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🗨 "In these rooms, there are no lights that can flicker."
- Guiding Light

The ambience that plays in the Greenhouse.

The Greenhouse is a location in the Hotel, composed of the Doors 90-99. In The Greenhouse, Rush and Eyes will spawn more frequently, and Snare, an exclusive entity, will spawn.

Overview Overview[]

The Greenhouse is a vast structure with long passageway halls resembling a dilapidated greenhouse, identified by large windows on the walls and ceiling, overgrown vines, oblong shaped planters, and large floor planters. Crudely-made closets are present in each room. All rooms are identical in build, besides the occasional L-shaped rooms.

The Greenhouse does not contain any lights. Rush spawns much more frequently here, making the stretch more challenging. Due to the absence of lights, Rush will not have a flicker warning, meaning that sound and the candle are the only way to detect its presence. Because of the loud downpours in The Greenhouse, Rush's sound cue is even more difficult to detect.

Ambush is not able to spawn in The Greenhouse, and Eyes also spawn more frequently.

The Greenhouse contains an exclusive entity called Snare, which temporarily stuns players who step on them, and deals 10 damage. However, if the damage dealt would be lethal, player's health will be put at 1.


  • It is heavily recommended to have a light source since the rooms are always dark, and Snare can appear in these rooms.
    • A flashlight or a shakelight is the most recommended since they can scan player's surroundings further than a lighter.
    • The candle, though being a subpar light source, possesses a unique ability that can signal players when an entity has spawned in (i.e. Rush, Screech or Eyes) when entering a new room.
    • Guiding Light can also act like a light source. However, it only lights up the doors or the dead players' items.
      • It's still useful when there's a Snare near the next door.
      • Eyes can also act like the light source.
  • Evading Rush by approaching the nearest closet each time a player enters a room while avoiding Snare is advised, as there is no forewarning due to the absence of lights.
    • If a player is caught by Snare, the use of a crucifix may grant an evasion from Rush, though players cannot hold it while trapped, and it is not automatically equipped.
  • The Greenhouse will always connect to The Courtyard, which serves as the entrance to the location.
    • There was a rare chance that one or more Greenhouse rooms would load before entering the Courtyard, around Room 88. This is a bug and has been patched.
  • No items of any type can spawn in The Greenhouse, as there are no tables or containers.
    • This doesn't apply to the crucifix, as it can spawn on walls.
    • This means that there are no locked doors, since keys cannot spawn on the floor as of the Hotel+ update.
      • If keys were to spawn, they might collide with Snare.
  • Despite being the hardest section of the game, the Greenhouse only has three layouts. One is the standard square room, and the other two are L-shaped rooms, one layout with the door on the left, and the other on the right.
  • The best strategy for evading Rush is to quickly go to a closet once you enter the room (there are usually 2 closets to the right of the entrance of every room). Pause next to the closet; if you hear Rush, get in, and once you can confirm it is safe after waiting for long enough, go to the next room. If Rush passes, stay near the closet, and wait to see if Rush is coming again, as Rush opening the next room's door can trigger a second Rush to spawn. If Rush does spawn in a second time, repeat the process, and if not, go to the next room. You might need to hold a light source to ward off Screech. It is recommended that a player uses a candle, as they significantly help with the process.
  • It is usually recommended to enter The Greenhouse with low graphics due to lightning lasting longer than on high graphics. This trick may also help with avoiding Snare.
  • Stick to the walls, as it will be harder to get caught by Snare, and there is often easy access to closets in the case you get caught off guard by Rush.
  • One effective strategy is to utilize both the flashlight and the candle; the flashlight can be used when next to a closet, to scan the area for snares and other closets, and the candle can be used when players are traversing The Greenhouse and moving between closets. With proper usage, it becomes easy to spot closets and make short trips to each one, and players are given a small safety net when their attention is not focused on a closet.
    • Screech can set off false alarms for the candle, and in the worst-case scenario, Screech will spawn in alongside Rush while players are in the middle of two closets. With careful play, Screech can be dealt with and the candle will stay unlit, tipping off a player that Rush/another Screech is coming.
    • A crucifix can be used instead of a candle, but it will only save players once, unlike the candle, which can be used every time a player is on the move (provided it has enough durability).
    • Note that the candle doesn't work when Eyes is present; when this happens, it's safer to stay next to a closet and listen for Rush, compared to the danger of getting caught when walking from closet to closet.

Super Hard Mode Modifications[]

  • Some Greenhouse rooms have less closets than normal, some may have no closets at all.
  • The room layouts and garden beds have been rearranged.
  • Jeff the Killer is almost guaranteed to spawn at least once in the Greenhouse section.
  • There are two special rooms with a very rare chance of appearing at least once in the Greenhouse.
    • There is a maze room where players must go through in order to enter the next room. Eyes can still spawn in the maze room.
    • There is a room with a chair and a floating sign saying "take a seat."
    • Both of these rooms have an exit door that is made of very low and poor quality.


  • Before the Backdoor Update, there is a bug where Door 90 will be a normal hotel room, and the Greenhouse starts at Door 91.
  • During the release of the Hotel+ update, a bug was commonly present where the Courtyard would not spawn, which is the entrance to the Greenhouse. This would lead to a softlock. This was fixed shortly after.
  • There was a rare glitch where Halt would spawn in the Greenhouse, however, this bug has been fixed.
    • The room, however, wouldn't be Halt's hallway; instead, players have to avoid Halt in a Greenhouse room until the next door is open. This room bug also had a high chance to spawn whenever encountering Halt, but in the Greenhouse, the rooms have been set to be Greenhouse rooms.
      • Rush and Eyes could spawn along Halt's presence, which can be lethal.

Trivia Trivia[]

  • The Greenhouse will always start at Door 90 and end at Door 99, with The Courtyard beforehand at Door 89.
    • However, before the Backdoor Update, in rare cases, one or two Greenhouse rooms could spawn before entering the Courtyard. They would mostly appear at Door 89, forcing the Courtyard to spawn in a later door, appearing in between the rooms.
  • The ambience in The Greenhouse can be found here, the in-game version is sped-up to a pitch of around 1.25-1.5.
  • The ambience sound similar to one heard in the Crimson Forest in Minecraft
  • Rush can spawn in the next room it opens, due to the higher rate of spawning. Due to this, players may still have to stay cautious.
    • Technically, two instances of Rush can be present for a brief moment, though can't be seen together, as one is about to despawn after reaching the door while the latter only just spawned, though this will not most likely be the case if the next Rush spawns late.
    • This is very similar to Rush spawning in the old vent rooms, as it would rebound, doing its "second attack", like what it does in The Greenhouse. However, vent rooms were removed in the Hotel+ update.
  • When asked what the vine-covered doors were doing in Room 99, Ghostly Wowzers said it would be answered in the following update, which is presumably the same update to The Mines and the Courtyard.[1]
  • The Shears were originally going to be used in The Greenhouse to cut vine-covered chests, but Redibles thought this was too similar to a lockpick and it seemed weird for the Shears to only be useful in 10 rooms of the entire game, so they were removed.[2]
  • Players won't be able to revive once the door to the first Greenhouse room is opened, unless players uses exploits.
  • The entity Snare is exclusive to The Greenhouse.
    • Additionally, two or more Snares can spawn in the same room.
  • The closets that spawn in this area are noticeably different from those throughout the Hotel, having a rural design.
  • The Greenhouse is Ghostly Wowzers' favorite location.[3]
  • There is a way to avoid Screech in the Greenhouse, which is going into a closet after hearing its sound cue, despawning the entity. This is a feature added in with the Hotel+ update.
    • This is possibly due to balancing reasons, as to not have Screech spawn in the closet when hiding from Rush.
    • Despite this, Screech may spawn when Rush spawned. If players are running to a closet, this may be fatal.
  • Rush and Eyes can spawn at the same time. Making it harder to hear rush. More lethal if Screech appears in that situation.
  • Void can teleport players earlier than usual.
  • The ambience in The Greenhouse can be found here, the in-game version is sped-up to a pitch of around 1.25-1.5.
  • After the lever is pulled at Room 100, the door back to The Greenhouse closes, meaning that players cannot go back to The Greenhouse once the lever is pulled without using exploits or bugs and the Figure is active.
  • During the first few weeks of SUPER HARD MODE!!!, the Greenhouse had a lot more decoration, examples include massive floor planters, that were either empty or had flowers or a tree in them.
    • This is unknown as to why.
    • This has also been added with the update of The Hunt: First Edition/the Backdoor.
  • If Vitamins are used in the Greenhouse, it's possible to run past Eyes in seconds. But it's risky if Rush spawns.
  • Using the "Nowhere To Hide" modifier will result in the game generating closets less frequently, identical to closet generation in SUPER HARD MODE!!!.
  • When the "Room For More" modifier is activated, it's currently unknown why A-60 and A-120 will never attack in the Greenhouse.

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