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🗨 "Guys, wait up!!

- It Stares Back Achievement description

The Void is an enigmatic entity in DOORS, appearing as in the Hotel. In multiplayer rounds, its attack returns a separated player back to their group.

Overview Appearance

It is unknown what Void looks like, or if it even has any sort of appearance. It simply appears to be the black void, hence the name "Void".

Behavior Behavior

Void's purpose is to return a player to the right place if they are in a room while it unloads. This generally only occurs in multiplayer when a player is several rooms behind the rest of their group, but can still occur in single-player, under specific circumstances.

When attacking, Void closes the door that exits the room the player is in, dims the room, eventually causing it to fade to black. After the player is teleported to the most recently loaded room in a bright flash, Void will deal a random amount of damage.


  • Void can kill players, so it is especially advised that players with low health stay with their group.
  • A player can prevent losing health to Void by crucifying it. However, Void will still teleport the player to the most recently loaded room.
  • Glitch used to take on Void's function. The ability was given to Void when it was introduced in the Hotel+ update.
    • However, in The Rooms, and The Backdoor Glitch performs both its own function and Void's current function.
  • It is possible for Void to attack before or right after another entity has. This can be fatal sometimes, especially if one was teleported to The Greenhouse , Halt's hallway, The Library, or during Rush/Ambush's attack.
  • If modifiers that increase Rush's spawn chance are enabled, Rush can open as many doors as possible and unload the room in which a player is in; this can cause Void to be encountered in single-player.

Door Bugs

  • Void is possible to encounter in single-player, due to a bug in which the player is locked inside Halt's corridor while it unloads due to not exiting immediately. This will cause Halt to disappear and Void to attack the player, although they won't take any damage. LSPLASH has claimed this bug was patched,[citation needed] but it has still been encountered.
    • This can occur the other way around, as the room before Halt's hallway unloads while the game fails to teleport the player into said hallway at first.
  • If Screech is present around the player and Void teleports the player, Screech will instantly damage the player, without any sound or jumpscare. It also can happen with Glitch.

Trivia Trivia

  • Void exists not only as a balancing limitation, but as a physical one too, as the game unloads previous rooms as the players move between them. Void will teleport a player to prevent them from ending up in the "void" as the room they are in unloads.
  • If the player is 5 rooms behind, the room's lighting will become subtly dim, presumably by Void as build up to its jumpscare.
    • The threshold is reduced to 4 rooms when the Infirmary generates.
    • The threshold is further reduced to 3 rooms beyond the Second Seek chase.
  • Unlike Glitch, Void is considered canon, due to Guiding Light being able to recognize it as a cause for a player's death.
  • Void is the one of only two entities that players can crucify, but cannot earn a crucifix Achievement from. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Void is one of two entities that cannot be seen when crucified, the other entity being Dupe.
  • The "It Stares Back" Achievement, which is granted when a player encounters Void, is a picture of The Grand Hallway with amplified darkness.

Achievement Related achievements

It Stares Back

It Stares Back
"Guys, wait up!!"
Encounter the Void.

History History

January 28, 2023

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