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🗨 "I think I'm lost."
- Detour Achievement description

The title card sound heard upon entering The Rooms.

The original sound of the title card sound when entering the rooms.

The ambient sound that is heard through The Rooms.

The Rooms is a different floor, separated from the Hotel with different entities and layout that can be explored during gameplay. It is based on another Roblox game "Rooms" by nicorocks5555. It is composed of 1,000 office-like rooms (1,001 rooms including the entrance), with all entities in The Rooms being slightly modified from the original Rooms. There are three entities in The Rooms that are entirely original to Doors: A-90, which was originally created by the developers (LSPLASH & RediblesQW), Curious Light, and Glitch, which is from DOORS itself.

Entering The Rooms for the first time and receiving the "Detour" achievement grants access to The Backdoor in the Lobby.



Curious Light Painting

Curious Light Painting

The Rooms, (unlike other floors), can only be accessed via a secret passage at or close to Door 60 in The Hotel. At around Door 60, players will encounter a disheveled room with multiple bookshelves and a single closet, with soft tranquil music emanating faintly from the walls. This is the room containing the passage; it is located behind the closet on the right wall. Traversing through the passage will lead to a small room containing a unique painting that when interacted with reads "This painting doesn't seem to have a title" as well as a chain-link gate the same as the gates found in small basement rooms. To open the gate players will have to go through the next door to find the lever in The Basement, and then backtrack to the secret passage. Once there, players can use 2 Lockpicks and a Skeleton Key to unlock the door "A-000". Once interacted with, a 15 second intermission timer (which can be skipped) starts, eventually teleporting all group members to The Rooms. (Dead group members that are still spectating will be revived upon entering and exiting The Rooms.) (When you have Modifiers activated, you will not be available to enter The Rooms.)


The red barrier that blocks players from entering due to Modifiers.

The Rooms cannot be entered when using modifiers because a shimmering red barrier appears in front of the gate. This might be hinting at the Mischievous Light entity. Mischievous Light isn't canon, however. But the canon version is the Red Light.


The first room (A-000) contains a double door behind players and a stand where players can buy a Shakelight for Gold10. It functions similarly to a flashlight, except the battery drains much faster, the light produced is green, and it is dimmer than a regular flashlight. It does not use batteries, and is instead charged by pressing the Left Mouse button or the Interact Button on mobile, causing a shaking animation and sound in-game, while making a lot of noise every time it is charged. Unlike the regular flashlight, the Shakelight cannot be turned off whilst equipped, just like the candle.


The first room of the rooms, or A-000, which contains the Shakelight.


An example of one of the rooms that spawns within The Rooms.

Players are then forced to explore empty, isolated and seemingly infinite amounts of office-like rooms. These rooms slowly darkens as players make their way through until it is pitch black at around A-140. Piles of gold can be seen scattered across the building, but will not spawn past A-060. Batteries can also be found occasionally if any group member(s) has a flashlight.


One of the special rooms containing an exit door, leading back to the Hotel.

From A-200, there are special rooms that spawn approximately every 0-100 rooms which contains an exit door. When interacted with, all group members will be teleported back to The Hotel at The Infirmary. Living players will keep all the items they had on them, including the Shakelight. Additionally, all group members (living or spectating) will receive the Back on Track achievement. To make it to the true end of The Rooms, players must ignore all of these exits and continue all the way to A-1000.


A-1000, the last room of the Rooms, and the NVCS-3000 laying on the floor.

In A-1000, instead of a regular office space, a player will enter the bridge previously featured in the old variation of the Lobby(As of now, the bridge is replaced with stairs) surrounded by a dark void, with a glowing door at the end. Further ahead, lying on the bridge, is the NVCS-3000, an item that functions as a night-vision camera and an item radar. Exiting through the door will return them to The Infirmary, with the NVCS-3000 coming with them (if picked up). Reaching this point will also give players a hidden achievement. (Sneak peak: A-1000)

Behavior Entities

The entities that inhabit The Rooms are particularly enigmatic. Similar to the entities in the Hotel, most of them only serve to hinder player's progress. There are currently five known entities: A-60, A-90, A-120, Curious Light and Glitch.

🗨 "Oh... the red one. I'm not too sure on what I would call it... Well, it usually attacks around room A-60, so... you could just call it A-60. I don't know."
- Curious Light

Overview Appearance

A-60 takes on the appearance of a distorted, scarlet face with a wide grin, ensnared in a crimson, mist-like aura. One of its mouths is covered up to some degree, possibly by the mist or its own "lip", and it has a far less visible mouth of sharp teeth hidden by its first mouth, as well as having two pairs of eyes, one pair being glaring red eyes and the secondary pair being small black dots. During its charge, it emits a bright red light, accompanied by giant smiles surrounding it.

Behavior Behavior

A-60 is an entity that can spawn in any room but is most commonly encountered from Room 60 onwards, hence its name. It functions similarly to Rush, speeding through The Rooms from behind and killing any player who is not inside a locker. A-60 abides by similar terms as to how Rush spawns, spawning if a door was opened. Any newly opened room that had caused A-60 to spawn will contain a locker, allowing for players to hide when it approaches.

Due to A-60 not causing the lights to flicker, knowing when A-60 will arrive is dependent on its sound cue, meaning players need to be more attentive to audio cues once they have passed Room 60. The first audio cue it makes is a distorted crackling, almost static-like sound. The second audio cue plays once A-60 is closer; A-60 will emit a high pitched, hissing sound, indicating when it is within close range.

Due to its significantly increased speed, A-60 both moves and despawns quicker when compared to A-120. Although A-60's speed can vary and is usually determined by the curvature of the rooms before or the objects in a room, in which it has to move around.


  • In the Hotel, players can survive A-60's attack by standing away out of its path in its sight. This works well in T and plus shaped rooms.
  • When using the "Room for More" modifier, A-60 can spawn at the same time with Eyes, making it hard to hear due to Eyes' whispers.
    • The same goes with rain, it is too loud to hear A-60 coming. Also, if you use the Room For More modifier, A-60 won't break the lights. This is the same case for A-120.
  • As of The Hunt update, A-60 can spawn in dark rooms of Hotel, similar to Rush.
  • Although rare, A-60 can spawn before door A-0060.
  • With "Room For More" modifier A-60 can be the very first entity to spawn and sometimes replace Rush. If you were to bring the Bottle of Starlight all the way to The Rooms, and drink it before dying to A-60, it will still let A-60 kill players. This is the same for the Vial of Starlight. It also doesn't work on A-120.

Gallery Gallery

Trivia Trivia

  • A-60 has appeared prior to The Rooms being added, as a troll entity during one of KreekCraft's streams.
    • This makes A-60 the only entity in The Rooms to make an appearance before being added to the game.
  • Any room where A-60 spawns will always have lockers, meaning opening rooms without lockers are considered safe and players won't need to worry about A-60.
    • A-120 is similar to A-60, though the room before opening the room with A-120 will always have lockers, and the next room may not.
    • A-60 might spawn in a room with no lockers, though it is very rare.
  • A-60 is a direct reference to nicorocks5555's Rooms entity with the same name - A-60, sharing near identical features.
    • The only differing trait is that A-60 within DOORS is a static image, meanwhile A-60 in nicorocks5555's Rooms is a shifting, actively changing image. This is the same for Rooms & Doors's A-60, however it has fog around it, and has a whopping 11 FACES.
    • Another differing trait is that A-60 in nicorocks5555's Rooms can follow a player, but stops moving entirely if a player happens to enter a locker, unlike the A-60 in DOORS, who will navigate The Rooms and then open the next door, just like Rush.
  • Sometimes inside The Rooms, players may hear ambient noise similar to A-60's approaching sound, starting up and then fading away quickly.
    • This does not mean A-60 is coming, and it is likely there to fool players. It should be noted that A-60's sound will immediately be heard upon opening a door if it spawns, so players can quickly identify the mimic sounds if they start playing without opening a door. However, the sound may also play when opening a door, so it is not a foolproof way to be certain that the noise is not A-60.
  • The third particle image of A-60 resembles A-60's deleted face, the fourth face.
  • A-60 can spawn as early as Room A-001, however, it is very rare.
  • A-60 slows down if A-90 shows up during its arrival.
  • The fact that the entrance to The Rooms usually spawns around Door 60 may be a reference to A-60. However, it could just be a coincidence.
  • A-60's original fourth face has been deleted by Roblox due to the appearances of blood and gore. This was reported by a Roblox user called ijanjatovic09.
  • A-60 has a similar jumpscare to A-120.

🗨 "Oh that one... I hope that one isn't too confusing. All I'll let you know is that it starts attacking after Room A-90. So, you could call it A-90."
- Curious Light

Overview Appearance

A-90 appears as a pixelated, monochromatic face that is heavily distorted. Its eyes are fully black, and it appears to be looking slightly upwards. It is encompassed by a red static when it appears on a player's screen. In its jumpscare, it appears somewhat similar to Ambush, appearing more glitched and pixelated, along with its eye sockets and mouth expanding into giant gaping holes. The entity gains a red hue surrounding it, with the red static covering the majority of the left side of its face.

The red stop sign that appears before the attack contains an open un-splayed hand, indicating the mechanic of A-90 briefly.

Behavior Behavior

A-90 is an entity that can spawn in any room, but it appears most commonly starting from Room 90. Unlike the other entities present in The Rooms, A-90 can spawn at random intervals without players having to enter a new room. After spawning, there is a sound of a knock and A-90 will show its face in a random spot on players screen as an indication of an attack. After this brief indication, the screen will be blocked by red static and a stop sign, in which any kind of movement, including camera movement or entering a locker, will cause A-90 to jumpscare a player and damage them for 90 health. If A-90 is attacking at the same time as A-60, then A-90 will slow down A-60 until it despawns (however one should be aware that this is not the same case for A-120).


  • If A-90 attacks a player sometimes this will cause the next A-90 attack regardless of movement by a player to kill a player[1]
  • There is a bug that happens during the hiding animation, which the A-90 perceives as movement.[Citation Needed]
    • There is also a bug where during the animation the A-90 may not deal damage, but the next time it appears it will deal its damage, even without players moving. After this, the next appearances of the entity will be normal again.

Trivia Trivia

  • A-90's face almost resembles Photoshop/Omega Flowey's face from Undertale.
  • A-90 can spawn as early as A-000. The video can be found here.
  • Similar to Screech, A-90 is a client-side entity, which spawns when a remote is fired from the server to the client.
    • That is also the reason why albeit being a client-side entity, A-90 spawns as the same time for everyone as the remote is fired to every client at the same time.
    • This means that unlike A-60 nor A-120, latency will not give players a disadvantage during the entity encounter.
  • If A-90 spawns while A-60 is attacking, A-60 will be slowed down during A-90's attack.
    • This is likely to give players more fair time to find a locker while avoiding A-90's attack.
    • A-60 will remain slowed down even after A-90 performed its attack.
  • A-90's jumpscare scream is the Plants vs Zombies game over scream but heavily distorted.
  • When A-90 attacks, volumes of any other playing sounds will be turned down, and then gradually up again as A-90 finishes its (attempted) attack.
  • A-90 is an original entity that only appears in DOORS' version of The Rooms.
  • A-90 is the only entity that has a jumpscare in The Rooms.
  • A-90's first glitchy sound before the game may be from "Hello Neighbor", specifically the "UnrealEngineMissingScript" sound.
  • A-90 can still appear even if a player has opened and entered the door to A-1000.
  • A-90 has its own UGC item, also named A-90.
    • This is the only UGC item related to The Rooms.
    • With the exception of Timothy, this is also the only UGC item to just be the name of the entity it resembles.
  • Many players have reported being killed instantly by A-90 while at full health. This is caused by entering The Rooms while missing 10 or more health, and as the health bar disappears upon entering The Rooms, this may make a player think their health has been restored, which is not actually the case.
  • While A-90 can spawn anywhere, it tends to spawn more near lockers and hiding spots, interfering with players attempt to flee from A-60 and A-120.

Gallery Gallery

🗨 "Oh. The squiggly-face. It starts attacking after A-120."
- Curious Light

Overview Appearance

A-120 obtains the aspect of a crude, purely white drawing of a smile, with it accompanied by round, oval-shaped eyes. It is encircled by a multicolored, pixelated aura, as well as additional distortion to its uncanny appearance. It rapidly flickers when traversing The Rooms, blinking in and out of sight.

Behavior Behavior

A-120, while more consistently appearing after Room 120, has the rare capability of appearing on earlier doors. It, likened to its counterpart A-60, rushes through rooms, killing any players who are not hiding. Its sound cue is akin to a subtle, sinister metallic clanging, with this sound being much less evident in comparison to A-60, meaning one's hearing should be keen when listening for A-120. The sound increases in volume as the entity progresses through the rooms.

Unlike A-60, A-120 will appear within the door ahead of players, beginning its approach. It should be noted that due to the slight delay in its appearance, as well its slower speed, players will typically have an adequate amount of time to notice and evade A-120. A-120 may also have the inconsistent chance of rebounding, similar in manners to Ambush, meaning remaining in lockers is advised before players can conclude that A-120 is absent. A-120 has a chance to spawn if there is a locker in the previous room, meaning that there is no guarantee that there will be a locker in the next room when A-120 spawns. Vitamins are useful in case the locker is far away, or if A-90 spawns.

Thus, players must utilize hiding spots available, and not waste time attempting to progress further.

Gallery Gallery

Trivia Trivia

  • Curious Light initially refers to A-120 as "Squiggly-Face", though it promptly renames the entity to its current, collective name.
  • The room where A-120 spawns has a chance of not having any lockers, meaning players should stay cautious when opening a new door after Room 120 when the current room has lockers.
  • A-120 can only spawn if the previous room had a locker. (This is no longer the case as of april fool 2024)
  • A-120 is a direct reference to Rooms' A-200, like most of the entities within The Rooms.
    • A-120 is more distorted in appearance when compared to A-200. It additionally has a differing moniker, due to A-120 appearing upon room 120, while A-200 appears on its designated number as well.
  • Like A-60 and A-90, A-120 is a static image.
    • In nicorocks5555's Rooms, A-200 frequently motions around in sporadic manners, as if drawn multiple times, gifting the entity a waving effect.
  • The earlier appearance of A-120 is likely to make The Rooms less repetitive, or more difficult.
  • A-120's sound originates from a Roblox sound named Timpani Sounds (a) but it is slowed down.
  • Instead of rushing through the room in a straight line like A-60, A-120 will go towards players.
  • A-120's near sound is somewhat similar to A-60's.
  • A-120 will always follow players, so you always need to hide from it. It is impossible to survive it without hiding inside a locker, this also applies to the hotel (In most spots), it will still follow you no matter what. However, it is possible to survive A-120 behind the boxes in a Z-Shaped Room.
  • A-120 has a similar jumpscare to A-60.

The subject of this article has no proper denomination, and is unofficially titled based on conjecture.
This article is about Curious Light in The Rooms. You may be looking for Curious Light in the other sub-floor, The Backdoor.

🗨 "Bob told me he saw one of those sparkly-thingies, but it wasn't blue. No manches, düd! Not possible!"
- El Goblino

Main Article: Curious Light

Overview Appearance

Curious Light resembles the Guiding Light, claiming the simplistic appearance of a supposed downpour of rain, the only difference being the slightly yellow hue of its color.

It can be further identified by its unique soundtrack, being a much more quiet and somber version of Guiding Light, hinting at a possible affiliation between the entities.

Behavior Behavior

Curious Light can only be seen after dying in The Rooms (or The Backdoor) or lighting up one of the naturally spawning exit doors, with its precursor being Guiding Light, the latter being absent throughout the entirety of The Rooms. It attempts to provide tips on the entities found inside but doesn't provide the same level of clarity as Guiding Light, seemingly stating the obvious or nothing substantial at all, meaning it doesn't serve much of a prominent purpose in gameplay.

Parallel to Guiding Light, Curious Light does not actively light up dark environments, or provide assistance in general, being only present in a player's death or lighting up an exit door. And when it does assist a player, it is very vague.

It makes unhelpful comments about the entities, with the only useful tips being the spawning point and things that most players would figure out very easily themselves. Despite this, it's cheering you on to keep beating The Rooms, making its motives confusing. This may also imply that the Curious Light is either not confident or unsure about The Rooms, completely unlike the Guiding Light.

Trivia Trivia

  • The Curious Light's name originates from a soundtrack by LSPLASH.
  • Curious Light's color and sparkles can be seen in the entrance to The Rooms, indicating that Curious Light is technically also in The Hotel.
    • If Rush goes through the room with the entrance to The Rooms, the Curious Light's color will disappear.
  • It has been confirmed that the Curious Light will play a bigger role in the overall game in the future.[1]
  • The Curious Light theme is pretty similar to Ultimate Custom Night OST - Last Breath and Guiding Light's theme.

Speech Death Messages

Addressal Entity Advice
Oh... Hello.

I'm surprised you found this place...

It's pretty tedious just to get here, last time I checked.

Anyways, what'd you die to?

A-60 Oh... the red one. I'm not too sure on what I would call it...

Well, it usually attacks around room A-60, so... could just call it A-60. I don't know.

Anyways, I hope you don't mind trying again. It would be helpful.

A-90 Oh that one...

I hope that one isn't too confusing.

All I'll let you know is that it starts attacking after Room A-90.

So, you could call it A-90.

Anyways, I hope you don't mind trying again. It would be helpful.

A-120 Oh. The squiggly-face.

It starts attacking after A-120.

...which just so happens to make a perfect name for it.

Anyways, I hope you don't mind trying again. It would be helpful.

Welcome back.

The Rooms are quite empty, but the few entities inhabiting them are quite lethal.

Which one did you encounter this time?

A-60 A-60 again...

I don't think this one is too hard to figure out.

Alright, hurry back. We're not done yet.

A-90 A-90 again?

I don't think I... I don't think this one is too clear.

Hopefully you can figure it out.

Alright, hurry back. We're not done yet.

A-120 A-120 again...

This shouldn't be hard to figure out either.

Alright, hurry back. We're not done yet.

Dead again.

What got you this time?

A-60 A-60 again...

Hmm... Maybe try hiding next time?

See you next time.

A-90 A-90 again?

I usually don't give hints, but I'll admit that this one is a bit confusing.

Let's just say that... hmm... it detects movement.

See you next time.

A-120 A-120 again...

This shouldn't be hard to figure out either.

See you next time.

Hmm. What was it this time? A-60 A-60 again...

Hmm... Maybe try hiding next time?

You can do this. I believe in you.

I'll see you next time. Right?

A-90 A-90 again?

I usually don't give hints, but I'll admit that this one is a bit confusing.

Let's just say that... hmm... it detects movement.

You can do this. I believe in you.

I'll see you next time. Right?

A-120 A-120 again...

This shouldn't be hard to figure out either.

You can do this. I believe in you.

I'll see you next time. Right?

Main Article: Glitch

🗨 "Well that just happened."
- Error Achievement description

Glitch is an enigmatic entity that resides in the Hotel, The Rooms, and "The Backdoor". Its main purpose is to act as a failsafe for players when a room fails to generate correctly. In multiplayer, it also teleports players who are lagging behind the others back to their group, acting similarly to Void, except with no damage.

Behavior Behavior

Glitch isn't much different from its pre-Hotel+ counterpart, as its use is still present in The Rooms, teleporting players into the next room in case of a room generation error, or teleporting players who are lagging behind others in multiplayer.


  • Players can only return to the main game (or The Hotel) if they die, leave the game, or reach an exit.
    • Retrying will automatically send players back to the Elevator.
  • Like The Greenhouse and The Electrical Room, players are not able to use Revives in The Rooms, unless a player reaches a checkpoint or the end of The Rooms as players spectating in The Rooms will be revived upon exiting The Rooms and receive the "Back on Track" achievement (which is received when a player exits The Rooms).
  • Players spectating in the main game will be revived upon entering The Rooms.
  • The crucifix and candle are useless inside The Rooms; equipping them will give players a message "Your [item] feels lighter than normal..."
    • Even though the candle's flame is lit while equipped, it will not give any help in detecting the entities or use any durability in The Rooms.
  • There is a small chance that bandages can spawn at any point in The Rooms.
    • If a player takes damage from A-90 without dying, then gets enough bandages to get full health (4 bandages, at extremely low odds), then they can survive another A-90 attack.
  • It is possible to obtain the effect of the Green Herb when aiming to progress through The Rooms. But because opening the secret entrance to The Rooms and the process of obtaining a Green Herb both require a skeleton key, either two players will need to find a key, or to find one key after using the other.
    • The herb effect used to not be able to be brought into rooms, but after a few videos on YouTube showed that it was possible, the developers added it back in.[citation needed]
  • It can be useful entering The Rooms if players are aiming to find Gold, as it is found in larger quantities there, meaning exiting The Rooms with a supply of gold can result in a higher amount of Knobs.
    • As of The Hunt update, Gold will stop spawning at around A-060, making The Rooms a less viable way to get gold.
      • That said, escaping The Rooms from any exit is tied with The Backdoor for most knobs given for escaping a floor currently, at 100.
  • There is a small chance that a flashlight can spawn in The Rooms.
  • Hide is not present in The Rooms, so players can hide for as long as they wish. This is important to note when dealing with A-120 due to its ability to rush backwards occasionally, meaning that players will not have to hop in and out of lockers repeatedly, in a similar manner to how Ambush is dealt with.
  • Exit doors will always play Curious Light's ambience (the same ambient sound heard coming from Door A-000), so players will always know whenever it is nearby, due to being able to hear it in the room prior to the exit.
  • A-90 gives off a very subtle static noise before attacking a player, similar sounds to A-60.
  • A-90 does have a chance to spawn at any time, even at the lobby, or at A-1000[2]. It is recommended to use only the W-A-S-D keys to navigate through The Rooms, so when A-90 spawns, players can easily let go of their keyboard, increasing their survival rate.
  • Activating any modifiers prevents players from accessing the Rooms, by blocking the entrance to the rooms with a red barrier.
    • This is because most modifiers aren't compatible. [3]
    • This is also hinting at the Mischievous Light entity that alerts the figure when people enter the library in Tower heroes. Whether Mischievous Light is canon has not been confirmed or denied, but LSPLASH could have just made the gate not open, so the red barrier seems very intentional.
    • The red barrier is one of the only physical manifestations of the Unamed Red Architect responsible for the creation of the modifiers.
  • It's possible to survive A-60 and A-120 without hiding.
    • Completing the entire A-1000 without hiding is possible[4]

DoorSpecial Locations

There are multiple rooms seen throughout the 1000 doors that are different and unique to most rooms (such as regular hallways, large locker rooms, kitchens, and storage rooms).

Lobby (A-000)

The Lobby (not to be confused with The Hotel's Lobby) is the first room in this sub-floor and a room that is guaranteed to appear in your run. The walls are white, like almost all rooms in this floor, and the carpet is red. On the ceiling is a large skylight, revealing it to be daytime outside. The Lobby simply contains a metallic elevator door at the front of the room, with two black couches on the side. near the one to the left is a Shakelight dispenser. In the middle of the room is a stone doorway with hints of Curious Light all over it. Lastly, at the back of the room is the door to A-001.

Exit Rooms

The Exit Rooms appear after A-200. The room has a wide pillar at the entrance to it that players can simply walk around to fully enter the room. Aside from what is in the room, everything looks normal, with white walls and a blue carpet. To the left of the room is a broken water dispenser. At the end of the room, as always, is the next door. To the right is a tipped over potted plant and a diagonal table, along with a large hole in the wall. Through the hole, it still has the white walls and blue carpet, although it is slightly darker. at the end of this extra room is a door labelled "EXIT", with Curious Light lighting it up (Currently, Curious Light won't actually light up these EXIT doors and the only thing you will be able to see are it's sparkles; this is most likely a bug). Entering it brings players to The Hotel's Infirmary.


At the end of The Rooms, a large black area can be seen, with a bridge that players can walk on. In the middle of the bridge is the NVCS-3000. At the end of the bridge is an unlabeled door, highlighted by Curious Light. Around the bridge is multiple white doorways that are too far for players to reach. Entering the unlabeled door brings players to The Hotel's Infirmary. A-1000 is guaranteed to appear in your run.

Minor Locations

Locker Room

The Locker Room, as the name suggests, is a room filled with several lockers, although only 3 of them are able to be entered. The rest of the Lockers are broken and cannot be entered and is the only room that features them.

L-Shaped Room

The L-Shaped Room is shaped like an L. It has a table with a plant on it placed at the front of the room. There are no Lockers in this room, so if you hear A-120 you must hide in the previous room. The L can be shaped backwards sometimes.

E-Shaped Room

The E-Shaped Room is shaped like the letter E, or similar to an M or W depending on your perspective. It has one locker in the middle of the "E". The room does not contain any decorations.

Plant Room

The Plant Room is similar to the L-Shaped Room, except it is a straight path. A table and plant is to one side of the room. Likewise to the L-shaped room, you'll have to backtrack to find a Locker to hide from A-120.

Storage Room

The Storage Room is a room with 3 pillars in the center. There are 2 Lockers that can be near the entrance or near the exit. There are a bunch of tables and shelves with plants on them. There are 3 tables upside down on the left side, and 3 tables stacked on each other on the right side.

Box Room

The Box Room is a room with a few shelves and tables that you must pass by. There are no lockers in this room.

Break Room

The Break Room, also known as The Kitchen is a room with a white Locker that represents a fridge. In the far middle, there are three fallen chairs around a table. There are lots of decorations on the counters such as the toaster, coffee maker, and microwave.

Reference Room

The Reference Room is a room with 2 tables and a Cubicle. The desk in the cubicle has a monitor, a cup of hot chocolate, a purple keycard and a nameplate with a randomly selected name written on it. The table by the entrance has 2 plants, and the table by next door has 1 plant and a few colored boxes.

Projector Room

The Projector Room, also known as the Meeting Room is a room with 2 Lockers and several fallen chairs around a table with a projector on top. There is a board hung from the wall for the projector and a whiteboard next to it. There is a glass table in front of the wallboard and glass walls surrounding the furniture. There are a couple of smaller tables to the right side of the room. One locker is to the left of the entrance while the second one is to the right of the exit.

Four-Locker Room

The Four-locker Room has four Lockers on all corners of the room. There is no decoration in this room.

Three-Locker Room

The Three-Locker Room is a room with 3 Lockers lined up against each other on the far side of the room.

Catwalk Rooms

The Catwalk Rooms are larger regular rooms. The entrance to them leads players onto a catwalk, with two lockers on each side. There's a long path that brings a player to the next door. To the left and right of the catwalk is two flights of stairs, leading to the bottom of the room. The bottom contains another locker against a wall, and an office cubicle against the opposite wall. This room will appear many times in a run.


  • Behind the metal door in the first room is a dark hallway.
  • Each Room is about 50 studs long (this is a rough estimate); therefore, upon reaching A-1000, players are over 50,000 studs away from the origin, causing floating point issues. This results in their character shaking and overall small glitchy effects upon reaching the end.
    • This makes The Rooms approximately 14 kilometers long (or 8.6 miles).
    • Another thing to note is that The Rooms does not have any corner rooms that can generate, as it is all straight rooms.
  • After the SUPER HARD MODE!!! update, if a player escapes The Rooms, they will be granted 100 knobs.
  • This is the first secret floor to have been released.
    • This has been known to be the first sub-floor of DOORS (second being The Backdoor).
      • When exiting The Rooms, the game counts it as a floor, with a parenthesized "2" next to it.
  • Most of the random names displayed in the nameplates found in the office cubicles are most likely references:
    • 'Nico' referencing Nicorocks5555, the original creator of Rooms.
    • 'Bob' being a reference to one of the nameplates in the original Rooms.[5]
      • 'Bob' is also a character created by Nicorocks5555. It resembles the classic Roblox default skin, but instead it has a gray torso and brown legs.
    • 'Jasper' referencing jasper_creations, an animator for DOORS.
    • 'Thump' referencing one of the people who helped out with DOORS, ItsThump.
    • 'Look Behind You' being a reference to the hidden Developer Console and Lobby secret.
    • 'Saul' may be a joke reference to the show Better Call Saul.
  • The purple keycard found on some desks is possibly a reference to the one found in 'Bob is missing'.
  • The Rooms is an official collaboration with Nicorocks5555.[6]
  • Entering The Rooms in SUPER HARD MODE, they will get teleported instead to Survive and Kill the Killers in Area 51!!!. It's currently unknown whether this was intentional or not, but it was likely done for comedic purposes.
  • Each of The Rooms hostile entities names are increments of 30 with an 'A-' in front of the number. (Example: A-60, A-90 and A-120) However, there is no A-30 entity.
  • Glitch is the only entity in The Rooms that debuted before The Rooms' release.
    • Unlike the other Rooms Entities (excluding Curious Light), Glitch is not exclusive to The Rooms or modifiers related to The Rooms, and can be found in the main game.
  • When entering the The Rooms, there is the sound of wind blowing and rustling. This is a reference to the original Rooms game playing A-200's "whoosh" noise as the server starts.
  • All Rooms entities were planned to be given original names rather than room numbers.
    • A-60 and A-200 (A-120 in DOORS) have been officially given names by Nicorocks5555, being the Multi Monster and the Happy Scribble respectively. These names, however, are not referenced in either Rooms or DOORS. A-90 is the only entity with no known original name as this entity is exclusive to the DOORS version of The Rooms.[7]
  • Behind the metal doors at the lobby of The Rooms seems to be a dark hallway that leads to nowhere.[8]
    • It's possible that a cutscene might have been planned sometime during development of the Hotel+ update but was eventually scrapped for unknown reasons, probably because of balancing reasons.
      • This possibly scrapped cutscene was eventually replaced with the animation of breaking open the A-000 door.
  • A-1000 is filled with blue triangular particles and purple fog, visually similar to those found emitted by the Rift.
  • A-120 is the only entity that will move to every player before sweeping the hallways similarly to Ambush. This may be a reference to how the AI of the monsters in the original game works.
  • Sometimes, all the hostile entities except for Glitch can have a chance of appearing before the respective room they're named after.
  • All rooms (apart from A-1000) originate from the original Rooms by Nico.
    • The room where the exit can be found may originate from an unused room from Rooms, titled "templateroom".
  • The NVCS-3000 was originally added to The Rooms as a joke and is an unfinished item; the developers didn't expect people to actually use it or want to get it.
  • The exit door in A-1000 is an unlabelled A-1001 door.
  • The first exit door spawns at around A-200, and from this point an exit appears roughly every 50 - 100 rooms, all the way to A-1000.
  • It takes around 2-3 hours to reach A-1000, and around 25 minutes to reach A-200 (the first exit).
  • The Rooms has an ambient sound that plays throughout it, which can be described as a low hum or buzz. It's very quiet, however.
  • The ambience heard in The Rooms comes from this audio. The in-game version is slowed down to a pitch of 0.1.
  • If a player gets to A-000 in a group game, all of their group members will be revived upon teleportation to The Rooms.
    • This can also be said the other way around, If a Player reaches a Checkpoint or A-1000.
  • The Rooms might get a small addition in the future.[9]
    • LSplash would still like to do a rework of The Rooms due to the time it takes to reach A-1000 and its "lackluster gameplay", though is just worried that people may dislike the change as it would alter the exclusivity of the badge.[10]
  • If players are using the "Room For More" modifier, the Crucifix and Candle will still remain useless against these three entities despite not being told that "Your [item] feels lighter than normal..." This is possibly a bug.
    • Additionally, the "In Plain Sight" achievement cannot be obtained by hiding from A-60 and A-120 without a hiding spot in the Hotel. This is likely a bug, but LSplash has yet to confirm or deny this theory.
  • The (possible) sound origin of both A-60 and A-120's near audio is this. (Speed of 0.2)
  • After THE HUNT update, the bridge and the exit door in A-1000 is much darker than before.
  • The Rooms does not contain any Interactables.
  • When exiting The Rooms, it plays the same animation as when exiting The Backdoor.


  • Sometimes, when exiting The Rooms for the first time, players will not receive the "Back on Track" achievement.
  • Another possible quirk that happens when entering The Rooms for the first time is that players will not receive the "Detour" badge.
  • If a player has a weak internet connection or is playing on low graphics, A-60's glow may remain in rooms until lighting updates.
    • This also applies to "Room For More" modifier.
  • If the modifier "Locked and Loaded" is active while inside of The Rooms, there is a chance that The Rooms will either, for a split second, show bars of gold and a lock on the door in the next room before disappearing or just cut off, not loading the next room, softlocking players.
  • The Large Basement can spawn before the room containing the door that leads to The Rooms. This is likely a bug.
    • It is also possible for the Large Basement to spawn one or more doors away, and as its lever only activates the gate if the room is adjacent to it, The Rooms may be impossible to enter in that run due to the entrance not being accessible.
  • Two A-90's can spawn mere milliseconds from each other, causing visual bugs.
    • This is because A-90 can spawn based on two different conditions. It can spawn at random times, and it can also spawn alongside other entities after room 90.
  • The "A-1000" achievement is awarded once A-999 is opened rather than A-1000 itself.
    • This is likely because the A-1000 room generates upon opening A-999.

Achievement Related Achievements


"I think I'm lost."
Enter The Rooms.

Back On Track

Back On Track
"That sucked... but hey, check out this cool flashlight!"
Escape The Rooms.

??? (A-1000)

??? (A-1000)
"I can't feel my legs."
Reach the end of The Rooms.


"Well that just happened."
Encounter the Glitch.

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