room.
    • Curious Light appears near The Backdoor entrance, and is shown off more when a player lacks the "Detour" achievement.
    • There is meat in the barricaded room with Seek's eyes. This may indicate that Figure has been there or something related to it.
  • Before The Backdoor update, plushies were seen on a shelf attached to the fireplace.
    • After the Hotel+ update, a Screech Plushie was added on top of the fireplace.
    • The Seek Plushie was added when its campaign was over.
    • Interestingly, El Goblino's plushie did not appear in the Lobby, even after the campaign for it ended.
    • In the post-Hunt update, a couple piles of gold have appeared where the plushies were.
  • During the Tower Heroes x Doors Event, multiple Tower Heroes Cosmetics were added to the Lobby.
    • El Goblino, Soda Pop, Scientist and Chef from Tower Heroes are found on a table with a Painting taking players to Tower Heroes for the Event
      • This was right next to Window's and Timothy's hallway.
    • Lemonade Cat can be found in a bookshelf in the Lobby, Kart Kid can be found near an armchair, Byte and a Goblin can be found on separate tables, and Wizard and a Slime near the fireplace
  • All of the entities found in the Lobby are harmless. However, Seek and Timothy are harmful in the Hotel.
  • During The Hunt event, Seek's eyes been replaced with special elevators for the event of the same name and/or the backdoors.
  • Outside the glass doors, players can see a stone staircase as well as chunks of floating grass and floating pieces of the Hotel exterior.
    • Prior to the post-Hunt update, the stone staircase was a wooden bridge.
      • Players can also see the bridge in A-1000, the exit to The Rooms.
  • If close enough, the FNAF 2 Hallway Ambience Sound be heard through the door in the hallway with the donator leaderboard.
  • VIP servers offer up to 12 player lobbies, which can result in a 2.1x Knobs multiplier for a player if every teammate is their friend on Roblox.
    • As of the modifiers update in August 26th 2023, VIP servers no longer have the 2023 April Fools Event's "SUPER HARD MODE!!!" elevator and are instead replaced in the Create Elevator only if you have the "Survival The Jeff The Killer" achievement.
  • Sometimes, when a player spawns into the Lobby with a UGC item that doesn't fit the avatar requirements, they will be presented with a message saying: 'Accessory removed: -item name-: WAY too big, a trend in some obtrusive UGC hats. If this is incorrect, please report this as a bug.'
  • The text on the leaderboard used to be textboxes, allowing players to change the text to whatever they desired.
    • This was only visible to player's screen.
    • The leaderboard refreshed every 30 seconds.
    • The Roblox chat filter did not apply to the leaderboard.
  • Once a player joins, there will be a random message that will appear in the chat every 10 minutes. These include:
    • "The more friends you're with, the more Knobs you'll gain!"
    • "Look behind you"
    • "We've got more content coming up soon, follow our Twitter (check our game's social links) to stay updated!"
    • "Knobs allow you to purchase items before your run starts."
  • Since June 1st 2024, if a player has a different animation, they would use it in the lobby.
    • This was also the case before Hotel+, but was changed after for a long time; until June 1st 2024, when this feature came back.
  • After the Modifiers update, it is no longer possible to jump in the Lobby on mobile.
  • During the Tower Heroes crossover, in the left hallway in the Lobby, there was an interact button that would take players to Tower Heroes. It was removed a few days after the event ended.
  • The hallway that was barricaded and had Seek's eyes has been moved to the back of the main lobby room since the conclusion of The Hunt.
  • There is a visual bug that came with The Hunt update. The banner in The Backdoor elevators hallway overlaps everything, such as: Player's model and nickname, elevators, etc.
    • Since The Hunt update is now gone, this bug has been removed.
  • The lobby soundtrack alters when the CAMERA enters/exits the hotel building, not when a player does.
  • After the post-Hunt update, when a player reaches a certain height of the map, they will teleport to the spawn point. This happens if a player falls off the map somehow.
    • Before the update, if a player fell off the map, they would fall for a long time. Eventually a player would die, but never respawned again.

Achievement Related Achievements


"Enjoy your stay!"
Join for the first time.

Welcome Back

Welcome Back
"Are you enjoying your stay?"
Join another day.

Around Back

Around Back
"Could you check the back?"
Enter The Backdoor.

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