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🗨 "I'm walkin' here!"
- Out Of My Way Achievement description

Rush is a major hostile entity in DOORS. It is one of the most frequent threats in the Hotel.

Overview Appearance

Rush appears as a dark gray face shrouded in black smoke. It has a large open smile and parts of its face are distorted and hollowed out. Two black holes in the center of its face depict eyes.

Behavior Behavior

Rush has a chance to spawn when a new door is opened, with said chance increasing the further players progress through the Hotel. Rush can spawn as early in a run as Door 2, and as late as Door 97. Often, it first spawns between Door 10-15.

When Rush spawns, the lights will flicker for about 2 seconds, and Rush will eventually begin to "rush" to the next unopened door. While it does this, it will emit a "rumbling" sound, and will shatter the majority of the lights in any room it passes through (those rooms will then be considered dark rooms, meaning that Screech can spawn in them; this was not true before the Hotel+ Update).

When Rush is close to a room players are in, the lighting will dim slightly before it rushes through the room. When it reaches an unopened door, it will open that door (unless it is locked, and/or the unopened door is Door 98, 99, or 100) and despawn. While it is nearby, Rush will kill any players that are not hiding in a closet, under a bed, or are not out of its line of "sight."


  • Rush's hitbox operates off of ray-casting. This means that players are able to "hide" from Rush by remaining out of its line of "sight," such as being far away from it, or behind certain objects.
    • The achievement "In Plain Sight" is granted when a player dodges Rush (or Ambush, who operates off of similar ray-casting) this way for the first time.
  • Rush cannot spawn in the following areas:
  • Rush has a 1 in 5 chance to spawn in any particular room in The Greenhouse.
  • It is possible for Rush to open to a door that will spawn itself again, or spawn another entity.
  • Rush's ability to open doors can cause Void to "attack" players.
  • If more than 4 players are in a run, Rush is able to spawn in rooms where there are less hiding spots than players.
  • Rush travels slower the more players there are in a game.
  • Players can use the crucifix to "banish" Rush.
    • This does not permanently stop Rush as it can still spawn later in the run.
  • If Dupe is present, Rush will knock off the number plaques on any of Dupe's doors when it passes through a room.
  • Rush can spawn after Halt's hallway has been passed.
  • If a player advances four doors from the door that caused Rush to spawn, Rush will stop at that door and will eventually despawn. If the player is far enough from this door, they can survive without hiding.
    • In singleplayer, this can only be replicated with the use of speed modifiers (i.e. "Faster, Faster, Faster" or "MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE").
  • Fakeouts occasionally occur, where Rush's audio plays quickly but stop right after to scare players.
  • In The Dining Room, Rush can open the door behind the fireplace before the painting puzzle is solved.
  • When the "MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE" modifier is active, it is very easy to outrun Rush.
    • This is harder when the modifier "I'm Runnin' Here" is enabled, as Rush is faster. So you might have to use vitamins.
    • This can also be done with the "Faster, Faster, Faster" modifier, although the use of vitamins will normally be required.
  • If you use the Bottle of Starlight, you can survive Rush (on full health), as it gives you 50 health points, while Rush deals 125 damage as of The Backdoor update.
  • Rush "modifies" the room where it is going to spawn. It also could "modify" the next two rooms, making them have hiding spots, so the player doesn't die in case Rush is delayed or if they want to risk opening doors while Rush is active.
    • This was changed after The Hunt/The Backdoor update, the only room that is "modified" is the one that causes Rush to spawn, not the next ones.
    • The same goes for Ambush, A-60, A-120 and Blitz.

Super Hard Mode

  • Though it may still spawn in its "normal" state, Rush has a high chance of spawning with a custom decal and emitting alternative audio.


1st Person

The camera will be rapidly taken closer to Rush's face. The screen will be cut to a black screen with static sound playing. Rush will suddenly appear on the screen staring at the player. Rush's face will be slowly increasing in size at random times. Shortly after, Rush will widen it's eyes and open it's mouth, attack the screen and the player will die.

3rd Person

The player will be run over by Rush and will fall onto the ground.

Trivia Strategy

  • Rush usually starts having a chance to attack after passing room 10, but it can spawn as early as the third door. (More common with modifiers Really Bad Time or Worst Time Ever)
  • When the lights flicker when first entering a room, it is a signal that Rush is close. Players are able to survive Rush's attack by hiding. However, hiding too early can result in Hide kicking the player out. (Especially if the modifier Rent's Due is enabled.)
    • A good strategy to avoid Hide is to go to the nearest closet or bed as soon as the lights flicker, and then wait for Rush's audio to get louder, indicating that Rush is getting closer. After the player has confirmed that Rush is near, they may now hide.
      • This strategy can also be effectively used when facing Ambush as it is a very difficult entity to deal with, given the fact that it rebounds.
      • Doing this in multiplayer might be a little bit riskier as other players might steal the closet you chose to hide in. Especially in 4 or 12 player runs.
      • If the "Rent's Due" modifier is active, the player may consider waiting until the screen shakes and then hiding. Screen shaking indicates that Rush is even closer, but Rush's hitbox is quite small, so the player should have enough time to react. This is especially good with I'm Runnin' Here, where Rush just flies into the next door faster than Hide can even react.
  • Rush spawns in a specific spawn area, however this may backfire. The spawning goes as following: 2-4 times between The Reception and the first Seek Chase, 0-2 times between the first Seek chase and the Jeff Shop, 2-3 times between the Jeff Shop and the second Seek chase, 1-2 times between the second Seek chase and the Greenhouse, and 2-3 times in The Greenhouse.
    • While this is the likely when the player will encounter Rush, due to how Rush's spawning is ruled by probability, it is very possible to get more or less Rush. (i.e. Good Time or Really Bad Time)
  • When progressing through The Greenhouse, Rush is more difficult due to the fact that The Greenhouse has no lights to alert the appearance of Rush.
    • Snare has traps lurking around The Greenhouse. Stepping on one of these traps can cause players to get stuck in Rush's path. A crucifix will not work as items cannot be held during Snare's animation. Using a light source will help look out for these traps as well.
    • In the L-shaped rooms, players can go to the corner of the room, as Rush cannot kill the player there.
    • The player can sometimes survive Rush after stepping on Snare, thanks to invincibility frames.
      • This is very rare, as the invincibility frames in Doors are extremely short.
    • When entering the Greenhouse, you should always stay close near an available closet due to Rush's unpredictable cue anytime around 91-97.
    • Rush cannot spawn on Door 98 or beyond.
  • Using the Bottle of Starlight will overheal by 50 health if you are full health and Rush will deal 125 health, causing your health to be only 25%, this can be used if caught off guard by Rush in The Greenhouse.
    • Ambush and Blitz do not need the Bottle of Starlight and only needs Vial of Starlight because both do 100 damage and the vial of starlight gives 25 overheal.
  • Hide will become more aggressive as players progress, most notably after the Library. Because of this, if a player hides too soon they will be pushed out of their hiding space during Rush's attack, resulting in an instant death.
    • Due to this, its recommended to wait near a hiding spot and only hide when Rush is near.

Modifiers Modifiers

  • Rush Hour: Rush will attack more often. (This modifier no longer makes Rush spawn out of nowhere.) (+10% Knobs)
  • I'm Runnin' Here: Rush will move quicker. (+10% Knobs)
  • I'm Tip-Toein' Here: Rush will emit no sound. (+10% Knobs) (Requires 'Stay Out Of My Way')

Puzzles Bugs

  • A bug exists where in a group of players, one of them can find Rush stuck on a door; Rush eventually despawns after the door opens. However, if the players do proceed to stay in the room, Rush would eventually be unstuck and kill the players.
  • Rush can leave a chandelier lit even after breaking it, although the glitched chandelier will not emit any light.
    • Rush can also leave a light or nightstand lit if a room it passed through did not generate quickly enough.
  • It is possible for Rush to spawn on Door 89, even if it has no hiding spots, or if the room is dark. The same can also happen on Door 60.
    • This was fixed after the Hunt (Backdoor) update.
  • The death screen may appear during Rush's jumpscare.
  • If a player dies to Rush, their death screen may not list the door Rush attacked from, but rather the next door Rush opened.
  • Coins in open drawers may protect players from dying to Rush, Ambush, A-60, A-120 and Blitz.
  • Snare may protect players from dying to Rush, Ambush, A-60, A-120, and Blitz.
  • Rush will not put out any fireplaces in rooms. However, it can put out the Guiding Light's light.
  • There is a bug when the player is experiencing lag, that sometimes causes Rush to take very long to arrive or make noise.

Trivia Trivia

  • Rush is named after how it "rushes" through rooms.[1]
  • Rush is seen in the Teaser Trailer for DOORS.
  • Rush's gameplay is based on the entity A-60 from Rooms by nicorocks5555. Rooms was one of the inspirations for DOORS.
  • Rush's original design was inspired by an emoji smiling unsettlingly.[citation needed]
    • The origin of the image was from a company named "The Smiley Company". It is also seen in a terminated YouTube channel which was titled "Smiley Archive".
    • Rush's design is likely inspired by the Hidden Trollface from a game developed by Redibles called "Find The Trollfaces".[citation needed] This game was discontinued after a game-breaking Roblox update, and can no longer be played. A view of the Hidden Trollface can be seen here.
    • Rush's design was not hard to draw, being mostly drawn in under a day.[2]
  • Rush's far audio was distorted and slowed down for around 47 seconds. Its nearby sound is the same audio, slowed down only for 11 seconds.
    • Both audios are technically played and looped simultaneously but the nearby audio is unmuted when Rush draws closer.
    • Rush is quieter after the Hotel+ update, with players only being able to hear it from around two rooms before the room they are in.
      • This is due to an audio change; Roblox archived/deleted the original audio file, forcing the DOORS developers to create a new version by recording two pre-modified copies, which are the far and near audio.
        • The creator of the original audio noticed and changed its description to say: "EDIT: ROBLOX KILLED THE ORIGINAL DOORS RUSH SOUND!!! NOOOOOOOO". It is unknown what the new recorded audio is.
      • Rush is one of the two entities to have their audio changed. The other was Ambush, for the same reason.
    • Rush's near sound is used for its clones in Super Hard Mode.
  • Rush's outer particles can be found here.
    • The image is originally green, however it was turned blackish dark blue to fit Rush.
    • The rest of Rush is actually another set of particles, which means Rush is a particle emitter rather than a static image, and Rush actually is two particle emitters, one for the outer particles, and the other for the main body. (The main body can be seen by either watching him via hallway, or banishing Rush to get a close look.)
  • Rush is one of the 3 entities in the Hotel guaranteed to spawn in every run, the others being Seek and Figure. However, theoretically, there is a 1/1000000000000000000 chance for Rush to not spawn at all in a run, even during the Greenhouse.[citation needed]
  • The first Rush encounter can be as early as Door 3, since the Hunt (the Backdoor) update.
    • Even after Ambush spawns late in a run, Rush can still spawn after it leaves.
      • If the player passed too many doors while Ambush is active and the light activates, both Rush and Ambush will be present.
  • Prior to the Hotel+ Update, Rush's sequence would begin immediately when the next room's door is opened. As of now, there can be a significant delay before it spawns. The same goes for Ambush.
    • Sometimes, this delay can make Rush slower, and make the volume go higher, but after decrease it.
  • Rush will spawn behind the last closed door, after flickering the lights.
  • Originally, the player could hide from Rush by hiding in a corner. This was unintentional and was later patched by Lightning Splash with a hitbox enlargement.
    • Players are still able to do this, if the player(s) is in corners that is far from Rush's path. (For example, the corner of the L-shaped rooms in The Greenhouse.)
  • Prior to the Hotel+ Update, rooms that Rush had destroyed would not become dark rooms. This means that Screech could not spawn. They were still dark because the lights would be destroyed, but they would not have the pitch black effect that Dark Rooms have.
  • If Rush appears after The Courtyard, all the lights in The Courtyard will no longer work, but will not shatter.
  • Redibles has expressed interest making a UGC item for Rush.[3]
  • Rush can activate Glitch, and can activate Void in single-player.
  • The badge description for successfully surviving Rush "I'm walkin' here!" refers to the scene in the Midnight Cowboy movie.[citation needed]
  • Rush's crucifixion badge "You're not that guy, pal." description is a reference to a meme video titled the same.
  • Rush's In Plain Sight badge "Quick, behind that conveniently shaped lamp!" description is a reference to one of the lines Sans from the indie game "Undertale" says when trying to hide the protagonist from his brother, Papyrus.
  • Ironically, Rush has the longest jumpscare in the game, despite being the 3rd fastest entity behind A-60, and Ambush. It is faster than A-120, however.
    • However, in the Modifiers update, Rush's jumpscare cue can most likely be immediate.
  • Rush makes a sound when it damages or kills a player. However, this sound is quiet and can only be heard when close or having high volume.
  • When it is active, Rush moves 65 studs per second. (80 studs per second with I'm Runnin' Here)[citation needed]
  • Rush is the tallest entity in the game because of the aura it emits at 4.48 meters (16 studs).
  • According to Lightning_Splash, a DOORS developer, Rush's favorite food is spaghetti.[4]
  • LSplash confirmed that Rush is aromantic asexual and has no reproductive organs.[citation needed]

Achievement Related Achievements

Out Of My Way

Out Of My Way
"I'm walkin' here!"
Successfully survive Rush.

Stay Out Of My Way

Stay Out Of My Way
"You're not that guy, pal."
Use a Crucifix against Rush.

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight
"Quick, behind that conveniently shaped lamp!"
Hide from an entity by staying out of sight.

History History

March 15, 2024
Rush can now spawn during Seek's Crescendo (When Seek's eyes are present)
January 28, 2023
Fixed spawning & pathing acting weird. Spawn can be delayed now.
January 11, 2023
Fixed audio.
September 10, 2022
Increased hitbox. (Undocumented)
August 10, 2022

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