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🗨 "Yeah, I've got time."
- Other Way Around Achievement Description

The Backdoor is a sub-floor that can be accessed from a side door in the exterior of the Lobby, or through the modifiers page. It could previously be accessed through a special elevator in the Lobby during The Hunt: First Edition. As of March 30th, 2024, The Backdoor is only enterable if players have subsequently obtained the Detour achievement.


The poster used to promote The Backdoor that could be seen in-game from 3/15/24 - 3/30/24.

The Backdoor was initially released on March 15, 2024 for the 2024 Roblox event, The Hunt: First Edition, where it awarded players with the "THE HUNT - First Edition" achievement and a badge for the event, while the trailer was uploaded to YouTube 2 days prior. After the event concluded on March 30, 2024, the sub-floor remained in the game, although its entrance was changed, and also rewarded a different achievement.

The ambient sound that is heard through The Backdoor when there are less than 2 minutes remaining.

The ambient noise heard when pulling a Timer Lever in The Backdoor.

Overview Overview[]

Backdoor new entrance

The entrance to The Backdoor, blocked by Curious Light.

The Backdoor entrance can be found by exiting the building, taking a right, and proceeding until you reach an opening in the gate. If a player has not entered The Rooms yet, Curious Light will block the opening, and text will appear stating that players need the Detour achievement (which is obtainable by entering The Rooms for the first time) to proceed. Behind the gate is a door acting as an elevator, which holds up to four players. During The Hunt: First Edition, players could've instead accessed The Backdoor by entering any of the elevators in the once-barricaded corridor in the lobby, which contained a sign which explained how players could've obtained "THE HUNT: First Edition" achievement.

The Backdoor contains its own cast of unique entities, with similar, yet different ways of attacking players compared to the entities that are found within the Hotel.

Drawers can be found throughout The Backdoor, and may contain Gold, Room Keys (in rooms with locked doors), or Vials of Starlight.

Closets and Timer Levers also appear throughout The Backdoor.

The Backdoor features a unique timer mechanic. Once players open Door -50, they will be given one minute to complete the entire floor. The amount of time players have to complete the floor can only be increased by players interacting with Timer Levers, which appear randomly throughout The Backdoor, and will add either 30 or 60 seconds depending on the time remaining when the lever spawns. Door -50 will always include a Timer Lever. The amount of time players have remaining can be seen above Timer Levers and on the front of each opened numbered door.

As players' remaining time decreases, the background music changes accordingly, becoming more intense and frantic. If players run out of time, Haste will spawn and begin chasing them, ending the run if it catches them. Haste will disappear immediately if players pull a Timer Lever before it succeeds in killing them.

The Backdoor's appearance is similar to The Hotel, with brighter lights and a different wood type.

The final door, -01, contains the Bottle of Starlight, which players can purchase for 100 gold, as well as a Timer Lever.

Another numbered door, 0000, is located at the back of -01. Once any player interacts with it, all players (including those who are dead and spectating) will be granted the "Other Way Around" achievement (or THE HUNT: Escape The Backdoor if it's before THE HUNT event ended), if they do not own it already. After a 15-second skippable intermission, all players will be teleported to The Reception, and will be able to continue their run in the Hotel. Players will retain their remaining health, and any items in their inventory, but they will not be able to use the Pre-Run shop.

Behavior Entities[]

🗨 "She said we should call that one Blitz."
- Curious Light

Overview Appearance[]

Blitz takes on the appearance of a distorted green face, similar to that of Rush. It turns pink and distorts further when rebounding, with wider eyes and smile, while still having a small green "aura."

Behavior Behavior[]

Blitz's behavior is near identical to that of Rush; when Blitz spawns, the lights in the current room will flicker to indicate its arrival. It will rush through and attack all players in its line of sight while producing a distorted screeching sound. This attack will instantly kill targeted players, though those under the effect of a Vial or Bottle of Starlight may survive this attack.

Unlike Rush, after passing through all rooms, Blitz has a chance to turn pink and rebound to the location that a player is hiding in, similar to Ambush. Blitz can rebound multiple times before leaving, depending on the time limit left, although most commonly, it will rebound only once or twice.

Unlike Rush, Blitz will not open the door to the next room.

Trivia Strategy[]

Because Blitz acts nearly the same way as Rush, hiding in a closet will guarantee a player's survival. Similar to Ambush, players should be cautious of Blitz's rebounding until its screaming sounds can no longer be heard. This is because Blitz can still rebound after passing through the next unopened door.

Players who are avoiding Blitz can hide inside a closet for as long as needed due to the absence of Hide in the Backdoor. If a player cannot find a closet in time they are able to use a Vial to survive the attack or find a safe spot, Note: This will only work if players has more than 80 health points, so they get the extra health buff.

Trivia Trivia[]

  • The decal name of Blitz's green appearance is "rushs brother LORE LORE LORE".
  • Blitz is "lightning" in German.
  • Before deciding on a final name, Blitz was referred as "Grush", a portmanteau of Rush's name and the colour green.[citation needed]
  • Similar to Rush, it is possible to hide from Blitz without entering a closet. A player can enter a side room (that is not occupied by the Vacuum) and hide behind a wall to survive.
    • However, players cannot unlock the "In Plain Sight" achievement from via this method. This is likely an oversight by DOORS' developers.
  • Because Blitz is Rush's counterpart, all of its sounds are Rush's but sped up.
    • It is the only Doors entity to share the same jumpscare audio from another entity (Which is Rush's but sped up)
  • For some reason if a player dies to Blitz the first time, Curious Light says "She said we should call that one Blitz." As of now, it's currently unknown who 'she' is.

🗨 "Hmm... that one. You could call it the Lookman, if you like... ...that's what I call it."
- Curious Light


The Lookman is a hostile entity in the Backdoor and acts like Eyes from the Hotel, however with a few changes.

Overview Appearance[]

The Lookman takes on the appearance of a tall, shadowy humanoid silhouette similar to Shadow, but with glowing white eyes that turn purple if looked at.

Behavior Behavior[]

The Lookman behaves similarly to Eyes because the whole character is a reference to the beta version of the Eyes, with the same name and design. The only difference is that Lookman hits a player once, then teleports on different possition, and also makes a very quiet sound, which players may not hear and so might take damage from Lookman again.

It has a chance to spawn in most rooms, usually near the next door and produces a low rumbling sound. If players look at its eyes, it will attack them, briefly darkening their vision and teleporting to a random place in the room while making a thumping noise, causing the lights to flicker. The Lookman will despawn when the next door is opened.

Trivia Strategy[]

The Lookman only attacks if players look directly at its eyes, due to the Lookman having a tall stature it can be very easily avoided by looking slightly down in order to avoid eye contact.

Trivia Trivia[]

    • The Lookman's name is derived from an older version of Eyes' name.[1]
  • The Lookman is one of three entities featured on the DOORS icon, the second being Dupe and the first being Seek.
  • The Lookman, like Eyes, can't hurt players while hiding.

🗨 "You must make haste... ooh, lets call that one Haste!"
- Curious Light


Haste is the main antagonist of the Backdoor and acts as a failsafe for when players run out of time.

Overview Appearance[]

Haste takes on the appearance of a particularly unsettling red skull with black, hollow eyes and a grainy texture and colors similar to that of a spectrogram image. You are able to see Haste through walls.

Behavior Behavior[]

Haste will spawn when the Backdoor's timer runs out. It will highlight player's vision with a red haze and begin to approach from behind players, causing an instant death if caught. If a Timer Lever is activated to increase the time during Haste's attack, it will immediately despawn. Do note that you can know how close Haste is to players by looking backwards, then forwards immediately because you can see Haste through walls.

Trivia Strategy[]

Haste requires the most attention out of any entity found in the Backdoor. Players who do not look for or do not activate levers can very easily be killed by Haste. It is important that players keep an eye out for hidden Time Levers, such as those in side rooms and out of plain sight, and prioritize their time both progressing through the floor's rooms and collecting gold and items.

Even if players are being targeted by Haste, they may still find Timer Levers by exploring rooms to extend their time. Any extension to the time by activating a switch will immediately stop Haste's attack and despawn the entity.

Trivia Trivia[]

  • Haste is a reference to Specimen 9 from Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion. Both are red skulls, have near identical death screens with repeatedly-displayed mantras ("TO TAKE THE DEAD" and "NO TIME LEFT" for Specimen 9 and Haste respectively), both kill players in one hit, both can be seen through walls, and both appear under specific circumstances related to time.
  • It may be a reference to THE END IS NEAR signal from Voices Of The Void. The skull looks more similarly to the VotV variant, rather than SJM one.
  • Haste's near sound bares similarities with Siberia Hell sounds.
  • Haste was planned to be added to DOORS since September 2022 but was scrapped, likely for future content updates.[citation needed]
  • Similar to A-90, Haste is a client-sided entity, meaning there will be a unique instance of Haste for every player.
    • As a result, players who are dead and spectating the game will not see Haste and any of its effects.
    • This does not mean that exploiters are able to bypass the time limit by disabling Haste on their client, due to the fact that all players will automatically be killed after a certain amount of time after there's no time left on the timer.
  • If a player were to be killed by Haste during the intermission whilst returning to The Hotel, they will still be able to exit normally but will lose any items they had on them.
  • Haste's jumpscare sound consists of the default player death sound being played repeatedly.
  • Curiously, players can still interact with time levers during Haste's jumpscare. This will despawn it and players won't die.
  • Before The Hunt event ended, when Haste was on your screen and it says "NO TIME LEFT", you were still able to move for a couple more seconds before Haste actually kills you.
    • After The Hunt event ended, if Haste reaches you fully and on the screen it says "NO TIME LEFT", you are no longer be able to move.

The subject of this article has no proper denomination, and is unofficially titled based on conjecture.
This article is about Curious Light in The Backdoor. You may be looking for Curious Light in the other sub-floor, The Rooms.

🗨 "What got you this time?"
- Curious Light

Overview Appearance[]

Curious Light resembles the Guiding Light, claiming the simplistic appearance of a supposed downpour of rain, the only difference being the slight yellow hue of its color.

It can be further identified by its unique soundtrack, being a much more quiet and somber version of Guiding Light, hinting at a possible affiliation between the entities.

Behavior Behavior[]

Curious Light can be seen after dying in The Backdoor (or The Rooms) or when lighting up one of the naturally-spawning exit doors. It attempts to provide tips on the entities found inside but does not provide the same level of clarity as Guiding Light, seemingly stating the obvious or nothing substantial at all.

Parallel to Guiding Light, Curious Light does not actively light up dark environments, being only present in a player's death, while lighting up certain doors, or while making shimmering noises when a player is near a Room Key.

Trivia Trivia[]

  • The Curious Light's name originates from a soundtrack by LSPLASH.
  • Curious Light's color and sparkles can be seen at the end of The Backdoor, indicating that Curious Light is technically also in the Hotel.
  • It has been confirmed that the Curious Light will play a bigger role in the overall game in the future.[2]
  • The Curious Light theme is pretty similar to "Last Breath" from Ultimate Custom Night and Guiding Light's theme.
  • According to Curious Light's line, "Look around for the levers I placed for you," it is responsible for installing the levers found in The Backdoor.
  • At some point, Curious Light was not alone, as it was told by an unknown entity with feminine pronouns that it should call "that one" Blitz. The identity of this entity has not been confirmed, although it may be Guiding Light.

Speech Death Messages[]

Addressal Entity Advice
Oh... Hello.

I didn't expect to see you here.

Let's see what you died to.

Lookman Hmm... that one.

You could call it the Lookman, if you like... that's what I call it.

Maybe try a little harder next time.

You'll be back. See you later.

Vacuum Oh, looks like there wasn't anything behind that door... sorry.

Watch where you're going next time. The vacuum is dangerous.

Well... I'll see you later, right? You'll come back?

Haha... of course you will.

Blitz Oh, one of my favorites.

She said we should call that one Blitz.

Well... I'll see you later, right? You'll come back?

Haha... of course you will.

Haste Hmm... looks like you ran out of time.

You must make haste... ooh, let's call that one Haste!

Well... I'll see you later, right? You'll come back?

Haha... of course you will.

Hello again. What got you this time? Lookman The Lookman?

It's very similar to another entity you've definitely encountered.

You should have enough experience to deal with it.

Maybe try a little harder next time.

You'll be back. See you then

Vacuum You were pulled into the vacuum again.

It's very dangerous to go out there.

The vacuum has no oxygen, and I'm told you need oxygen to survive.

You'll be back. See you then.

Blitz Blitz got you again?

Hmm... it's extremely hostile. It's best not to interact with it.

You'll be back. See you then.

Haste You ran out of time, and died to Haste.

I've given you a method to add more time to the clock, though. You're welcome.

You'll be back. See you then.

What got you this time? Lookman Hmm... the Lookman again?

Try not looking at it next time.

Maybe try a little harder next time.

You'll be back. See you then.

Vacuum You were sucked out into the vacuum.

Try to avoid falling out of reality next time.

Maybe try a little harder next time.

You'll be back. See you then.

Blitz Wow... Blitz yet again.

It attacks anyone it can find...

…which you should really know by now.

Maybe try a little harder next time.

You'll be back. See you then.

Haste You ran out of time, and died to Haste.

Look around for the levers I placed for you... they can be anywhere.

Maybe try a little harder next time.

You'll be back. See you then.

🗨 "Well that just happened."
- Error Achievement description

Glitch is a pivotal and mysterious entity in DOORS, residing in the Hotel, The Rooms, and The Backdoor. It acts as a failsafe for players when a room fails to generate correctly.

Overview Appearance[]

Glitch is a distinct dark-purple-colored humanoid with multiple purple cubes and protrusions sticking out of its body. It passively emits an aura of pixelated and colored squares around its body. Glitch also seems to be an unproportioned humanoid, somewhat like Seek.

Behavior Behavior[]

Glitch is a failsafe entity implemented to ensure players can progress if room generation fails, such as when a new room would overlap with a previous one. It appears on players' screens and sends them to the next room, without dealing damage. All rooms behind the new room are then unloaded to fix whatever issue occurred. It will indicate its approach by producing glitch effects on players' screens and closing whatever door was opened.

Behavior Room Mechanics[]

Guaranteed Rooms[]

Locked Rooms[]

Locked Rooms require a Backdoor Room Key to progress into the next room. The required Room Key may be found in or on top of drawers or on the floor.

Dark Rooms[]

Occasionally, rooms may spawn without any light, accompanied by a mysterious sound cue (similar to the one present in the Hotel). However, unlike the Hotel, there is no entity (e.g. Screech) that spawns exclusively in dark rooms. This only causes a visual hindrance.

Sub Rooms[]

Unnumbered doors have a chance to generate a Sub-Room, instead of a Vacuum. They can contain closets, drawers, levers and can even be safe hiding spots from Blitz.

The Vacuum[]

The Vacuum is a dark, empty void that disguises itself as a regular unnumbered door. Opening doorways with a Vacuum produce wind effects, shake players' screens and lead into a pitch black void. Players that go through a Vacuum door are killed instantly. The Vacuum functions similarly to Dupe and Subspace Tripmine, as both hide behind fake doors to trick players who aren't paying attention. Though they have similar functions, there are some differences, such as Dupe and Subspace Tripmine hiding exclusively behind numbered doors and The Vacuum hiding exclusively behind unnumbered doors, as well as the fact that Dupe only does 40 damage and Subspace Tripmine does 190 damage while The Vacuum causes an instant death. Players can avoid The Vacuum by immediately stepping back from the door that it resides inside, or just stand still and wait for the door to open as long as you aren't too close to the Vacuum's door.

Door Special Locations[]

RobloxScreenShot20240321 174908037

The Elevator's exterior during The Hunt.


Elevator (Removed)[]

Before The Hunt: First Edition ended, when starting a run, an Elevator teleported players to Room -51. It opened itself once all players have loaded into the game and closed automatically. This Elevator did not feature the Pre-Run Shop, and the song Elevator Jam did not play. Whilst in the Lobby, the elevator doorframe had a blue outline, the same as the event area entrance, as that was the brand color for the The Hunt: First Edition event.


The Backdoor Entrance after The Hunt.

Backdoor Entrance[]

At present, provided they have the Detour achievement, players can go outside the lobby's doors, take a right, and pass through to enter The Backdoor. Once players are loaded in, they appear just on the doorstep of the Lobby's backdoor. The door will shut after a few seconds, like the Elevator. Similar to the elevator, it does not feature the Pre-Run Shop, and the song Elevator Jam does not play.

The Backdoor

Room -51.

Room -51[]

Room -51 is the first room in The Backdoor. Tables, drawers, closets, and decorative boxes may generate within the room. A Room Key generates on top of a table or set of drawers behind a fenced-off corner. Players must crouch beneath the fence and collect the Room Key to progress to Room -50. This is the only room in The Backdoor where there is no time limit, as the timer does not start until the door to Room -50 opens.

The Two Gates Room

The Two Gates Room.

Two Gates Room (Room -50)[]

The Two Gates Room, or Room -50, is guaranteed to be the first room to generate after Room -51. The Two Gates Room consists of two gates (one of which may be closed), with a wall running between them. A Timer Lever is attached to the front of said wall, and upon a player interacting with it, one minute will be added to the in-game timer. The Two Gates Room after Room -50 can reappear, however it usually will have a difference (such as a lack of a Timer Lever, or one of the gates may be opened or closed).

Multi Gate Room[]

The Several Gates Room

The Multi Gate Room.

The Multi Gate Room is a room with many gates, which spawns frequently throughout a run. The room consists of up to eight gates, with a door behind each of them. Only one of these doors will allow progression to the next room. This room may spawn as a dark or locked room, and Timer Levers may spawn in this room.

Low room BackDoor

The Wall Room.

The Wall Room[]

The Wall Room is a room that players are likely to encounter during a run. It is a large room blocked by a low wall. Players will have to crouch for an extended period of time underneath the wall, which contains many scattered boxes. This room may spawn as a dark room, and Timer Levers may spawn in this room.

Room with pipes BackDoor

The Maintenance Hallway.

The Maintenance Hallway[]

The Maintenance Hallway is a room that players are likely to encounter during a run. It consists of 4–12 doors, with only one door leading to the next room. There will be yellow and black tape at each doorway, and pipes at both ends of the room. This room may spawn as a dark or locked room, and Timer Levers may spawn in this room.

Ladder room BackDoor

The Staircase Room.

The Staircase Room[]

The Staircase Room is a room that players are likely to encounter during a run. This room consists of up to 10 sets of stairs, running upwards and downwards. Each stairway will lead to a floor that contains a door. Only one floor will contain the proceeding door. This room may spawn as a dark room. Timer Levers cannot spawn in this room, although they may generate within side rooms.

The BackDoor Final

Room -01.

Room -01[]

Room -01 is the final room in The Backdoor. This room will generate a Timer Lever next to the entrance. The room's centerpiece is the Bottle of Starlight, which floats above a pedestal surrounded by a pile of bricks. Players can purchase it for Gold100 gold. There is a staircase on each side of the pedestal, leading to a raised floor. Door 0000 is situated behind an open gate on the back wall. Once a player opens Door 0000, all players (whether dead or alive) will be teleported to The Reception after a skippable 15-second intermission. An empty doorway will appear behind them presenting signs of Curious Light, this also appears when a player enters or exits The Rooms.


  • When dead players are spectating, Haste is invisible.
  • Players may be able to hide in drawers to avoid Blitz (this is not consistent) unless the drawer has a coin.
  • There is a rare bug that can cause a fake door to have 2 handles.[3] This can also happen in the Hotel.
  • Sometimes, even Blitz is not rebounding, it will still show the rebound animation and sound.
  • There is a room generation glitch where the door -00 spawns. (Sometimes all the time.)
  • If a player has a weak internet connection or is playing on low graphics, Blitz's glow may remain in rooms until lighting updates.
  • If a player does not have the Detour achievement and glitches through the barrier blocked by Curious Light and clip some invisible walls, a private error message will pop up saying "You need to unlock "Detour" to access elevators in the Backdoor!".
  • Blitz can leave a lamp lit even after breaking it, although the glitched lamp will not emit any light.
  • There is a bug where when entering a room with unnumbered doors somehow fails to generate the door to the next room, instead its replaced by a regular unnumbered door or vacuum and making it impossible to progress and also making Haste guaranteed to end a run.


  • The Backdoor is the second sub-floor to be added to DOORS, with the first being The Rooms.
  • Before the post-Hunt update, the Backdoor was in the lobby, did not require the detour achievement, and had an elevator.
    • There was a sign in the Hunt lobby which notified players that once the event was over, the Backdoor would become more difficult, although no major changes seem to have been made.
  • The Backdoor is canonical to the DOORS' Lore[4]
  • The exit door in -01 is an unlabeled -00 door. This can only be seen using exploits or by looking through the game files.
  • The achievement description for "Other Way Around", reading "Yeah, I've got time." is a reference to The Incredibles, to the Bob Parr's line.
  • The Backdoor is currently the fastest floor to clear, including RETRO Mode. (April Fools 2024 Event) The average time to clear the Backdoor is around 7 minutes and 40 seconds, whereas the average time to beat RETRO Mode is between 9 1/2 minutes to 10 1/2 minutes. (Ten minutes is impossible as the Drakobloxxers arrive in 600 seconds, which is 10 minutes.)
  • If the timer has over 2 minutes, the main ambience will not play, due to the fact it is a soundtrack last for almost only 2 minutes.
  • Time remaining on the timer affects some odds:
    • If there are less than 1 minute left, Blitz will rebound less.
    • If there are less than 30 seconds left, Blitz will never rebound, so players can keep going and find a lever faster. This is also the same when there is literally NO time left.
    • Levers also are affected if there is less time left.
      • If more than 2 minutes remain, no levers will spawn, because you have enough time.
      • If a lever that spawns when there are more than ~65s left, it will add 30 seconds.
      • Otherwise, if there are less than ~65s left upon spawning, it will add 60 seconds. However, if the timer goes below 65 seconds when the time lever spawned before it was 65 seconds, it can still have 30 seconds.
  • If a player escapes The Backdoor, they will be granted 50 knobs.
  • Similarly to The Rooms, when exiting The Backdoor, the game counts it as a floor, with a parenthesized "1" next to it. (As of now, The Rooms no longer has a parenthesized "2", because it was changed to "1", so that people won't get confused about The Mines and The Rooms.)
  • Similar to The Rooms, Hide is not present in The Backdoor, so players can hide for as long as they wish. Unless Haste spawns...
  • When exiting The Backdoor, it plays the same animation as when exiting The Rooms.
  • Most Misc Entities don't spawn in The Backdoor, such as Jack, Timothy, and Shadow. (excluding Glitch).
  • Judging by the Backdoor's design and location, the floor is most likely the Basement floor of the Hotel. This is proven by stairs that lead down to an area with Backdoor decorations, including a blocked door with a broken timer, in the Lobby.
  • You are most likely guaranteed to get every possible generated room.
  • The ambient sounds will play when the timer hits a multiple of 15, excluding the "tension" audio that plays on the last 30 seconds.
    • This will only happen if there are less than 2 minutes left, as the audio only starts at that time.

Achievement Related Achievements[]


"I think I’m lost."
Enter The Rooms.

Around Back

Around Back
"Could you check the back?"
Enter The Backdoor.

Other Way Around

Other Way Around
"Yeah, I've got time."
Escape The Backdoor.

THE HUNT: First Edition

THE HUNT: First Edition
"Obtained during Roblox's THE HUNT: First Edition!"
Escape The Backdoor during THE HUNT: First Edition.


"Well that just happened."
Encounter the Glitch.

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